Coasteering is one of the most popular sports that has gained a huge reputation in the recent past.  Many people tend to consider this as an extreme sport and you should be well prepared when exploring different parts of the planet. Coasteering is often considered a mix of mountaineering, canyoning, and diving. 

The first place that has been known to embrace coasteering is the united kingdom and from its invention, Pembrokeshire is one of the headquarters that plays a critical role in the development of the sport. 

There are numerous award-winning destinations that you should check out during your travel to the region.  Since most of these places are wild in nature and it is essential that you put your safety first to get the best experience possible during your travel to these regions.

Coasteering usually involves moving along the intertidal zone and on a rocky coastline by swimming and climbing without the help of surfboards, boats, and other craft equipment.

Coasteering usually involves moving from the intertidal zone of the water bodies where you will find wind, tides, waves, rocks, gullies, as well as caves, are in the same area together. The sport has been practiced for numerous decades and it is imperative that during your travel to the area that you are visiting then you should have the right equipment to adapt. 

The United kingdom is often considered the home of coasteering and since the rock coasts are numerous this location allows you to enjoy the different areas with ease.  It is imperative that you are well prepared if you are going to explore the different parts of the planet then you should choose the right equipment.

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How does coasteering work?

Perhaps before you can participate in any activity it is always important that you are familiar with some of the aspects of the sport.  Coasteering usually works in the intertidal zone therefore you can join and enjoy different activities such as climbing, swimming in and out of the water, exploring the caves, and coves, jumping from cliffs, and hiking in different environments. 

While doing this activity in a measured pool is easy, it is important to note that jumping into the wild waters in the ocean is totally something different. You will be dealing with high waves and this can be challenging especially if you are an adrenaline junkie. It is always critical that you have good swimming skills and amazing navigation techniques.

When you opt to plunge into the ocean the journey becomes something else and your adrenaline levels usually move high up some of the common activities that you can do during your coasteering experience include climbing over rocks, scrambling, swimming, walking, and swimming through caves, coves as well as gullies. You will be treated to a totally different environment when you explore different parts of the world.

 What to do when coasteering

There are numerous activities that you can do during your coasteering experience in the different parts of the planet.  Here are some of the common activities that you can enjoy when coasteering.


The most common practice during this trip is wild swimming. This is a dangerous yet very versatile sport that you can enjoy because you can access some of the areas that you will never otherwise access during normal visits. There are endless opportunities that you can explore when you are checking out the different coastlines.  In such a case you should check out the different places where you can enjoy swimming. Depending on the location of your choice you should check buoyancy aids, helmets as well as other weatherproof materials.  You should always ensure that you have the right equipment for both beginners and advanced swimmers.

Discovering caves and coves

This is one of the best ideas that you should consider during your travel to different parts of the planet for coasteering. During your travel, you will see some unique places that you have never seen before, and the erosion and strong waves are known to shape structures into some of the most amazing things on the planet. Enjoying coasteering will enable you to see these gullies and caves that are unique.


This is low-level traversing where you are submerged in the water and the rocks are critical in helping you move to deeper water. Here your feet will be at the water level and you will move from one location to another. You can move depending on the areas that you want to explore. If you lose grip you can restart.


You are going to see some of the most unique structures that you are going to find in the region. The gullies have undergone tremendous changes over the years and they are often hidden from view while you are swimming. However, when you choose to explore coasteering you are likely to see some of the most unique gullies.  You can go scrambling and climbing in these gullies because they are usually untouched and the beautiful coastlines provide you with the perfect ultimate adventure.

Jumping cliffs

This is perhaps the most exhilarating activity that you can enjoy during your travel to the region. During your travel to the area, you can go on larger cliffs and jump into the deep waters. This is perfect because it gives you a chance to swim with different aquatic species in the region. If you are a beginner then you should start with low jumps before building confidence as you move up to increased heights.


This is a very unique experience that you are going to gain during your coasteering experience.  The nature of the coastline that you want to explore will determine the kind of activities that you are going to enjoy during your visit to the region. 

It is important to note that ropes and security on the rocks are not utilized hence you should always ensure that your safety is guaranteed when you are exploring different areas.  Coasteering is not usually a climbing activity it involves other activities that will give you a better look at things and explore the different locations on the planet.

What equipment do I need to go coasteering?

There is numerous coasteering equipment that you will need when you are going to explore the different areas of the planet. Here are some of the top kits that you will need during your travel to some of these unique coastlines.


Perhaps this should never miss in any coasteering experience because you are guaranteed of top-notch experience during your vacation. A coasteering helmet will have padding to ensure that it fits snugly and the outside is made of durable and high-quality material that will protect your head.  The terrain can be slippery and jumping into the ocean can be dangerous hence you should always ensure that you protect yourself.


A warm wetsuit is an integral part if you are going to explore the different areas for coasteering. You will need a wetsuit if you want to go to different areas where you are going to visit. Depending on the time of the season that you are visiting there will always be something that you can do in a different area. Keeping warm during your coasteering experience. You will need gloves, wetsuit boots as well as a waterproof jacket.

