Romania is a country that is located in the middle of Europe surrounding south easter, eastern and central Europe, the country has enormous wildlife areas, so what dangerous animals in Romania you can find?

The country borders Ukraine to the north, Bulgaria to the south, Serbia to the southwest, Hungary to the southeast, Moldova to the east, and the black sea in the southeastern part of the country. The country usually experiences a temperate continental climate and hence there is so much that you are going to see in the region because the climate favors a wide array of species to thrive in the region.  There is so much to enjoy during your visit to the region, you are not limited to the capital Bucharest alone since there is so much that you can explore in different parts of the country.  The Danube River which is one of the longest rivers in Europe flows through several countries before emptying into the Danube delta in Romania.  There are different mountains and ranges in the region creating a perfect environment for different animal species to thrive.

Since Romania is situated on the convergence of southeastern, eastern, and central Europe, it is home to a wide array of species and you should take your time to explore this awesome country.  The fauna and flora are so diverse that you will have an amazing time in the country. Most of the animals that inhabit Romania are composed of broadleaf forests and temperate mountains. There are almost over a hundred mammalian species that are thriving in Romania. You will find small rodents such as moles, and European moles, and large animals such as brown bears.

The Danube delta is one of the most diverse locations that you are going to find in Romania. It is an ideal destination where you can find a wide array of species in the area.  There are about 390 terrestrial and over a hundred marine species in the countries and most of these species came from North America and Southeast Asia. It is imperative to note that the climate is perfect and the forests provide an ambient location for them to thrive.

Why Should You Visit Romania?

Romania presents you with one of the iconic places that you should explore in the region. You are guaranteed the best experience in the region. When you visit the country you will find a mixture of exceptional natural surroundings, history, charming medieval castles, and cities as well as tantalizing cuisine. The people in Romania are friendly and they will guide you to different places where you want to try different features of the country.  There is so much that you can see in the country and with the diversity guaranteed, then you should be careful as well to ensure that you are in synchrony with your environment and avoid injuries or accidents.  Here are some of the dangerous creatures that you should be wary of them during your trip to Romania.


The lynx is one of the most common species that you are going to encounter during your trip to Romania.  The creature is known to avoid contact with other animals and it is a dominant species across Europe.  Since they are very shy creatures, they will tend to hide in areas that are less inhabited by humans.  Romania is known to be a country with the largest population of the lynx in Europe and you are sure that during your trip to the region you will enjoy your vacation in the region. The lynx is known to enjoy the dense forests in the region with coniferous woods and they often consume birds, and larger animals such as hares, young moose, rabbits, and red foxes among others.

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It is imperative to note that during the summer period they are usually out in the human habitat preying on domestic sheep or goats.  An encounter with the lynx is dangerous because these creatures are well built with strong muscles and sharp teeth. Since they often move from one direction to another, they are bound to be carriers of a wide array of diseases such as rabies. You should avoid the areas that are inhabited by the lynx. However, if you are attacked then you should visit the nearest clinic as soon as possible.

Black Widow spider

black widow

The black widow spider is one of the dangerous spiders that you are going to encounter in Romania. These spiders usually thrive in the natural habitat in the region.  The spiders have a very venomous creature. Although the fatalities might be low, they can often cause permanent organ damage.  The female black widow spider is popular for devouring the male after mating and the venom that this creature carries can cause the death of cells and tissues. It is essential that you seek immediate medical attention if you are attacked by these creatures.

European Bison

The European bison is one of the common bison species that are found around the globe. This differentiates it from its counterpart the American bison.  Human population and activities such as hunting have been major derailing factors in the growth of the bison population. These creatures have been hunted by humans in Romania and they have become very aggressive that can attack at any moment.

The population of the European bison has continued to increase in Romania and during your exploration of the country then you are most likely to encounter these unique creatures. They are endangered species according to the government hence they have become somewhat very aggressive because of constant interference by humans. They usually like to live in herds and they like areas with high vegetation. You should avoid the areas that are often inhabited by these creatures. However, if you are attacked by them then you should seek immediate medical attention.


The chamois is a unique creature that is similar to a goat and antelope. There is a huge population that is native to Europe and others have moved and multiplied in the region. They usually thrive in the Carpathian Mountains and they usually prefer to inhabit the high-altitude rocky and rugged terrain. The males are known to stay in solitude until the mating season.

During this season the chamois are very dangerous because all of them are very aggressive. It is imperative to understand that these creatures are dangerous and you should avoid them at all costs. Another period that you should avoid is during the breeding season when the females are taking care of their young ones which can be very defensive and they can attack you in case you get closer to their kids. You should stay or watch them at a distance to avoid encounters with these creatures.

