Anguilla is a top tourist destination in the Caribbean and the island is known to have over thirty amazing beaches that you should explore during your vacation and snorkeling in Anguilla is a fascinating experience.

Since the island is not easily accessed then it means that it is one of the most pristine locations in the Caribbean you will only enjoy a visit to the area because of the natural features that you are going to find in this region. 

Whether you are looking for a Caribbean destination for your next vacation then you should always consider some of the most available options that are perfect because it creates a perfect opportunity for you to interact with species in areas that you have never been in the area.

While Anguilla forms one of the glitziest parts of the Caribbean it is important to understand that this area is less explored therefore you are going to see some of the species that have never been interrupted in their habitat.

The European explorers who came to the islands in the 18th century discovered one of the paradise islands in the Caribbean and it is one of the areas that rank highly as the top snorkeling destination in the world.  There are fewer known beaches on the island which gives you the chance to explore them via snorkeling. 

You will get to Anguilla by taking a flight from Margot on the French side of saint martin.  The picturesque destination brings you to a world of bliss because you can see some of the creatures that are only unique to this destination. 

Depending on the method that you use to access Anguilla you can choose numerous beaches where you can go snorkeling. There is a wide array of marine life in this region because of the volcanic activities that took place in the past thereby creating amazing structures where corals can thrive. 

Perhaps one feature that makes Anguilla a top snorkeling destination is that there are regulations that prohibit boats from anchoring on the shore and this makes the island one of the most pristine locations on the planet.

Why choose to go snorkeling in Anguilla

Anguilla is a top snorkeling destination that you should explore at least once in your life because this area makes you understand the beauty of the Caribbean and increase your knowledge of sea creatures. 

The island has some of the top spots where you can go snorkeling whether you are a learner or you are an expert then you are sure that you will find something to do in the region.  While many might think that the island is deserted because the number of people in the region is few you are going to get the best experience because you can mix top snorkeling destinations with the amazing environment of the Caribbean.

Here you will enjoy amazing cuisine, drinks, and the amazing company of local people who are charming and friendly. Whether you want to enjoy some calypso music while sampling some of the local drinks in the area Anguilla is the best destination in the Caribbean for your best snorkeling experience. The best time to visit Anguilla is from march through may. This is the period when the water is calm and deep hence you are going to see some of the most unique species that are known to thrive only in this region. Here are some of the top snorkeling destinations in Anguilla.

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Barnes Bay Beach

Barnes bay is a top location if you just want a pristine location where you can soak in the Caribbean sun and enjoy some drink. It is also a perfect destination for you to go snorkeling. 

If you want some privacy or want to enjoy snorkeling in the area without a crowd then this is your perfect spot because it has all the features that define a top destination.

The soft white sand and the rocky terrain mean that different creatures can thrive in the area. It is important to note that only expert snorkelers can explore the area because the currents can be strong and this can be dangerous to their life.

Shoal beach

Perhaps shoal bay is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations in Anguilla because it offers you a pristine environment where you can relax and unwind as you enjoy the views of the Caribbean sea. Shoal bay beach is located in the eastern part of the country and it is characterized by white sandy beaches that are unique and pristine.

Here you can get time to explore the clear water with some of the top beaches in the world. It is a fantastic way you can spend your time in the region because the water is warm throughout ought the year, therefore, you will enjoy your trip to the area.

This region is usually 2 kilometers long and therefore you are going to have a big space where you can go snorkeling. The rocks in the area are perfect for creating some of the most unique species that you will find in the region. 

The rocks can be dangerous, especially to beginners, it is recommended that you understand the different features of the bay before visiting the area. 

Some of the top species that you are going to find in this area include moray eels, pufferfish, butterflyfish, barracuda, and sting rays among other creatures that can be found in the region.

Crocus Bay

Crocus bay is located in a location called the valley and it is a quiet spot where you are going to enjoy the best experience that you will only find in this region. The golden sand coupled with clear water makes snorkeling one of the best experiences in the area.

Here whether you are an expert or a beginner you have the best chance of seeing some of the unique creatures in the area and some of the fish include crabs, octopus, barracuda, lobsters, and trumpetfish among others.

Sandy Ground Beach

While you will find many beaches in Anguilla that are secluded this is a different location because it is where the party never stops. If you are visiting for the first the region then you should go to this beach to see how people are having a good time in Anguilla.

Here you will find a wide array of yachts and boats. However, this does not mean that you are limited and will not go snorkeling.

When visiting the region, you are going to enjoy snorkeling in the waters of the area because they are crystal clear which means that you can easily move from one location to another and see a wide array of creatures. Some of the creatures that you are likely to encounter include sting rays, moray eels, parrotfish, and butterflyfish among others.

Meads Bay Beach

Anguilla boasts some of the most exceptional beaches that you are going to find in the world and it is important to note that you can explore them with ease because they can be accessed via boat.

White sand and crystal-clear waters will give you the best experience possible because you can explore the water easily and with proper snorkeling masks you can see a far distance.

There are numerous resorts on meads bay beach and since this beach is about 1.5 kilometers long and the water is deep with unique corals you will find vast marine life. It is a perfect destination that you can explore with ease and see some turtles, sting rays, barracuda, parrotfish, zebrafish, and butterflyfish among other creatures.

This area is usually affected by trade winds during the summertime and you must be careful when snorkeling in this destination.  The water can have high currents and this can dangerous for your life.

Little Bay Beach

Little bay beach is a tiny yet very interesting location in Anguilla.

You are guaranteed some of the best snorkeling destinations when you visit this place. There are numerous steep cliffs and rocks and all of these creatures are known to encourage the growth of corals this is essential because it will boost the number of creatures that can be found in the region.

The water in the area is crystal clear and the visibility is exceptional therefore you are going to have a good time exploring the different parts of the country. There are numerous fish species that you will find in the water in this area as well as visiting species such as nursing sharks. It is recommended that if you are going to snorkel alone then you should be careful in these waters.

Rendezvous Bay Beach

Rendezvous bay is a stunning location that you should consider exploring during your trip to Anguilla.

It is one of the top destinations that is recommended by snorkeling experts. The beach is about two kilometers long and you are going to cover the distance snorkeling in the amazing waters of this region.

The sand on this beach is exquisite because it is pure white and there is no dirt or anything just pure bliss in a tropical paradise. Perhaps because of the level of the beach and Anguilla as a whole the rendezvous bay beach area is protected and this means that the creatures that are found in this region are unique to the area and you will find a large number of marine life when compared to other regions.

Some of the species that you are going to find in the array include lionfish, barracuda, sting rays, moray eels, turtles, butterflyfish, parrotfish, and zebra fish among other colorful fish from the tropics.

Scrub Island

The island is a perfect spot for people who are looking for adventure and want to explore the waters of the Caribbean. This region is very dangerous because there are numerous shark species that like thriving in the waters.

It is therefore important that during your trip to the area, you should be careful and avoid some of the dangerous species that can cause fatalities. You can snorkel with a guide in this area to prevent any incidents.

Maundy’s bay beach

This is another amazing beach that is situated in the protective core of Anguilla and it is a tiny version of the larger beaches in the region. You are going to have a time of your life when you visit the area because of its tranquility and some of the best environments to go snorkeling. It is imperative that you use sunscreen and always wear the right gear to prevent overexposure to the sun.

These are some of the top snorkeling destinations in Anguilla and the sand in the area is soft, white, and very pristine hence even walking on the beach will give you the best experience possible.