Täsch to Zermatt

Most of the people choose a train from Täsch to Zermatt which takes maybe 10 minutes to reach your most famous Switzerland village which is home to Matterhorn – most famous Switzerland mountain.

I have visited Zermatt couple of times before and two of those times I chose train 🙂 By the way, Zermatt is very beautiful in Christmas time! 🙂

But this time we decided to hike there as it’s a pretty short distance – around 7km from Täsch to Zermatt city centre.

As well, it’s possible to start your hike in the small cities before Täsch if you have more time, but as we had just a free afternoon, we decided to start in Täsch.


The route itself is very easy, just few steeper sections, but most of the time it’s very smooth.

The path from Täsch to Zermatt is not very spectacular as the view all the time is blocked by one mountain on the right and one on the left. When you go there, you are almost all the time next to the train rails and there were some kind of constructions in couple of places along our route, so it’s definitely not the most amazing route you can find in Switzerland 🙂 Oh, as well, along the path you will be able to see few waterfalls which is always nice 🙂

But the final destination is really worth walking this distance. Zermatt is maybe the most popular village in Switzerland, it has many many hiking routes around it, maybe the most famous skiing resort and many other things.

Zermatt is almost all the time full of tourists and has many shops and restaurants in it. As well there are many very old wooden houses which is very cool thing and gives you a very cosy feeling. Narrow streets, big mountains all around, rusty houses, all of that you can see there 🙂

Unfortunately that day Matterhorn was blocked by clouds so I didn’t take any pictures of it.

If you ever go to Zermatt, as I told before, you can choose dozens of hiking routes and go up to the base of Matterhorn, visit Alps lakes or even go to Italy as it’s next door 🙂

After a small lunch we just took the same path back and arrived to Täsch.

All in all it took us 2h47min and 14,5 easy kilometres 🙂


If you need more information about Zermatt, just visit this website ZERMATT INFO and have a look. Zermatt can offer activities to anyone 🙂


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