Alaska is a state that is located in the western united states. It borders the Canadian province of British Columbia and the Russian Yukon territory. It is by far the largest state by area and it is the third least populous state in the United States. This means that a large chunk of land in Alaska is left for a diversity of fauna and flora. Alaska is one of those places that you should visit in your lifetime. Here you will learn and explore a lot while still in the United States. The most dangerous animals in Alaska are found in the arctic ocean and the wild north of the Pacific Ocean. The carved fjords, large ice sheets, glaciers washing into bays and clear rivers streaming from high up the mountains to the lowlands are all features that make Alaska you are next going destination. There is a pristine environment that allows you to learn more about how far people have evolved and the effects of industrialization and the modernization of technology.

Alaska is a real wild place that you can visit and feel that you are somewhere else on this planet while still in the United States. There are chances that you might encounter different creatures roaming in the state and whether they are crawling, biting, or stinging you are out for adventure and you should explore as much as you can. As you get into true Alaska you get time to explore the tranquil nature, and the diversity of the animals in this area and if you visit the Alaskan wilderness then you will experience some of the most breathtaking views that you can get while on travel in the United States. The land is hardy and there are creatures that you should always avoid when exploring the region. When you understand what to avoid during your trip then you will enjoy it because you will be safe. Here are some of the dangerous animals in Alaska.



The porcupine is one of those mammals that can turn very dangerous within a minute. These creatures are known to be very docile. However, when they are attacked you will hear them scream before unleashing dangerous arrows. The arrows usually have some toxins because they can kill a mature dog. Porcupines are dangerous and when you hear them scream run for your life, the arrows might come in different directions and they are likely to cause fatality.

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The muskox is characterized by stringy, long hair with a distinguishable hump. These animals have horns and you should be wary of their environment. They can grow to weigh anything from 300 to 800 pounds depending on the location. These species had earlier become extinct, however, with the intervention from the local government they are back and they are mostly in the northern part of Alaska. Human attacks are very rare, however, since these creatures are territorial, they can cause major damage to you if you are not careful. When exploring Alaska, you must avoid areas that are inhabited by the muskox.


Wolverines are ferocious critters that are known to inhabit different parts of Alaska. They are still having a significant number on the USA and Canada border. However, in the mainland united states, these wolverines have diminished in numbers. The wolverines are a formidable group of creatures and they will attack whenever they are provoked hence the need to be very careful.

There have razor-sharp claws and very strong teeth that can easily bite through muscles and bones. They have critter feet that allow them to move on snow. Wolverines are dangerous and you should avoid them.

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Dall Sheep

Many might wonder, how can sheep be dangerous? Sheep are known to be docile creatures that have been domesticated over the years. However, the Dall sheep are a different species they prefer to live on the peak of the Alaskan mountains and they often prefer areas with alpine ridges.

It is important to understand that these creatures enjoy grazing in the meadows and if you are hiking around these areas during the calving or mating season then you might be in for a rude shock. The male sheep attack ferociously and their antlers are very dangerous that can pierce through flesh. If you are attacked by the Dall sheep, then you should go to the nearest hospital immediately.

Grizzly bears

By far this tops the list when you are visiting Alaska, this is the most iconic mammal that you can find in the state. The grizzly bears have myths and legends around them and the natives of the Alaskan state often featured them in their folklores. Native Americans have played a critical role in ensuring that this animal is still roaming in the wilderness of Alaska. It is critical to note that grizzly bears are very dangerous animals just as the name suggests. They can grow up to 6 feet tall and an adult male can weigh up to 700 pounds. As much as the size might be bigger, you must realize that these creatures can run up to 40 miles per hour.

Incidences involving humans and grizzly bears are quite a few or rare. However, this does not mean that you should walk freely without proper knowledge of what to expect. They are very aggressive, especially when nursing a young one or when they are around food. During the fall months, they are likely to attack because food becomes scarce. You should avoid areas that are inhabited by these creatures.

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The wolves are exceptional creatures and you should stay away from them as much as you can because they can be very aggressive and dangerous. The wolves form a major part of the North American wilderness. These wolves usually roam around the Rocky Mountains and the peaks of British Columbia. Alaska has over eleven thousand wolves and these are the largest wolves weighing up to 60 kilograms.

