10 Hiking Trails in El Paso You Can’t Miss

hiking trails in el paso

El Paso is a city in the country of El Paso in the western part of Texas State. The city has a population of about 700,000 residents. This place stands on the Rio Grande across the United States border with Mexico, and it is the 22nd largest city in America. The residents of El Paso love their outdoor environment, and there are numerous hiking and cycling trails. The city has an average of two hundred days with sunshine, and the elevation is at 7000 feet. You are sure that you will find the best hiking trails for beginners as well as experienced hikers. The Franklin mountains state park is one of the places where you can find the best hiking trails in the country. You should check out the hiking trails in El Paso because they represent the 

The city of El Paso shares more of its ties with New Mexico cities than its sister cities in the east. The weather of El Paso makes it ideal for hiking to take place to hike and bike apart from the winter period. However, you can still explore what the city offers and get to know what goes on around this excellent destination. If you are a hiking enthusiast and looking for a perfect place to enjoy your hiking, then El Paso is the best place that you can ever visit. There are several hiking trails that you can explore while in this county. Besides, you can either explore them independently or have a guided tour that will help you explore this incredible destination. Here are some of the top hiking trails in El Paso.

El Paso Tin Mines hiking Trail

The El Paso tin mines hiking trail is a 6.6-mile trail classified as a moderate hiking trail, and it has a positive elevation gain of 312 meters. This hiking trail features wildflowers and beautiful scenery that you can never miss while in this location. There is a wide array of activities that you can do while hiking, and these include biking, hiking, running, among others.

First, you will climb to the upper side of the concrete dam. Once you are on top of the dam, turn south and follow the trail in the area until you reach the bottom. Once you are at the bottom of the dam, you will turn north and follow a trail that is 0.20 miles long, and there is so much that you can learn while on this trail.

Mammoth rock hiking trail

The mammoth rock hiking trail is a trail that comes from the Ron Coleman Trail, and you can explore it with the other trail. This site is a popular location for many locals, and you can explore what the environment has to offer. Spring season is the best time to visit the trail because you will find many flowers and plants blossoming. So whether you are looking for a trail to bike or hike, this is the best location for you.

Hueco tanks state park

This is one of the best destinations that you should visit while you are in El Paso. The state park is filled with numerous hiking trails that you can explore. While some are easy to hike on your own, there are others that you may require a local guide to help you get the directions right.

This location allows only 70 people at a time, and you must make your booking earlier to avoid being denied entry to the amazing park. There are historical sites with sensitive information, and here you will have to hike with a tour guide. This park is a perfect location for you to go rock climbing as well. The hiking trails are under the city of El Paso, and you can explore them as you hike from one point to another. The trails can be used for hiking, biking as well as running.

Rio Bosque wetlands hiking trail

For many people, it is quite challenging to see a wetland in the desert. However, the trails in this region are known to in a wetland, and you should try them on your next visit. The hiking trail is managed by the University of Texas. The banks of Rio Grande were full of life in the ancient past before desertification occurred.

Therefore, the hiking trails in Rio Bosque will present you with something different from what you expected in El Paso. Three hiking trails make up the entire hiking trail. This hiking trail is 4.5 kilometers long and is classified as moderate. You can either go on your own or have a guided hike.

Aztec cave hiking trail

The Aztec hiking trail is about 2 kilometers long, and it is classified as an easy to moderate hiking trail. The trail is perfect for birdwatching, walking, nature trips, cycling, and hiking. It has a positive elevation gain of 129 meters; hence you can explore this hiking trail with your kids.

The franklin mountains state park has an entrance fee, and you should be prepared to pay. You can check it out from their website. Once you are at the trailhead, you can now walk up the trail for about 0.72 miles before reaching the cave. One of the advantages of this trail is that there are benches where you can relax during your hike.

Lost Dog hiking Trail

This is one of the most popular El Paso hiking trails, and it is a perfect destination for hikers and bikers. The trail covers 7.7 miles, and it is a fun activity that you can enjoy while in the region. The lost dog trail is the most maintained in the area and is also visited by thousands of hikers from all different locations.

There are numerous desert plants and wildlife, and it is a hiking trail that you should check out. It would help if you watched out for mountain bikers when hiking this trail. As the name suggests, lost dog trail is dog-friendly as long as you have your dog on a leash.

Palisades Canyon hiking trail

In the western region of El Paso, you will find the palisades canyon hiking trail, and it is a 5-mile hike that is near the city. It is a perfect destination for hiking, biking, running, among others. As the trail meanders through the canyon, you can test your strength and endurance.

Once you are on the trail, you will see the fantastic views of the city of Juarez and an evening hike is the best form that you can have because you can watch the sunset. The hike has a positive elevation of a thousand feet. It is classified as a moderate hiking trail and is 3.1 miles long.

B-36 Crash Hiking trail

The B-36 hiking trail is 2.3 miles hiking trail that is classified as moderate, and it is has a positive elevation of 326 meters. This makes the hiking trail the best for kids and adults as well. There are beautiful flowers along the way, and you can enjoy other fun activities along the trip, such as birdwatching, running, hiking, running, among others. The trail can be used from March through October. You can walk with your dog; however, they must be on a leash.

Ron Coleman Hiking Trail

The Ron Coleman hiking trail is one of the best in the country because you have all the time to explore the surrounding region and see the three states and the United States and Mexico. 

This hiking trail is 3.5 miles long and is near El Paso. The elevation gain is quite massive, and you must be prepared if you are going to hike it. The trail has a positive elevation gain of 1900 feet. This is the best trail if you want to test your endurance, fitness, and ability to handle difficult situations. However, while at the top of the hiking trail, you will be rewarded with some of the best views around the city.

Pipeline road hiking trail

This is an exceptional hiking trail that is located in El Paso, and it is a 3-mile hike. The road in this hiking trail was used during pipeline inspections. Although it is on private property, you are sure that you will enjoy your hike because the owners welcome outdoor enthusiasts. You should clean all the trash you come with because you will be denied entry if you make the trail dirty.

In conclusion, El Paso is the best destination you can visit because it is rich in places to hike. You will find trails that can cater to your needs, from the easy trails to the most challenging trails. You must always be prepared with proper hiking boots because the diversity of the riverside, mountain, and dessert hikes requires the right boots. El Paso is the best destination that you can visit for your outdoor adventures.

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