Are You Ready for Freedom? Here’s Why It’s a YES to Going Nomadic

We all feel hemmed in sometimes, whether it’s by the walls of the cubicle in the office that we work, or by the time constraints of waking up to an alarm and having to catch the train to work everyday, we are all hemmed in and following a pattern that allows us to live to work rather than work to live. Have you ever considered going nomadic with your life to get on the road and just be yourself and live off the land? 

Most people have thought about it once or twice and it’s because it’s our nature to do so. We were never built to work 40 hours or more per week and hope we can scrape enough money for spaghetti.Instead, we were built for packing a camper trailer and getting on the road for an extended period of time. Nomads have always been prominent through history, and living a nomadic life is getting more and more popular by the day because humans struggle against the confines of working life. If you have the money and the savings and the freedom to be able to live a nomadic life, you should absolutely do it. And here’s why it should be a yes from you.

  • It’s a cleaner way to live. Having a camper trailer instead of a home allows you to reduce your clutter and reduce how much time you spend on cleaning. In a house you have a lot of space that you constantly have to maintain and clean to keep it looking good. When you don’t have a house and you are removing all of that space and only leaving yourself with enough room to sleep and to sit, then you finally understand the value of stripping back your belongings. You do not need to fill your house with stuff, especially as that stuff serves no purpose but to look good.
  • Much cheaper way to live. If you can stop paying rent or mortgages, you end up with a lot of financial space available to you.Life on the road can make it very difficult to maintain a traditional job, but we are not living in traditional times, which means remote working has really won out.As long as you have a good connection to the Internet, you can work from anywhere at anytime doing exactly what you want to do.This makes it much cheaper for you to live because you have fewer bills to pay at the end of each month.
  • You can see everything. Nomadic experience is an exciting one because it’s the ultimate in geographic freedom. For some people, it’s the reason that they choose to sell everything up and quit their job and then live in a motorhome anywhere in the world. You can follow whatever urge you have, whether it’s to see the beaches of your country in their entirety or if it’s to climb every mountain. 

Living a nomadic life could be the best thing that you ever do, so why not start looking into it today? 

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Hi there! I’m Aurimas, a man behind Go Look Explore. I’m passionate about hiking, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, and everything outdoors related. Let’s connect.