Bulgaria is a country that is located in southeastern Europe. It is on the eastern flank of the Balkan peninsula. The country borders north Macedonia, Serbia to the west, Romania to the north, Turkey to the south, Greece to the south and the black sea to the east. Bulgaria covers about 111000 square kilometres. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and other major cities are also in the region that is inhabited in numbers in the country.

The Balkan Mountains move from the middle of the country from the eastern part to the western part of the country. there are also mountains in the southern regions where the country has moved different species which prefer this region. The black sea is the lowest part of the country with the Balkan Mountains being the highest point. a third of Bulgaria is covered by plains.  Iskar river is the longest in Bulgaria covering about 229 miles long.

The climate of Bulgaria is interchangeable and it varies from Mediterranean, continental and oceanic. Bulgaria is a rich country and if you are looking for a perfect holiday destination in Europe then this is the place that you should visit.

During the summer, the temperatures are fair and during the winter, they go as low as 1 degree Celsius.  The interaction between different geological, climatic and hydrological aspects has produced a wide array of plant and animal species that you will find in the region.  Bulgaria’s biodiversity is one of the richest that you will find in Europe.

There are eleven nature parks and over five hundred protected areas.  You will find some of the animal species that you will not see anywhere else in Europe.  Depending on the region that you are going to visit then you are going to see a wide array of species.  when exploring the different parts of the country you should beware that there are dangerous animals that you will encounter. some of these dangerous creatures include the following.

Brown Bears

Brown Bear in Tierpark Goldau, Switzerland

Brown bears are some of the creatures that you are going to find in Bulgaria.  Since Bulgaria has one of the densest forests in Europe then it makes a perfect environment for brown bears to thrive in this habitat.  Brown bears are the largest and most dangerous carnivores in the region. These creatures usually tend to favour the mountainous regions of the country. Since the country has majestic mountains and forests then the bears have increased in numbers and currently you will find them deep in the forests of Bulgaria.

If you love the outdoor environment and you want to explore it then you should be wary of the brown bears because you might find them thriving in this habitat.  these bears usually avoid people and will often hide deep in the forests. however, when they are provoked, they will then attack you. it is essential that you do not interact with them by provoking them they will attack you. they are huge in size and with sharp claws, they can be fatal.

Common bent-wing bat

The most common creature that you are going to find in the country is the common bent-wing bat.  During your trip to Bulgaria, you should always ensure that you stay away from these creatures during your trip to the region.

These bats are known to have a high number of bacteria and viruses which are known to cause SARs and even coronavirus.

Horned Viper

the horned viper is one of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to find in Bulgaria. it is imperative that if you are going to enjoy the outdoor environment then you should watch out for this creature.  it is one of the most dangerous snakes in Europe.  the venom from the snake is fatal and you should avoid them at all costs. the horned vipers are known to have the largest fangs and they are responsible for a majority of snake deaths in the region. although attacks are rare, they are usually fatal because the venom that is injected into the victim is highly potent.

Some of the side effects of the venom include loss of consciousness, sweating, excessive swelling of the bite area, lowered heartbeat, and confusion. these snakes usually thrive in the arid and rocky areas of the country. they like areas with sparse vegetation and open woodlands.  the main distinguishing feature is a single horn on the snout.  in some cases, you will find them in a thick black stripe which runs behind their eyes and they have black tongues. these snakes are very dangerous and you should stay away from them. however, if you are bitten then you should seek immediate medical attention.

Wild boars

Wild boars in Croatia

Wild boars are some of the dangerous creatures that you are going to find in Bulgaria. They are known to be very adaptive in nature and they will synchronize to nearly any environment.  These boars usually have exceptional tusks that are used in attacking their predators. It is essential to note that they can attack you using these tusks as well hence the need to be very careful.  Whenever they are not disturbed you will find them in different habitats looking for food. They might seem cute at first when you are looking at them because they resemble domesticated pigs.

However, this is not the case because these are usually wild creatures and will always be territorial and aggressive whenever they are feeling threatened. Besides, with their digging and dredging of mud and all kinds of dirt, these creatures are full of bacteria and other pathogens which means that they could transfer disease-causing microbes. Perhaps another time that you should avoid these creatures is during the mating period because the males will be very aggressive.

