Qatar is a country that is country that is located in western Asia, Qatar has beautiful sand deserts, so what dangerous animals in Qatar you can find?

The country occupies the tiny peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.  The Qatari peninsula is small and it is unique because of the diversity that you can find in this country.  The country shares a border with Saudi Arabia in the south, while the other parts of the country are surrounded by the Persian Gulf.

The capital Doha is one of the popular cities in the world for being a commercial, technical and transportation hub with major airlines operating in this city.  Over 80% of the population in the country resides in the capital Doha hence; here you can experience urban vibes just like any other city in the world.  The country has the fourth highest per capita in the world and it is critical that you check out some of the exceptional features of the country during your visit.  Since most of the country, is a desert then you are likely to see some of the most unique animals that are only found in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East.

Qatar is a very unique location covered with rolling sand dunes, which all surround the Persian Gulf. The weather is characterized by hot and humid summers while winters are mild. The country is relatively low in terms of altitude and the highest point is about 103 meters above sea level.

The climate of the country and the presence of the wind masses from the Persian Gulf has made this region unique and you will find species that can only be in the desert. While the landscape found in this part of the world is unforgiving with rocks, towering sand dunes, gravel and very hot temperatures throughout the year mean very few creatures can survive. You should always be careful because most of the desert species thrive in this part of the world. The diverse nocturnal creatures that you are going to encounter mean that you will find some of the most dangerous animals in the area.  Here are some of the dangerous creatures that you should watch out for during your travel to the region.

Horned viper

The horned viper is an iconic snake that is known to inhabit the harsh desert climate in Qatar. This snake is popular for its small horn on the forehead and you should watch out because they have very dangerous fangs, which are used in delivering a highly potent venom to an unsuspecting victim. These snakes are usually nocturnal and you will find them coming out of their hiding places in the evening and at night to hunt for food. They consume small creatures such as lizards, and rats among others.

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They are very aggressive whenever they feel threatened and they can attack you immediately. Depending on the allergy profile of an individual, this snake is very dangerous and you should avoid it when exploring Qatar. They are easily distinguishable because of their sideways movement and patterns. It is important that you seek immediate medical attention in the event that you are bitten by this snake.

Desert Hedgehog

Perhaps this is a creature that many people do not know much about because it is very elusive and you will find them in the oasis and the scanty forests in the country. They are super cute when compared to the other hedgehogs found around the world.

They can adapt to nearly any habitat and it is essential that you watch out for these creatures. They are dangerous because whenever they feel provoked then they are going to attack you with their spines, which can cause severe injuries.

Redback Spider

The redback spider is another dangerous creature that you will find in Qatar. This insect is dangerous because of the dangerous venom that it has and their fondness to live in human settlements. The way these insects like the human settlements mean that it is going to attack you if they are provoked in their settings.  The toxin from the redback spider is neurotoxic and it is very powerful which means that the toxin is very toxic to humans with the pains being severely painful.  The swelling from the bite is usually huge and very painful.

You should seek immediate medical attention if you are stung by this spider. They are very dangerous and the common occurrence of the stings is usually during the summer period when they come out hunting for food.  There is an antivenom for the venom from this spider. Always be careful with the areas that you are touring.

Sand cats

The sand cat is an iconic creature that is only found in the harsh climate of the Middle East. These cats are known to live in caves across the country and you should watch out for them when exploring the country.

The sand cats usually feed on a wide array of diets ranging from moles, rats, reptiles, and insects. They are adapted to the region because they dig deep in the sand and they will inhabit these areas because they can easily move.  You will find them coming out of their hiding places at night to hunt for food. They usually congregate during the mating season and this is when they are very aggressive you will find also males moving around and fighting.  You should stay away from these cats because they pose a great danger to your life.

Fat-tailed scorpion

This is a scorpion that is native to the Middle East, especially Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. They are characterized by their fat tails and sharp claws. The fat part of the tail is where the venom is stored and they usually come out to attack creatures at night when hunting for food. They can be found in different places hence the need to be careful.

You will see them in the desert, dark places among other areas such as human settlements.  The tail of this scorpion can grow up to four inches and it is this where the poison is stored. The tail has a high concentration of venom that is lethal to humans. When it is disturbed, it usually stings and releases venom. The venom is known to act very fast on the body by attacking the central nervous system causing paralysis, respiratory failure and eventually death if it is not handled by a medical physician immediately. The fat-tailed scorpion is found in different habitats and regions in the Middle East and they usually like shady crevices including homes.

