Montana is a state that is located on the southern border of China and northern Wyoming. A large part of the state of Montana has sparsely populated hence a large part of the state is nature and wildlife, as well as different plant varieties, thrive in this state. There are over two hundred animal species ranging from rabbits and rodents to bigger predators in Montana, some of them are dangerous animals that you should be always careful. In addition to this Montana has over four hundred bird species, numerous amphibian, and reptile species as well as a wide array of wild animals. If you are traveling to the states and you want to enjoy the best views in the United States, then Montana is the best destination for you because there are so many activities that you can do and things that you can see in this area.

The diversity that you will find in Montana can be attributed to the unique climate that runs across the state from the proximity of Canada as well as that of the Pacific Ocean. Montana is known for the diverse array of native wildlife and these may range from small rodents to major predators. Montana provides the ambient climate and environment for these creatures to exist. There are huge tracts of forested land in Montana and this is important because it continues to be a perfect habitat for wildlife. When you are visiting Montana, you should have a local guide or pick those books that will explain to you what you expect in the state. When you know the dangers that you might experience in this region then you can have the best experience because you know the areas that you should avoid. There are numerous dangerous animals that you can find in Montana, some of them include:

Black bears

Black bear in Montana

The black bears that are found in Montana are usually from Canada and they are very dangerous creatures especially when they are scavenging for food. You must stay a safe distance even if you want to watch these creatures in action. Most black bears are characterized by dark brown, light brown to black colors. Depending on the location that the bears have been living the fur will change color because of the external environments.

While the black bears might be shy and inquisitive animals, they can be very dangerous when they feel provoked. They are not accustomed to human contact and they can mistake this for an attack. You must handle your trash properly when camping in Montana because they can scavenge for food at night and find remains on your trash and end up attacking you.

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A Pronghorn

The pronghorn is a type of deer that has branched horns and it is one of the dangerous species in this state. Many people tend to confuse this animal with the antelopes. They are very different species and their backward curving horns are used to attack predators who want to interfere with their life and habitat. These pronghorns can run at about 70 kilometers per hour and they are very fast and hence very dangerous.

During the calving season, you must avoid these areas because they may attack you thinking that you want to take their young ones. The pronghorns thrive in the prairies across the eastern part of Montana. If you are into hunting, then you can consult with the state department of wildlife to give you the dates. However, when exploring Montana, you should avoid the pronghorns at all costs. Their injuries can be fatal.

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Black-footed Ferret

The black-footed ferrets are some of the endangered species in Montana and they are protected by the state. These ferrets are known to live for a maximum of four years and they are characterized by a slender body with cream-colored fur and a black-tipped tail. In many quotas, this ferret is called the American polecat and they hunt dogs in the prairies.

These ferrets are dangerous because of the exceptional predatory skills they can catch small animals such as squirrels and they can prey in the dark because of their adaptation. The ferrets can attack whenever they have provoked hence the need to be careful when exploring the areas where these ferrets reside.

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The rattlesnakes are some of the dangerous creatures that you can find in the northern states. venomous snakes prefer warm climates and they are known to grow up to 2 feet in the Montana climate. The modest size that these snakes grow to is to ensure that they can hibernate and function optimally without losing their life.

The rattlesnakes are characterized by the triangle head shape and they usually have a dangerous venom that they inject into the victim and cause severe harm such as loss of muscle function, blurred vision, and internal bleeding. The rattlesnake venom causes necrosis which is technically the death of cells in the body. If you are bitten by snakes in Montana, then you should visit a clinic immediately to ensure that you are given antivenom.

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Grizzly bears

The grizzly bears are the common dangerous species in the northern states and Canada. These creatures are deadly and you should be careful when exploring the state of Montana. According to data from the wildlife department in the state of Montana, about 10% of the grizzly bears in the state will make it to adulthood. These species have become endangered and this leaves them very volatile and dangerous.

When you are exploring different areas of Montana then you should watch out for the grizzly bears. These bears usually consume plants, fish, berries, and salmon. The grizzly bear can grow up to 800 pounds and this is very dangerous because the humongous creature can attack you anytime. They are mostly inactive during the winter period and hence you can visit during spring to catch them eating fish. Always be careful and in a situation where the bears attack you visit the nearest hospital immediately.


