Tanzania, officially known as Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania in Swahili or the united republic of Tanzania is a country that is located in the east African region within the great lakes region, in Tanzania you will find huge and fabulous wildlife areas, so what dangerous animals in Tanzania you can meet?

Tanzania borders Kenya to the northeast, Uganda to the north, Comoros islands and the Indian Ocean to the east, Burundi, Rwanda, and the democratic republic of Congo to the west.  The highest mountain Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the country and it is also home to the eighth wonder of the world, the great wildebeest migration. The country is also popular for the hominid fossils, which are critical in the identification of the origin of man.  There are different places that you will enjoy visiting during your travel to the region. The people are friendly and charming.  Besides, the Indian Ocean and islands of Zanzibar and Pemba make an amazing destination that you should visit because you can explore the Indian Ocean waters and enjoy the white sandy beaches and pristine natural forests.

Tanzania is a densely forested country, especially in the northeastern part, there are mountains as well and Africa’s great lakes are all part of Tanzania.  Lake Tanganyika, which is Africa’s deepest lake, Lake Victoria, and Lake Malawi as well all border Tanzania.  There are unique fish species in Lake Tanganyika and the country, you will find a wide array of animal species.  The country is considered one of the top safari destinations because it gives you a wide array of options when it comes to moving from one location to another. The wildlife is amazing and wide a range of species you are sure that you will have a time of your life in the region. Whether you are visiting the country for a safari, trekking, or water activities, you are sure that you will have a time of your life in the region. Here are some of the most dangerous animals that you are going to encounter during your trip to Tanzania.

African buffaloes

The deep forests and savanna of Tanzania create a perfect environment for the buffaloes to thrive in the region.  It is one of the most dangerous creatures that you should avoid at all costs during your visit.  The buffaloes are usually herbivorous in nature and they are known to be territorial.  The African buffalo is one of the most dangerous creatures that you will find in the region; these are known as cape buffaloes.

You will find most of them in the Tanzanian national parks.  Some of them have been victims of hunting that is rampant in Tanzania hence they have become very aggressive and will attack you even when you do not provoke them.  These animals weigh a staggering 1500 pounds and stand at 5.6 feet high hence they are very dangerous with their sharp horns. It is important to note that they have a very good sense of smell and hence will find you even if you hide in shrubs. They usually move in herds, they can intermingle with cows, and you can confuse it to be a cow. However, you should be aware of your situation and avoid them at all costs.


Sharks in cuba

Tanzania borders the Indian Ocean to the east and the deep waters of this ocean create an ambient environment for the great white sharks to inhabit. When exploring the waters of Tanzania either when snorkeling, deep diving, or any other water activity then you should be wary of these creatures because although human attacks are few, they have been known to be very dangerous and will attack you at any moment.


Perhaps the African elephants do not need any introduction because they are among the most dangerous land animals that you can find on the planet.  They usually move in herds and you should be careful when exploring different parts of the country.  There are close to a hundred thousand elephants in Tanzania and hence when visiting the national parks then you are likely to encounter them.

The elephants are the most social animals on the planet and you will see them in large groups.  They are usually in the national parks and it is integral that when you are visiting these areas you go with a tour guide who is familiar with the different terrains and the paths that these creatures usually pass.  You will find elephants in the major national parks of Serengeti and Ngoro Ngoro.  They are very defensive especially when they are moving with their young ones. The females can be quite dangerous hence the need to watch them from a distance `.

Tse Tse flies

The Tse Tse flies are some of the iconic creatures that you should avoid during your trip to Tanzania. These creatures usually thrive in the wild and they like wetland areas and dark places in the forest and across the country.

These flies are known to have disease-causing bacteria which results in sleeping sickness. The bites from Tse Tse flies are very dangerous and you should avoid them at all costs because they cause fatal infections.  some of the symptoms of the bites from these insects include fever, muscle aches, fatigue, severe headaches, difficulty sleeping, coma and death if it is not treated in time.


This is another dangerous creature that you are going to encounter during your trip to Tanzania. The hippos are herbivores in nature and they are very territorial creatures. The hippopotamus usually has two sharp teeth that are used to attack any creature that comes in its way. Their aggressiveness is exacerbated when they have their young ones around then they become overly dangerous.  The number of hippos in the country is dwindling because of excessive poaching and this has also contributed to the hippos attacking people.

