It’s time to take a break from your bustling life and spend some time in the alpines of Liechtenstein. The mesmerizing mountains, fresh breeze, and the natural aura that grabs your senses are enough to leave all the hustle behind and take a step towards the scenic beauty of nature. Lichtenstein is an independent state between beautiful countries like Austria and Switzerland. Although Liechtenstein has a tiny population and space, its independent policies make it the perfect tourist destination; especially, when it comes to hiking, there are many hiking routes you can explore here.  

Surprisingly, you can explore 196 trekking routes in this fantastic destination with just 160 km2 of area. Not just trekking, but if you are an adventure enthusiast, you have more exploration in this country. Few of its hikes are pretty high and are long-distance, and some have exclusive insight into nature. You must be thinking of how difficult it is to pick one from such a vast list. Well, if not removed, then this article can help you reduce your confusion. 

So, get ready with your hiking gear like boots, skis, and a lot more. Oh, Wait! There is something which will probably interest you to make your hikes even more interesting in this country. Let’s check that out. 

Attractions To Hike In Liechtenstein

Apart from panoramic views and exceptional sceneries, there are certainly more things you want to check before starting your hike in Liechtenstein. 

Castle Vaduz, Liechtenstein

1. The Altitude To Increase Your Challenge 

If you are a wannabe hiker and love challenges, then the high-altitude hikes in Liechtenstein would certainly fascinate you. The enticing natural landscapes of this country would help you place your foot on the right step. Please start with the ritual trekking spot Fürstensteig; it gives you a perfect thrill with some narrow trail paths and a heightened journey.   

There is a lot more about this trek in the below sections; however, it offers to jam for hikers interested in higher altitudes. Other than this, the highest hiking peak is 2123m at the Kuhgrat hiking peak. The charming aura of Swiss and Austrian alps make them exceptional and thrilling. Hiking in Liechtenstein becomes full of amusement through its exclusive heights and professional treks. Therefore, you should stay ready with your professional gear to venture into some of the best-hiking destinations in Liechtenstein. 

2. On a Journey With Llamas 

Another exciting attraction for hiking in Liechtenstein is the pleasant ride with the Llamas. If you are going to have kids on board, then be ready to introduce them to llamas. This doe-eyed and four-legged ride would help them get along the tiring hiking journey. Llamas are easily accessible in Triesenberg. The lama and Alpakahof hire available for two hours, half-day, and even a whole day.

These can be taken to surrounding lush green forests and elegant mountains. No matter what the weather condition is, you can have them anytime you want. Just imagine the fantastic tour of snowy mountains with a llama on a tow. The walk would be not just charming but also spiritual and just enlightening. Llamas are basically from South America usually like staying in privacy; however, they are contended to walk with strangers. Loose connection with the rein and a walk with easy-going speed is just mystical. 

Exclusive Hikes In Liechtenstein For Nature Lovers

Now, it’s time to start the most awaited section, and yes, that’s the irresistible trekking spots in Liechtenstein. These are the top 10 spots, which you will find amusing based on what you were looking for. Let’s get started. 

1. Malbun, Schonberg

The first spot on the list is a beautiful trail near Triesenberg. This is a 10.9 km loop trail with a composed surrounding and a charming atmosphere. If you are not a trained hiker and want to wander around, this is where you got to be. It’s not at all complicated and can be covered with children as well. Classic sceneries of the Rhine valley and the Rätikon mountain range offer a delightful treat to your eyes. It’s certainly apt for making your journey bewitched and beguiling.

It has become a popular trekking destination with the inspiring themes of the Liechtenstein Alps. The Schonberg area has some surrounding mountains, which make the trek not tricky but exciting. The journey would begin at the Malbun along the forest trail. After a trek of around 40 minutes, you would reach Sassförkle. After that, you have to cross a small ridge and then make your way towards Stachlerkopf and further Drei Kapuziner, leading you up towards Schonberg. In winter, the trek could take 3 hours to get completed. It’s because you might get untracked by the extensive amount of snow. 