Wolves are agile and they usually hunt in packs. They have very strong dental formulas and they are advanced species. When they hunt in packs, they can be very lethal. The wolves attacking human beings are rare. However, during the dry months and when there is food scarcity these carnivores will stop at nothing as long as they have a meal. They have claws and they can tear flesh and bones quickly. You should stay away from areas that are infested by wolves.



The caribou is a unique species because they grow in different parts of Alaska. These creatures have antlers and they can use the antlers to attack. They weigh anything from 200 t0 450 pounds and they are very fast runners hence the need to avoid provoking them. If you are hiking in Alaska, then it is critical that you have a map and the area that you are covering should be free of the caribou because they can be very territorial animals.

These creatures tend to move a lot looking for pasture in different parts of Alaska and you should avoid the calving season because they are very dangerous and will attack you even without any provocation. If you are attacked by the caribou, then you must seek medical attention immediately.

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Polar bears

Polar bears

This is another category of bears that you should be wary of when visiting the state of Alaska. The polar bear is ranked the largest of all the bears. There are numerous polar bears in the state of Alaska and according to recent data they are around five thousand. It is important to note that these animals are very protective and they will attack whenever they feel that they are provoked. There have been human activities such as oil exploration, and trophy hunting among others that have caused the polar bear population to dwindle. The polar bear is a very dangerous creature, some of them grow up to 7 feet and they weigh up to 770 kilograms. This is the size of a whole truck.

You must avoid areas where the polar bears are reproducing or inhabiting. They have 42 spiked teeth and they are very muscular. Polar bear attacks are very rare. However, you should not rule out such a case if you are visiting Alaska because you might not know when they come out. It is always important to follow the safety information that you are given by your guide. However, if you are unfortunately attacked then you should seek immediate medical attention.



Alaska is one of the major parts of the United States where the walruses thrive. According to recent statistics, they are over two hundred thousand of these species in the state of Alaska. The walruses mostly thrive in rocky areas and water bodies. It is important to note that they like icy waters and the northern and western extremities of Alaska are some of the best spots where these creatures thrive. These creatures are so big that they can weigh up to two tons and they grow very tall.

The areas where they stay are hard to access especially in the arctic circle. However, in as much as they do not cross paths with humans changes in climate have made these creatures wild and they are looking for other areas to inhabit. There are reports that in the past century they caused a boat to capsize. They usually consume fish and a majority of people visiting Alaska want to search for the walruses for sheer pleasure. It is important that when you do this you should be careful because they can charge at you and cause injuries.

Black bears

Black bear in Alaska

Unlike their counterparts, the black bears are known to inhabit the less remote areas. They cover the snow ranges in Denali and they are often around roaming through the region. The black bears are leaner than the grizzly bear and they can stand at 5 feet tall and weigh up to 300 pounds.

When it comes to a black bear attack, very few cases have been reported and you must take your time to know the place that you are visiting to avoid encounters with the black bears. They have very muscular forearms and a dangerous dental formula that can chew virtually any bone. The black bears are popularly known to be less confrontational unless you provoke them or you find a mother bear nursing a young one. they will attack to protect their territory.



 The lynx are very interesting creatures because, as much as they look very cuddly, they can turn out to be very dangerous. The female has a very thick far and it is turned on the ears. They can weigh from 20 to 30 pounds. It is important to note that the population of the lynx is directly correlated to that of the snowshoe hare. They are mostly found in the northern part of Alaska and the population has continued to grow.

These are very crazy predators and if you try to corner them, they are very dangerous because they will attack with their sharp claws and teeth. If by chance you are attacked by a lynx then you should visit a doctor immediately because you might not know the kind of bacteria that this creature has, since they are usually carriers.


The moose is one of the creatures that you should avoid when visiting Alaska. These creatures are tall and very huge and they can charge at you very fast. They weigh over 600 kilograms and you would not want to gamble on your safety by staying when you see this humongous creature. The moose might seem humble and docile; however, they are scared easily and when this happens, they will be very defensive. The first step is to charge at you with all that weight. They can run up to 35 kilometers per hour therefore you should avoid them by all means.

There have been several cases of these moose attacking people in the cities. Human encroachment has become a major problem and since these creatures are feeling threatened, they become defensive quickly. The locals love them and they know how to handle them. However, when visiting you should take prime care.

In conclusion, Alaska is a perfect destination that you should make a point of exploring on your next trip.


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