They are truly amazing to watch and during your trip to Tanzania, you should not miss the chance to check out these creatures. However, it is always important that you keep a safe distance from them to avoid any altercation. They know how to hide and they can hold their breath for more than five minutes under water hence the need to avoid them.


The African lions are the most aggressive lions on the planet and they are usually found in the forest regions and the national parks across the country.  If you are going to go for a safari in the country then it is important that you should check out the different places that these animals inhabit because they can attack without notice.  Serengeti is one of the regions where you are likely to spot these lions roaming in the wild. The female lions are hunters while the males are territorial. It is imperative that you take your time to check out the amazing creatures in the wild. Always go out with a guide when visiting the national parks where you are likely to find lions.

They are apex predators and this means that they attack with precision, they have sharp teeth and claws and are very strong hence deadly when they attack. You should avoid the areas that are inhabited by the lions during the mating season or when the lionesses have their cubs. The lions are very aggressive and very dangerous during this period.

Black mamba

Perhaps one of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to encounter during your trip is the black mamba.  The black mambas are the most poisonous reptiles in the world and it is imperative that when you are traveling to these parts of the world, you should be aware of their capacity and their level of aggressiveness.

According to recent data, the people who are bitten by these snakes usually lose their life within 8 hours of the bite if antivenom is not injected.  The black mambas usually thrive in the rocky hills, savannas, and grassland regions in Tanzania.  It is important to note that human attacks are rare because most of these creatures are nocturnal. However, you should not underestimate them because they can be quite dangerous. Research shows that the venom emitted in one single bite is enough to kill fifteen people hence the snake is very dangerous and you should not explore their habitats in the evening or at night. Some of the symptoms associated with a black mamba bite include necrosis, lowered heart rate, difficulty breathing, hallucinations, and eventually death.


Leopard in Africa

The number of leopards in Tanzania has increased in the recent past because of the government intervention and anti-poaching programs that have been put in place.  These leopards usually live in diverse habitats in the country and you will find them moving from one part to another in the country. They are most common in the national parks in the country. When visiting the national parks in Tanzania then you should watch out for these animals because they are extremely dangerous and can attack at any moment.

The leopard usually thrives in habitats such as the savanna, grasslands, woodlands, and dense forests in the country.  They have very sharp claws and teeth that are used to tear their prey apart. When exploring the different parts of the country then you should be careful and watch out for them during your visit. They are very stealth creatures and will often lie and wait for their prey before pouncing on them.  If you are going to explore the environment at night then you should watch out for these creatures.


Tanzania is home to the Nile crocodiles and these are the most dangerous water predators that you are going to find in the country. It is important to understand that they usually thrive in the rivers, lagoons, lakes, and waterways of Tanzania.

These crocs usually have very sharp teeth and their attack is precise.  They usually like the mara during the great wildebeest migration and it is here that they attack the wildebeest for food. In other water sources around the country, the crocodiles are usually hiding in the water with half of their bodies immersed in water and they will wait for their prey before pouncing on them and drowning them in the water.  These Nile crocodiles can live up to forty years, grow up to 6 meters long, and can weigh over 1500 pounds.


Indian rhinoceros

The rhinoceros are some of the creatures that you are likely to encounter during your trip to Tanzania. These are usually found in the major national parks and game reserves. When visiting the region, it is integral that you take your time to check out the areas where you are likely to find them and avoid them at all costs. The rhinos are usually aggressive and they have a sharp horns which they use to attack their enemy.

The number of rhinos in Tanzania has dwindled over the years because of poaching and the government has been putting in place measures meant to protect these creatures.  Since poaching has been a major problem, the rhinos have become overly aggressive and will attack at any moment. It is important that if you are visiting national parks and game reserves then you should be careful of these animals.


Mosquitos in Turkey

This is another category of insects that you are going to find in the region. They are very dangerous because they also like wet and dark areas hence you are likely to find them across the country. When traveling to Tanzania, it is imperative that you should have your yellow fever vaccination. This is critical because it helps in preventing yellow fever infections.

The mosquitoes usually bite and they transfer bacteria that are known to cause a wide array of infections in the system. The main disease that the Tanzanian mosquitoes cause is malaria, however, these mosquitoes are known to be agents of other infections such as chikungunya, zika virus, Nile fever, and dengue fever.  It is better that if you want to explore the country without fear of mosquito bites then you should have bug spray or mosquito repellant. When you have this then it is easier to prevent any kind of attack from these creatures. However, if you are bitten by mosquitoes then you should seek immediate medical attention.

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