Purchasing the perfect snorkeling mask can be a daunting task to many people especially if you have a small face and you want something that will stick to your face while at the same time giving you the best viewing angles, so how to choose the best snorkel masks for small faces?

There are different mask sizes, shapes as well as color options that you can get in the shop. Perhaps the most important aspect that you should consider during your search for a perfect mask is a snorkel mask that fits correctly. 

One of the easiest methods that you can use in the process of selecting the mask is elimination. You can only use the elimination method when you have the right information about different masks. 

You do not want a mask that is ill-fitting and you are going deep into the waters. A quality mask is a snorkel mask that will last longer and it will make a difference in your snorkeling experience.

When planning to go on vacation to a snorkeling destination then it is critical that you purchase the right snorkel mask. The mask should fit your face and perhaps some of the fundamental factors that you should consider include vision, safety, and comfort. 

Some of the common factors that you need to understand are that the general snorkeling masks are usually 4 to 5 inches from one skirt to the other skirt.

It is therefore important that you look for a mask that will suit your face and fit perfectly to reduce the chances of water leakage.

Factors to consider when purchasing snorkel mask for small faces


Perhaps this is the most important factor that you must consider because it will determine the kind of experience that you will have during your snorkeling trip.

The best masks are usually equipped with high-quality food-grade liners that ensure that your face is fully covered and does not cause any damage to your skin because of being overly hard.

The top snorkel masks are comfortable and you will not feel any excess weight when snorkeling. You should therefore look at the comfort level of the mask before purchasing it.

Viewing angle

This is another important aspect when it comes to snorkeling is the viewing angle that you will have during your snorkeling experience.

You should have a mask that allows you to see a wide angle and explore the waters of your vacation destination. You should choose a snorkel mask with a clear skirt that allows you to see around perfectly.

You can choose a mask that will suit your surrounding during your trip to the waters as you snorkel.

The capacity

Perhaps this is one of the most important parts when it comes to snorkeling is the volume or the amount of air that your mask can hold. This will determine how far the mask will sit on your face as well as how easier it is to clear the air.

Pricing point

We all understand that when it comes to vacation you want to get the best experience possible.

This can only be achieved if you are going to maximize the amount of money that you have.

Whether you are traveling as a budget traveler or even as a luxury traveler you still need value for your money. Here you should choose a mask that will suit your face and is sold at a competitive price.

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Best snorkel masks for small faces

Here are some of the top-quality masks that you can use especially if you have a small face.

Aqualung Technisub Micromask

This is an iconic mask that is perfect for you if you have a smaller or narrow face. 

The mask is effective because it is made from sturdy material and a good sealant which guarantees you the best viewing experience as it is well sealed and there is no leakage, therefore, allowing you to enjoy your snorkeling experience with ease. 

The mask has made it possible to allow people to dive into the ocean with ease and the viewing angles are impeccable therefore you will have a perfect view of different creatures under the ocean or sea.

You should choose a mask that suits your face and focal length. It has silicon material which allows for tight fitting and you will enjoy your time in the waters when you adjust your snorkel mask perfectly.

Scubapro Spectra Mini Mask

This is a snorkel mask from a renowned company that has been in operation for years therefore they understand the dynamics of scuba diving and snorkeling.

During your trip to the region, you are going to have a time of your life in the region because these snorkel masks are impeccable.

Besides, you can get other materials such as fins, dive computers, and regulators among others from the company.

The mini mask is perfect for people with narrow or smaller faces.

The volume is low therefore giving you increased visibility as well as a wide angle of viewing therefore it is easier for you to explore different parts of the ocean. The silicon on the side makes a perfect fit and there is no leakage at all hence guaranteeing you the best experience possible.

The tempered glass on the mask has a slightly large surface area therefore you can view it at a wider angle. There are numerous colors that you can choose from the masks that the company supplies.

Atomic Aquatics Venom

The atomic aquatics venom snorkel mask is one of the masks that you are going to get if you want a mask for small faces. 

This is one premium brand that will cost you a little more, however, you are going to get the best experience possible. 

This is a frameless mask that will allow you to have a better face formation and this reduces the chances of any leak. In addition, it snuggly fits on your face therefore you will not experience any difficulty when you are snorkeling.

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that the skirt is wide enough to give you accessibility and ease to see wide angles.

The company focuses on comfort and visibility thereby you will get something that will feel comfortable on your face and you can have an ultra-panoramic view as well.

The integrated adjustable straps make it easy for the user to change the fitting level and you can have a time of your life when exploring the waters of the ocean or sea.

Cressi LINCE Diving and Snorkeling Mask


The Cressi LINCE diving and snorkeling mask is a perfect mask for people who have smaller faces because you are not only going to get the best experience but you can also explore the waters with ease because of the wide viewing angle.

The mask is perfect for smaller faces because it has a hypoallergenic silicon skirt as well as tempered glass and the company has incorporated a modern design that ensures that you have the best viewing angle as well exploring for a longer period because the snorkel mask is lightweight. 

The compactness of this snorkel mask has made it a top mask for people who want to explore the different waters around the globe.

Tidal Anti-fog Mask

The tidal antifog mask is one of the most advanced technologies that you can find on the planet. 

The mask has a trip that is effective in ensuring the best experience possible because the silicon which is in contact with your face will ensure that no water enters your mask.

The mask is made of high-quality material that makes it sturdy and this makes it easy for you to explore the waters with ease. Perhaps it is the most effective in alleviating any fogginess that might be experienced during your snorkeling activity.

SEAC Giglio Mask

SEAC Giglio masks are one of the masks that are sold at competitive prices and you can get one for small faces.

It is essential to understand that you should always look for a mask that tightly fits therefore you will experience the best snorkeling tour in the region. 

The tempered glass means that it is of high quality and you have a wide viewing angle.

Besides, you can view a very large area making it easy for you to check all the areas for your snorkeling activities. 

The silicon skirt is made of high food-grade material that allows it to fit perfectly on your face and you will not get any fogginess.

TUSA Paragon Mask

This is another mask that you will get because it allows you to fit your face perfectly and have the highest viewing angles. It is imperative to note that the glass is tempered and the viewing angle is large about 180 degrees.

There are clicky strap angle buckle adjusters.

This is important because it allows you to fit perfectly on your face. In addition, the optical glass is made of high-quality material and you are going to have the best experience as well as create eye protection.

In summary, scuba diving or snorkeling with a narrow or smaller face can be challenging.

However, if you are to enjoy your experience in the areas that you are visiting if you get the right mask.