Arabian camels

The Arabian camel is one of the unique creatures that you are going to find in Qatar. These camels are usually used mostly as a means of transport around the country. It is a very docile animal in nature and you will find people interacting with them easily. However, during the mating period is when you will know the aggressiveness of these camels.

Both species are very aggressive and volatile during this period and they will attack you. The camels usually weigh about 1000 pounds hence you do not want to joke with them during the rutting period because they pose a great danger to your life.

Deathstalker Scorpion

Just as the name suggests, this is a very dangerous creature that you should avoid when travelling to Qatar. They are usually characterized by their yellow colour and they have a stinging claw that is used to deliver a highly potent venom.

The liquid is most sought after and it is part of what makes them very dangerous. There have been studies being done on the venom from these scorpions for their anticancer properties. However, these are just studies and nothing is confirmed yet so do not go poking these scorpions.  The venom from the scorpion usually has neurotic properties and it is known to attack the central nervous system causing paralysis. When paralysis occurs, the respiratory system is also affected and breathing stops, which then leads to death.

Samsun Ant

The Samsun ants are some of the dangerous creatures that you will find in Qatar. They are known to have formic acid, which disintegrates the tissues of the body and causes severe bleeding.  These are small insects but they are very dangerous because they can attack at any moment causing severe infection to your organs. When they bite, they release the formic acid and this is the most dangerous part because when they do this, they cause organ failure.

The formic acid is highly concentrated and even though it might not cause death, the pain from the bite is excruciating and, in most cases, very intense which may lead to paralysis because of anaphylactic shock. It is important that you always dress well, especially when moving from one location to another in Qatar.

Red Fox


The red fox is another creature that you are likely to find in Qatar. These red foxes are known to thrive in the natural habitat along the wetlands and oases. These foxes might look inconspicuous; however, they are very dangerous and they pose a major threat especially if they feel threatened. They are likely to attack back when you provoke them.

These foxes are common around cities as they look for food in garbage bins and the night around the desert when they are hunting for food. It is important that you stay wary of these creatures especially if you are going to explore the country in the evening. Human attacks are rare because some of these foxes are aware of human defense, however when they are provoked then they are likely to attack back and hence you should avoid the areas that they like inhabiting.


These are some of the unique animals that you are going to encounter during your trip to Qatar. They are small antelopes and they are often considered as the animal of Qatar. They have straight horns and they have a triangular spot on their nose, which is popular with them. These creatures are beautiful and you will find them in some of the few forests in the country.

They do not attack people if they are not provoked. During the rutting season, they are also very dangerous. During this time, the males are highly ferocious because they are fighting against each other and anything that comes between them during this period. They will attack you with their sharp horns and cause severe injuries.

Sand boas

This is one of the most dangerous species that you are going to find in Qatar. This snake is very dark and it is a nonvenomous snake. However, this should not get you excited because what the boa lacks in venom is what it makes up in size.

They are very dangerous because they have very huge muscles and usually attack their prey by coiling around them and crushing their bones and eventually causing death because of damage to the vital organs.  They are mostly found at night when they come out hunting for food. You should avoid them because they can cause damage to your vital organs.

Oman Saw-scaled Viper

The Omani saw-scaled viper is a dangerous snake that is native to Oman and the United Arab Emirates. This snake is very dangerous and has a high concentration of venom. They usually have a high amount of venom and it can cause instant injury when the venom is injected into the victim.  The viper is found across Qatar and you will see it in different parts of Qatar. It is important that you stay vigilant during your travel across the country because you might not know where these snakes are inhabiting or moving to, especially in the evening.

These snakes are extremely irritable and can cause severe injuries by administering their venom to you.  They are similar to rattlesnakes and they will hiss before striking. The venom from these snakes is known to cause excruciating pain, swelling, localized pain and paralysis of the central nervous system. When this happens breathing is affected which causes loss of consciousness and eventually death if it is not handled properly. One feature of the venom from this snake is that it prevents clotting and when this occurs it leads to continuous bleeding and the victim might die of excessive bleeding.

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