Pine Processionary Caterpillars

This is one of the most dangerous creatures because of the effects they can have on your body. They usually have tiny hairs that contain bacteria and they are painful. These hairs are known to cause flesh to burn when they encounter your skin. It is imperative that you should always take care when you are in the outdoor environment because they are usually found thriving in the Balkan regions of Bulgaria.

These caterpillars are known to defoliate the pine and the conifer tree species where they consume the needles.  These caterpillars are usually orange in colour and they have a blue banded marking on their bodies.  You will find some white, large, and silk nests that they build on the foliage.  It is imperative that during your exploration you should avoid them at all costs and you should always stay safe when you are traversing the country.


Hedgehogs are some of the dangerous creatures that you are going to find in different parts of the country. These creatures are very dangerous.

After all, they can attack you at any moment because they have sharp spikes that they usually throw whenever they are feeling threatened.  Ideally, you must stay away from them because you never know when they can attack.


Wolves are some of the creatures that are thriving in Europe and you will find them in the dense forests of Bulgaria. The most common wolf that you will find is the grey wolf which is endangered and protected in the country.  There are over a thousand wolves in Bulgaria.  You will find these in the mountains, hills, and forests of Bulgaria as you head to the Macedonian border. These wolves are known to pose a major threat to the livestock in this region and it is imperative to note that they are dangerous as well, especially during the dry season or when food is scarce.

There have been some attacks on humans in the past decades hence you should always ensure that you should be careful when exploring Bulgaria. You should avoid contact with the wolves and in the event that you are attacked by them then you should make yourself look bigger by raising your arms and moving away slowly.  You should never run away because they are going to catch up with you and pierce you with their claws.



Perhaps these are some of the dangerous creatures that you are going to find in different parts of the country.  These foxes are usually in the dense forests in the country as well as the mountainous parts of the country.  You will find them very active during the summer period because they are out in search of food.

These claws usually have very sharp as well as their teeth and they will attack whenever they feel threatened. It is important that you should always know the environment that you are exploring.


Perhaps one of the most interesting creatures yet very dangerous that you are going to find in Bulgaria.  The woodlands, forests, gardens, and some of the dark places in Bulgaria are home to these creatures and you should always ensure that you are safe. These ticks are known to carry very infectious diseases and the most dangerous infection that they can transmit is Lyme disease.  This is a very dangerous creature that you should watch out for during your trip to Bulgaria.

It is important to note that these ticks are usually prevalent during the early summer and spring periods when they are looking for animals where they are going to attach themselves.  You must always protect yourself by dressing appropriately for the outdoor environment.  If you are going to explore the region then you should always check your clothing for these ticks.


There are numerous vulture species that you are going to find in Bulgaria. You must watch out for them because these are creatures that consume virtually anything. These vultures usually consume a wide array of things and this makes them dangerous because they have all kinds of bacteria. when they are hungry, they would attack you if you are carrying food or something intriguing to them.  It is essential that you always stay safe during your visit.

Brown recluse spider

Perhaps this is the most dangerous creature that you are going to find in this region because they are usually in the forests.  The brown recluse spider is synonymous with its venom. These spiders are known to be very active at night and you should always ensure that you are staying in a safe place from these spiders because they can be very dangerous causing severe organ failure.  These spiders usually have around 1.5 centimetres long and they can bite to a level of wasp or bee sting, however, the reactions can be overly severe.  These brown recluse spiders are usually found in Bulgaria during the summer period and you should watch out for them if you are going outdoors in the evening or during this period.

Common European Adder

this is another dangerous snake that you are going to encounter in Bulgaria. they usually thrive in the dense forests of the country. it is important to understand this snake usually does not attack, however, if you provoke them then they are likely to bite you. their bites are dangerous because they are very painful, result in necrosis, loss of consciousness, lowered heart pressure and eventually death if antivenom is not delivered immediately.

The common European adders are not aggressive in nature, however, whenever they are startled, they become very aggressive and will attack you at any moment. You will find these snakes in the mountainous regions of the country or closer to the water bodies.  They have a unique zigzag dorsal pattern on their bodies and they also have an X or V mark on their head.  It is imperative that if you are exploring different parts of the country then you should check out these species because they can be lethal. Always watch out during your exploration of the country. There is a high chance that you are going to find them during your hiking activities. You should stay calm or walk away from them whenever you see them.