 You will reach the valley station after completing the trek. Space has a natural aura and a relaxed exposure coming through the breeze flowing right through the mountains. Your hike in Malbun will allow you to witness alpine flowers in the summer that comes through the natural reserves of plants held in the high valley. The winter brings the white land through the snow falling on Liechtenstein’s Oberland. Nature takes a rest and allows you to gear up for some snowshoeing. You can enjoy a slow-downed walk across the thick layers of snow. Apart from hiking, you can also enjoy exclusive skiing over here. It’s more than heaven for all kinds of travelers. Whether you are an individual, couple, family, or a group of friends, this trekking trail is waiting for your way.  

 2. Fürstensteig

Fürstensteig, Liechtenstein

Also known as The Prince’s Way, this is the next best-hiking spot in Liechtenstein. If you get to clear this path, you will be able to create some amazing memories. This trail is also located at the Triesenberg; however, it’s not suitable for people who fear heights. This 10.6 km loop trail has some classic scenes and visuals along your way. Though the trek is not very difficult, it has moderate hiking conditions. Apart from hiking, this trail is also used for walks and exclusive nature trips. 

 At first look, the trail would seem a bit threatening; however, you don’t have to worry as it has a properly maintained path. You need to keep your spirits high and gather a teaspoon of courage to cross this trail easily. Usually, the weather is fantastic with a few clouds and adequate humidity. These weather conditions not just make your trip convenient but also enhance the surrounding visuals. The rock-facing route is stunning and would be pretty picturesque for photographic travelers. Steel wire ropes along with some steel steps would be required in certain places. 

Wanna check my colorful hiking experience in Liechtenstein? Well, here you can find amazing routes along with stunning photos I’ve taken during my hiking adventures in beautiful Liechtenstein.

 There is going to be a sign highlighting the way towards Furstensteig. On your route, you will see a gravel road that takes you up to the junction. You can pause for some time in the woods and then carry on the rock facing the path. The sheer rocks would sometimes bewilder you about getting through; however, don’t worry, you will get through it. It would give you a fun experience. The path would lead you to the turnstile and would further have a sign called “Gafleisattel.” Thus, you can additionally make this journey entertaining and make some exciting memories. 

 3. Kuhgrat, Drei Schwestern

As mentioned above, the highest peak in Liechtenstein is Kuhgrat. On the Drei, the Schwestern range has a total of 3 significant peaks that are elongated across the path of Austria and Liechtenstein. The height of the peak is 2,123 meters, i.e., 6 970 ft. The hike is exceptional and goes through the Gafrei parking lot to the Fürstensteig and further travels to its three sisters. You can take a high-altitude hiking experience for up to 869 meters. Some of its parts require balance; however, they are safeguarded through the chains. Now, if you are an expert mountain climber or hiker, then only you should try your luck at this tour. You will also need to get specialist hiking gear to get through this hiking journey. 

 The Drei Schwestern Weg is a track to the three sisters. Among these, Kuhgrat is highly interesting and challenging. The cliffy rocks would require you to be confident while taking each step. However, you can have some thrilling adventures over this place. The place has something exquisite to offer when it comes to the views. The charismatic visuals of the Ratikon mountains and Vorarlberg and Swiss mountain sceneries are enough to make this hike tempting and exclusive. Views don’t end over there. The scenes from Kuhgrat ridge would take a look at the Lake Constance along with the Rhine. Charming flora makes the overall space highly amusing. A journey with friends would help you gather some unforgettable memories. 

Kuhgrat in German means cow’s ridge. Being a mountain range, it extends from north to the south and is elongated in just 3 km. The northern part of this space offers a border with Liechtenstein and Austria (which also offers you good hiking routes). At the end of the ridge, you would notice three primary rocks, each having a cross. These rocks are located at the height of 2053 meters and, not very much surprised, are one of the most stunning attractions in Liechtenstein. Now, specific instructions would be to bring enough water as the climb might tire you. Also, don’t let children try this hike as it could be dangerous. 