Buoyancy aid

A buoyancy aid is a critical equipment that you should ensure that you have during your travel to different parts of the planet for coasteering escapades. When you have high-quality well-maintained coasteering aid then you will have the best experience because you can stay afloat and breathe with ease. These aids usually come in different sizes and it is important that you choose one that fits you perfectly so that you can have an amazing experience.


Shorts are very critical especially if you are going to explore different locations, especially in places to are wet and cold. Therefore, you should take your time to explore some of these unique locations and get the right shorts for you that will protect you because the rocks are abrasive and you need something that is well fitting.

Wet boots or trainers

When coasteering there are numerous fun activities that you can enjoy and you will require trainers or safety boots which will allow you to get wet in the water and still have a grip on the rocks in the coastal regions. You will need a pair of trainers as well if you are going to explore during the summer period.


Perhaps one thing that comes to mind when you want to go coasteering in different locations.  The safety of your coasteering experience will depend on your protection. It is imperative to note that the waves can be too strong, especially in the open sea and you should be ready for this.  There are coastlines that feature cliffs, rocks, and boulders, and during your travel to the area you are going to have an amazing time in the region. 

Many people tend to associate coasteering cliff jumping to the ocean and this is true therefore you should ensure that you are wearing protective gear to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

One of the hugest hazards that you are likely to encounter during your coasteering trip is the impact on rocks and boulders.  Depending on the weather and the type of rocks that are on the coastline you are going to enjoy the best experience during your travel to the region. These can have damaging effects on your head and you must take precautions before visiting some of these places. 

Coasteering is not an activity that you are going to explore if you are a beginner and there is no tour guide. It is imperative that you take your time to understand the different areas of the planet, the prevailing weather conditions, and protective gear. When you have a coasteering kit you will easily access different areas with ease.

If you are visiting a new area then you should explore these areas with a tour guide who will show you the safe places that you can explore during your travel. There is so much that you can learn during your travel to the different locations on the planet.

Places to go coasteering

It is imperative to understand that when it comes to coasteering you can explore different parts of the planet with ease. Depending on the region that you intend to visit there is always something fun for you to do.  Coasteering was invented in the united kingdom therefore if you are planning to visit the origin of the sport then this is the perfect location for you.

However, if you intend to check out other places on the planet then you are sure that you will enjoy your experience because there are so many pristine locations that have not been identified yet.

The most common place that you can opt to explore in the united kingdom is Cornwall. This is where you can see the cliffs that have been created by the waves from the Atlantic Ocean and it is home to some of the most spectacular gullies.

You can get to explore some of the caves in the area as well as the coves that are filled in different places. Newquay provides you with an ambient environment where you can explore the region with utmost precision and during your travel you are going to meet new people in this region.

Another major location is Pembrokeshire, this is the birthplace of coasteering and you can combine your outdoor activities with other local history and the diversity that this area brings.

There are other places across the world that will give you a perfect experience if you are going to enjoy some fun activities during your travel. It is better to explore the different areas that you want to choose to go coasteering before making a final decision because this will determine the kind of experience that you will get in this region.

The southern France waves are much stronger and it is recommended that you explore only the areas that have been certified and always avoid places that you are not familiar with because the waves might be too strong and it could result in injuries. Lisbon in Portugal as well as the Azores and Madeira islands offers you some of the pristine locations where you can go coasteering.

If you want to check out the Greek coastline then Chania is a perfect spot for you because of the amazing blue waters, white sandy beaches, as well as amazing cliffs that have been structured from the limestone in the area.

Can I go coasteering?

It is important to understand that the people that are allowed to go coasteering will depend on their age as well as their experience.  Coasteering is an adrenaline-filled sport therefore you should ensure that you should have the right protective gear.  Some of the places that you are going to visit can range from anything from 8 years and above.

It is always important that you choose places where it will suit you and your family. You should not explore areas that you are not familiar with unless you have a tour guide in the region.

Is it good for me?

Coasteering is known to be one of the most strenuous activities and it incorporates all kinds of muscles. During your travel to different parts of the continent, you are going to learn more about the history of these locations as well as the formation of different structures. Coasteering is perfect for you because it will allow you to work out and you can improve your mentality by joining teams as well as participating in somewhat difficult sports. Besides, if you are traveling with your family then you can get bond and interact with them.

What if I am afraid of heights?

There are numerous places where you will get coasteering experts who will guide you through the process and this will ensure that you have the best experience possible. There is forcing you to jump. However, you can begin with low heights as you gain confidence, once you have gained enough confidence then you can go to higher heights.

When to go coasteering?

This is a perfect question, especially for people who are in areas where the seasons usually affect tourism. If you want to go coasteering then it is important for you to know the prevailing weather condition as it will help you make the right decision.

It is always recommended that you go coasteering during the summer period because the water is warm and the visibility of the water is improved.  You can schedule your coasteering trip to suit your needs and prevailing weather conditions.

There are coasteering places on the planet where the weather is fine throughout the year therefore you can explore these places at any time of the year.