How to plan the ultimate winter getaway

Places to visit in Switzerland in winter

Are you planning to jet off abroad this winter? Whether you want a magical merry celebration, chilled beach break, or to sweat it out in the sunshine, here’s how to plan the ultimate winter getaway.

Selecting your destination

There are a wide range of places suited to a winter getaway. Selecting your destination will likely be decided by your reason for travelling. 

Europe has a wealth of winter wonderland options ranging from snowy ski slopes to cities filled with festive lights and Christmas markets. This makes the continent the perfect choice for couples, families, and groups of friends looking to make the most of the delights of the season.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are many destinations offering the chance for winter sun. Those seeking an antidote to dark days and cold weather can luxuriate on a hot weather holiday in a country where tropical beaches dominate such as the idyllic Maldives. 

Exploring the activities

Once you have chosen your destination, take time to explore the activities on offer. 

Cold weather options will likely include a range of thrilling outdoor sports such as skiing and snowboarding, ice-skating, and sledging. Paired with thermal spa visits and warming culinary traditions such as Swiss fondue and German spiced wine, this is an itinerary for both invigoration and relaxation. 

Again, focus on your reasons for travelling to help you strike the right balance with your activities. Don’t pack in lots of attractions if you are in need of rest – after all, there is no shame in spending time by the poolside with a good book! Equally don’t be afraid to plan plenty of things to do if you are eager to explore. 

Accommodation and travel

Organising your accommodation and travel in advance is key to putting together an amazing winter getaway. Not only does planning ahead give you peace of mind, but it also gives you access to the best quality and most cost-effective options.

For example, flight fares increase as the plane is filled. While you might be able to snatch a last-minute deal, it is much less risky to book well before your travel date. The same principle applies to accommodation, too, and you would be surprised how quickly the best hotels sell out.

Don’t forget to think about getting to and from the airport as well. Groups in particular can benefit from special discounts on train journeys when travelling together and reduced-price airport transfers in private vehicles.

Invest in seasonal gear

Nothing spoils a holiday faster than not being prepared. Whether it is suffering from sunburn due to a lack of protection or forgetting that all-important document, poor preparation can ruin entire days of your trip. 

Most important is to make sure that you invest in seasonal gear for your holiday. If you are heading to colder climes, wrap up warm with a coat, gloves, and boots. For an extended stay in the sunshine, stock up on suncream and protect your body from UV rays with a hat, sunglasses, and cover-ups.

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