When planning your vacation and snorkeling are on top of your list of things to do then you should worry about getting the best mask especially if you have a mustache. 

A perfect mask should ensure a tight fit and seal around the face to repel the water as well as reduce the chances of fogginess on the visor

People who have beards can find it challenging especially in the creation of a tight seal that will prevent water hence there is a chance for the water to leak in and cause difficulty seeing.  In addition, it can lead to a dangerous situation because you do not have the right vision as well as exposure hence it can lead to fatalities.

It is important to understand that if you are going to snorkel under the water then your safety should be on top of your priority.  You should always strive to have a clear vision. 

When you have a mustache, you should ensure that you have a snorkel mask that will fit you perfectly.

What you can you do before snorkeling if you have a mustache

Clean shave your mustache

Perhaps this is the simplest solution that you can implement if you have a mustache and you want to go snorkeling. Having a beard or mustache is not a deterrent especially if you want to enjoy snorkeling.

However, it makes it difficult for you to fit the mask properly on your face because it can cause leakages.  If you want to reduce the chances of water leaking into your visor then it is better that you shave your mustache.

I know it may sound as a crazy advice if you really love your mustache and this is your lifestyle choice (I have beard myself for more than 10 years), but if you happen to have mustache and you are not attached to it – shaving them before snorkeling may help you to have a greater experience.

Utilize silicone for seal creation

This is another way that you can increase the chances of your mask fitting on your face. It is the most important aspect because when you do this it makes it easy for you to move from one point to another easily.

The silicon is like a grate and you can use it to fill the areas on your face where there are gaps on the mask and this will help in reducing the chances of water leaking into the visor. It is recommended that you use food-grade silicon to attach the material to your face.

Acquire a full-face snorkeling mask

If you have a mustache and you want to go snorkeling then it can be challenging for you. However, some companies are currently manufacturing high-quality snorkel masks for people with mustaches. 

The full-face snorkel mask is recommended because you can easily breathe, look at a wide angle as well as move quickly in the water.

Here are some of the top snorkel masks that you can use if you have a mustache.

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Best snorkel masks for mustache

WACOOL Snorkeling Package Set

This is a snorkeling mask that is probably ranked as the best because they provide you with a mask and a snorkel.

The mask from the company features a wide-angle view as well as tempered glass which ensures that you are safe while in the deep waters.

The snorkel mask is shaped to ensure that it fits tightly on your face and you can have a wide viewing angle.

The mask skirt is manufactured from silicon and this is important because it allows you to wear it for longer periods of time without causing any discomfort. 

According to the features, it causes a strong suction which reduces the chances of water leaking and interfering with your view.

In addition, the snorkel mask is splash-proof therefore it prevents water from entering your tube and you can move from one location to another with ease without any interruption.

Cressi frameless snorkeling mask

The Cressi frameless snorkeling mask is one of the legendary masks that is made from high-quality material that will cater to you properly if you have a mustache and you want to snorkel in the region.

According to reports the snorkel mask is very effective for men with mustaches and it continues to be used across different parts of the world thanks to the maximum range it provides, high-quality material, low volume design as well as how tight it gets on the face, therefore, preventing any kind of water from getting into the mask. 

The hypoallergenic material that is used in the construction of the mask means that it can fit on your face for hours without causing any major damage.

Greatever Dry Snorkel Set

This is another set of dry snorkel masks that you can utilize during your snorkeling activities in your favorite destination. The mask features tempered glass with filters that can alleviate ultraviolet rays. 

This mask prevents ultraviolet rays from affecting your eyes while giving you the right vision and a wide angle.

The glass of this mask is treated with antifog features therefore you will not experience any fogginess while you are in the water and this is very important especially if you want to explore the waters deeply.

The dry snorkel has anti-splash features which ensure that you can breathe as naturally as possible. 

The mask features a float valve as well that allows air into the tube hence making it easy for you to access different areas under the ocean or sea. The silicon that is used in the construction is food grade therefore it does not cause any harm to your body.

There are numerous colors as well which you can choose from as you explore the different areas of the state.

Keystand Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Keystand full-face snorkel mask is the perfect mask for people with mustaches and beards.

It is a full-face mask that is going to give you the right protection while at the same time giving you the best experience possible as you have a wide angle of view and you will see all the creatures down in the water perfectly.

The mask is critical because it can fit all kinds of faces with mustaches in mind. The silicon seal utilizes food grade silicone seal that will continue keeping it tight while giving you the best experience possible.

You can use the elastic fabric headband to adjust to ensure that it suits perfectly on your face.

This mask is known to give wide-angle views of up to 180 degrees and this is more than some of the most common snorkel masks available around the planet.

The mask is also lightweight which means that you can use it for long times without feeling tired. It is easy to carry, and assemble and the material is made from high-quality material.

PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set

The PRODIVE premiums snorkel is an exceptional snorkeling gear and it is perfect for people with beards as well as mustaches.  The snorkeling mask is constructed from tempered glass and it is resistant to water splash as well as impact. 

The snorkel mask can be used in different areas even in deep waters. 

Perhaps one of the most outstanding things about the mask is that it does allow fogginess which means that you are going to have a time of your life as you watch different fauna and flora in the waters.

The buckles and straps allow you to adjust the size and fit and this is essential because you are guaranteed that it will allow any water to enter.

Besides, it is light as well hence you can explore the deep waters with ease without feeling something heavy on your face.

Tips to snorkel with a mustache

Always ensure that the facial hair matches your mask

You must ensure that your mask is tight on your face as this will prevent any water from getting into the mask causing fogginess. 

You can as well trim your mustache before you go to a snorkeling session.

You should strive to get a snorkeling mask that fully covers your face and it is tight to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Use high-quality food-grade silicon on your mask

Perhaps this is the most fundamental aspect that you should consider because of the amount of facial hair that comes into contact with the material and it can be dangerous if you are not using food-grade material.

Choose the perfect mask

This is the most important thing to do because you have the chance to explore some of the areas easily. If you have facial hair or not the choice is usually important as it allows you to snorkel with ease. You should not pick a traditional mask if you have a mustache.

Do not use contact lenses

If you have a mustache and use glasses then it is better for you to purchase a snorkel mask that fits the prescription. 

There is numerous high-quality snorkel mask that will suit your prescription, this will give you the perfect vision while avoiding the chance of interfering with your vision.

It is important that you take your time to research and shop for the best snorkeling mask for people with mustaches for you to get the best value possible and enjoy your trip to the area.