A bobcat

The bobcat is also popularly known as the cat of the mountains and it is a wild cat that is spread across the state of Montana. These bobcats are usually huge about twice the size of domestic cats. Do not be fooled to think that these bobcats are docile creatures. The bobcats are very dangerous and you should avoid their habitat while visiting Montana. They usually come in different colors with the most common reddish-brown, yellowish-brown, and with hues of black and grey.

These cats inhabit the grassland and they are fierce predators who consume mice and other small rodents. Some people might refer to this cat as a lynx cat, however, they are different because the others have longer hind legs and hips. Nevertheless, when exploring the state of Montana, you should be careful and watch out because when they feel cornered, they are likely to attack. Their attack ranges from bites and vicious attacks with their sharp claws. Since you do not know where these cats have been, so seek medical advice if they attack you.


The wolverine is known to be the largest member of the weasel family and they look similar to a small bear. However, they have very strong limbs and thick bodies. Their paws have razor-sharp claws that are capable of crushing even thick bones. the wolverine is a dangerous predator and it is known to compete with grizzly bears for a freshly killed animal.

When exploring the state of Montana then you must note the areas that these wolverines inhabit to avoid them. They can grow up to 1.1 meters in length and weigh 32 kilograms. The wolverines are very cunning creatures and they can attack you when you least expect them. In Montana, human attacks have been few because they are rarely seen. however, they can be found in Helena on the Idaho border.

Rubber boa

This is one of the most dangerous creatures that you can encounter in the state of Montana. Rubber boa has skin that feels and looks like rubber and they often hide in moist areas under trees and rocks. They are very secretive and they move slowly. Since these snakes have a perfect camouflage there is a chance that you might miss them during your trip or step on them and this can be dangerous because they bite. In as much as the venom is not very fatal it can cause severe pains and, in some cases, anaphylactic shock and for hyperallergic people, this can be dangerous. It is important to note that if you think you have been bitten by this snake you should visit a hospital immediately.

Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle

A Bald Eagle

These are the native species in Montana and they have a golden color on the neck and head feathers coupled with a brown body. These eagles are dangerous because they have wide wings of up to 8 feet and they can soar so high until they lie flat. These eagles have exceptional eyesight and you should be careful because when they are hungry, they can attack you especially if they see you with meat.

In addition, these eagles are precise and when you interfere with their predatory skills during your hike, they might attack you. They usually consume small rabbits, weasels, and squirrels. The bald eagles are an endangered species hence they are very protective of their territory. You must stay off their hunting areas. You can find them during the fall season as they migrate from Canada to Montana.

The northern scorpion

This is the only scorpion that is found in the state of Montana. This species is the only one that can withstand the cold temperatures of this state. The Northern Scorpions often thrive in sandstone cliffs in the southeastern part of the state. The scorpion is equipped with dangerous venom that can release to the victim and cause severe injuries. It is critical to note that the venom causes paralysis, organ failure, and in some cases heart attack. If you are hiking in this region, then you should avoid tossing rocks because they might be under these rocks.


A wolf in Montana

The state of Montana has made wolves an endangered species because of the excessive hunting that these animals have faced in the past decades. It is imperative to understand that the wolves flourish in the grassland, forests, and prairies of Montana. They are mostly hunted during the winter months when they come out to look for food. However, these wolves have devised a better way of handling the different situations because they hunt in packs. The alpha male is followed by females and these are essential because they protect the puppies.

During the nursing period of these puppies, the wolves are overly aggressive and they can attack at any moment. Working with one wolf may be easy or you can maneuver, however, when you are dealing with eight wolves the game changes. These wolves are lethal because they have very sharp teeth and claws that they can cut through bones and flesh. You may want to choose a place that is recommended for camping. When an attack ensure that you have taken a rabies vaccine to prevent this disease.

Mountain lions

The mountain lions are often found on the western Canadian side and the borders of Montana. These cougars are huge creatures and they are almost the size of lions or jaguars of South America. While the cougars enjoy solitary living, they are usually nocturnal hunters and when you are visiting Montana you should be careful about the areas that these creatures may inhabit. The cougars will not chase prey, however, they will strategically position themselves before attacking the prey within an instant. They usually target the throat where they squeeze until the victim dies before it is consumed. You must know how these creatures operate before visiting the region.

In conclusion, Montana is a great state that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. You will get the chance to see the expansive land filled with diverse fauna and flora.