 4. Gafadura Hut

This is another exciting hiking spot in Liechtenstein. Extremely popular for Gafadura hut, this hike is 1428 meters above the Rhine Valley. It is placed at the Liechtenstein club and is at a considerable distance from the Planken municipality. The reason people are highly obsessed with this hike is because of the hut that was earlier a royal hunting lodge. It was later turned into an Alpine club hut. 

The area in the middle of the pre-Alpine region has an influx of pastures and forests. This would make your tour full of greenery and nature. The Gafadura Alp is quite proximate to the hut. You can start various hikes from the hut, however, be sure these hikes could be a little challenging. One of these hikes includes Gafadura to the Gaflei region. You need to be an expert and have a good physique with proper gear and a bit of experience. Apart from these hikes, you can also enjoy other activities at the hut. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying leisure activities. 

 Most of the hikes in this region are just for half day. The path of the treks in this region is mainly covered through the dense forest but don’t worry. It’s not the forbidden forest with curious creatures; it’s just the abundance of greenery packed in the natural heritage. Now, you can hike to the Gafadura hut through the Planken route crossing the valley and further enjoying the path through the mountains. In addition, there are specific other paths you might want to try out. 

5. Rhine Valley Alpine Trail

The Rhine Valley is one of the gorgeous locations in Liechtenstein. The place runs through charismatic surroundings endorsed with scenic elevations and the top having the group of Alvier mountains. The panoramic view of the Rhine valley with the mountainous background is simply quintessential. Your trek would help you witness the apple orchards while taking a tour of the significant wine-growing space that goes through St Gallen. It’s pretty famous for its exceptional grape quality and varieties. The most popular ones over here are Sylvaner and Riesling. You can blend your hike route to the Alvier region’s upland moors with some classic Alpine cheese spots. This destination has some incredible fortresses and castles having a Roman influence. If you are a history buff, you might want to stay and enjoy the historical architecture. 

If not the castles, the Roman trail beside the Wildhaus would enchant you to make a stopover here. It’s called the Rheintaler Hohenweg with six stages for each day. You might want to take the 105 km athletic challenge, though the attractions on the way would barely let you move without stopping to allure the beauty of the place. However, your exploration would not finish that quickly as the place offers a lot. This trek is perfect for couples who want to escape the world while enjoying natural leisure. The best season to get on this hiking trek would be autumn, as the breeze would help you float among the forests and make your view even more tempting. 

 6. Steg Liechtenstein

Steg is a town located in the higher portions of the Alps plateaus. The place is surrounded by the astonishing layer of thick forests, silver fir, and of course, the charming summits touching the skies. On your hiking tour over here, you can spectate stunning timber chalets. Steg town has some of the high-altitude mountains with a height of 2000 m. One of these is Kirchlespitz. You can try a trek over here also. More than hiking, the town is visited for its ski jumping adventure. There are several ski fields, which will make your sporting adventure even more enjoyable. 

 On your way to Steg, don’t forget to make your way towards Ganglesee lake. The tranquil aura blended with the crystal clear water, and of course, the pure turquoise color, gives a rejuvenating feel to your atmosphere. Its a heaven with a fantastic experience and classic vibe. You must also visit St. Wendelin and Martin chapel at Steg that is perfectly located on the mountain. It certainly highlights the importance of religion among the Walser settlers. You can reach Steg from either Triesenberg or the resort of Malbun as it lies in the middle of both. This place is the beginning point for various treks, especially in the summer.  

 7. Triesenberg to Vaduz

The classic downhill hike of the Triesenberg to the Vaduz starts from Liechtenstein valley and goes through the Swiss mountains. Triesenberg is the largest municipality in Liechtenstein and has a charming location within the Alpine valley. The valley is just 6 kilometers away from Vaduz, which is the capital of Liechtenstein. Picturesque locations of the valley village have some incredible views along with a distinct dialect. This space is a variation of the German influence that has invented from the Walser region. 