Carpathian Wild Boar

The wild boar is one of the most adaptive creatures that you are going to find in Romania. The wild boars usually resemble regular pigs; however, they have tusks and very sharp teeth that are used for boring into places when it is scavenging for food. It is imperative that you look for a place where you will not encounter these creatures.

They are usually harmless because they go about looking for their food, however, they can be quite aggressive especially when they are mating or when they are nursing their young ones.  The boars usually feed on leaves, nuts, berries, bulbs, rhizomes, and other tubers. When food is scarce in these regions, they will usually attack farmlands or areas that are inhabited by humans. Always take your time to be careful and explore your options.

Dalmatian Pelican

The dalmatian pelicans are some of the largest freshwater birds that you can find in Romania. These creatures are known to have a wingspan as great as that of the albatross. They usually migrate to the Danube delta in march before migrating in august. The number of these birds has continued to decline over time because of the changes in the climate and environmental factors as well. It is imperative to understand that these birds usually have bacteria and other disease-causing microbes that you should beware of, these can cause severe infections. The dalmatian pelicans usually consume amphibians and fish and you can watch them during the peak period.

Horned Viper

The horned viper is the iconic venomous snake that you are going to find in Romania.  It is the largest European viper and the snake is distinguished by the two soft horns that are on the head of the viper. These snakes are cold-blooded and they thrive in their natural habitat. They usually spend most of their day on the rocks, and tree branches among other areas.

When you are exploring the different parts of the country, it is important that you look out for these snakes because they can be quite dangerous. Their venom is known to be hemotoxic and it can cause degeneration of the nerves. When this happens, the organs will fail and this may lead to death. However, in a situation where you are attacked by a snake then you should seek immediate medical attention.

Romanian Hamster

The Romanian hamster is one of the creatures that you are likely to find in Romania. It is one of the most dangerous species that you can find because they have become endangered. They are also found in Bulgaria.

The nocturnal creature usually consumes seeds, vegetables, herbs, and small insects. The species are known to create complex burrows which are then used as a means to reach the orchards, gardens, and vineyards. They are highly precise and will burrow only in areas where they know that they will get their food.  There are about three thousand of these species found in Romania. Although they are not aggressive, you should stay away from them because you might never know how they will respond to different conditions.

Danube Delta Horse

Perhaps this is one of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to encounter in the Danube delta. These humongous creatures are thriving in the region and they are the last remaining wild horses on the European mainland. There are around four thousand feral horses that are roaming in Romania and it is a perfect chance for you to encounter nature and understand how they have diversified and grown to the current way of life. Although these wild horses have been in existence for years now, it is important to understand that the population has increased immensely after the government put measures to protect them.

The population is also posing a threat to the ecology because of overgrazing. These horses can be very dangerous because they are wild and they can kick or attack you if they feel unsafe. Keep a safe distance when exploring the region.

Grey Wolf

A wolf

The popular grey wolf is often found in northern America, however, there are other similar species in Europe and currently, there are over 2500 grey wolves in Romania.  The grey wolf is the apex predator in the Carpathian region and it is an essential component in the regulation of the ecosystem in the area. They usually feed on wild boars and red deer.

This is important because the wild boars can grow rapidly and invade the farmlands in the region. Ideally, you will not want to encounter the grey wolf because it is a dangerous creature, however in the event that you get them you should keep a safe distance.  They are often characterized by their black to brown color and they make noises similar to those of regular pigs. When the sow has piglets, they are very aggressive and you should take time to know how to handle them in case of an attack.

Brown bears

Before the 1800s there was a huge number of brown bears thriving in the Romanian lands. It is important to note that these creatures are very huge and they often consume a large amount of food. They are known to thrive in different areas such as the Danube delta and the southern plains. These areas are now agricultural lands and you are likely to find domesticated animals in the area. Romania has the largest population of brown bears in the country and they are often found in the Carpathian Mountains.

It is important to understand that brown bears are highly territorial creatures and they will be in different areas moving from one region to another. They will attack whenever they feel threatened hence the need to keep your distance from the habitat of these creatures. They are huge and can weigh up to 500 pounds, have very strong muscles, and sharp teeth that can cause severe harm to your body.

Brown toad

The brown toad is one of the creatures that you are going to encounter during your trip to Romania. You will find these creatures around the region and it is imperative that you stay at a safe distance from them because they can pose great danger.  They usually thrive in orchards, crops, forests, and other human settlements that guarantee a moist environment.

They have venom that will cause death if it delivers to your body.  The venom usually causes the irritation of mucosa membranes and this might cause anaphylactic shock or even death.