 Along with spectacular hiking destinations, it’s also famous for its food festival. You can try some local cuisines at this festival that happens during mid of October and end at the end of November. At the time of the festival, the place is equipped with the complete savor of traditional cuisines of the Walser people. You would be astounded to note that some of the cuisines are centuries old and have the village’s authentic taste. You could stay at Triesenberg and behold charming scenes from the classic chalets, inns, and hotels. You would certainly want to spectate this place before starting for the hike to Vaduz. 

Once in Vaduz, don’t forget to rest and take a day or two to explore this historical city and get a feel of Liechtenstein. Here is our Vaduz guide.

Coming to Vaduz, the capital city of the nation, is extremely quiet. Its natural aura is enough to make you amazed. The capital city has been surrounded by the Rhine river and some beautiful mountains with extensive elevations. On your way from Triesenberg to Vaduz, your journey would include stunning views of nature, challenging paths of the mountains, and serene to enounce the flow of water.  

 8. Plattaspitz, Silum

This hiking spot is at the height of 1703 meters from sea level, making it one of the charming trekking paths. It’s a loop trail and extends through 9.3 km with proximity to Triesenberg. The trek is not that difficult, though you might want to get some durable gear. You can head for natural trips and hikes over here quickly. Once you reach this spectacular space at Plattaspitz, the scenes are phenomenal. The stages in all directions from the ridge are peaceful. 

While coming back, you would be able to see some classic scenes of the Rhine valley side. There are views of the Rizlina that succeeds with the flowing meadows. The slow rise towards the way goes through the gravel road within an hour. If you are craving some natural views that blend mountains and valleys along, this is the trek you were looking for. You can wait for some time at the sign Wanderweg to Gaflei and spend some time at the clinic for drinks and food. You can add Steg to this hike and spend more than 20 minutes making your overall route unique. Your trip album is certainly going to be exclusive for panoramic pictures. 

9. Eschenberg Trail

Here you go for one of the exceptional treks in Liechtenstein with a mystical feel. This is a 15 km trek and has a historical appeal. It connects the towns of Schellenberg and Bendern. What you would love the most about this trek is the historic settlements on the way. These settlements include Malanser and Lutzengütle, which are completely mesmerizing. You would also witness some of the charming visuals of the encircling mountains. This trail was developed between 1972 to 1975 and surpassed both sides of the mountain ridge. 

Eschenburg and various other sites have been a significant spot for travelers interested in archaeology and history. You can discover everything quickly with the help of signs, whether it’s archaeological findings, neighboring municipalities, or the stories about the legends and local myths. The journey across the Eschenberg trail passes through dense forests and has some exotic scenes of the Rhine valley, Alvier mountain ranges, Ratikon Massif, and a lot more. 

10. Furstin Gina Weg

Last but not least is the Furstin Gina Weg, popularly known as the Princess Gina Memorial trail. This is a hiking trek with a round trip. The trek ends at the Augstenberg and goes through the windy ridge through a secure mountain hike going below at the Pfalzer cabin held by the Liechtenstein Alpine Association at the bottom of Naafkopf. It’s 2,108 meters down the mountain. You could go to the Malbun, easily bypassing the pasture land at the Gritsch Alp. Well, the route is full of thrill and fascinating visuals. 

The charming ambiance of the Furstin Gina Weg comes through the unique flowers of this region. You could take a break in between to adore the beauty of these flowers and get your photo album vibrant. The Gutenberg mountain is the highest point of the trail, and if you could reach there, you would be able to witness some sweeping visuals of the natural artistry.


Liechtenstein is though popular because of its leveraging tax system; however, its natural richness is no less than a boon. From lakes to the mountains and other exceptionally fantastic visuals are charming and charismatic. The mountains have exclusive heights that help you get some panoramic views of this tiny nation. Having a small population allows this space to offer the composure one always seeks. So, rather than waiting for some miracle to make your life peaceful, try out a tour in Liechtenstein and dwell among those forests and mountains. Hiking in Liechtenstein is really one of a kind experience.