We have visited quite many mountain passes in Switzerland so far, but Klausenpass was the one we always pushed for the next time 🙂

So here we are now, in Klausenpass.

Klausenpass is not so far Glarus or Schwyz (depending from which side you are coming). We came from Glarus side and I would say that from the bottom to the top there is quite a long drive 🙂 The pass itself is not that high, 1948m, but the drive is long and very beautiful. In one place you even cross one huge valley which offers fabulous views to the Alps and very many local places where they sell Alps cheese 🙂

On the top of Klausenpass there are couple of restaurants and even a chapel. When we came there, we met many people preparing for their hiking. Ropes, shoes, jackets, hiking poles all around in the parking place 😉

Klausenpass offers quite many hiking trails and I am sure every each of them is a beauty, especially if you go to the Schwyz direction (which we went with a car on the way home), because it has huge waterfalls and vast green meadows.

When we were on Klausenpass we didn’t really had any specific goal or trail we would like to try, so we just chose one of dozens over there 🙂

But if you want to try the one we did, when you come to Klausenpass, go on the trail which is on the side to Glarus direction 🙂

In one hour we reached, unexpectedly to me, a lake and a small glacier which is all covered in rocks 😉 But still, such a beauty, especially when you don’t expect to see such a thing. In the lake were where even some small “icebergs” 🙂 Despite the fact that it is July, it’s still very cold there and ice doesn’t give up 🙂

The trail, or I would say all the area is very rocky. Just rocks all around and the trail is pretty hardly seen, you just have to look for signs if you do not want to get lost.

As we hiked closer to the lake, I found a big stone and we decided to make some coffee and have couple of sandwiches each there 🙂 A stone gave us a good shelter from the wind 🙂

I have a portable gas stove, so we just boiled the water and made some strong espresso for ourselves. What a joy to drink coffee in such a isolate place. Despite the fact that there were many people in parking place in Klausenpass, we met no people on our trail for an hour or so. No one passed by.

After resting for an hour we decided to continue our hike and came to a spot where we could see all the zig-zag road up to Klausenpass 🙂

After that we just took a turn back to our parking spot and in one hour or so we came back to our car.

As I said before, as we drove back to the direction of Schwyz, Klausenpass offers really nice views and places to hike, so if you ever go there, do not forget that this place has multiple options for any taste 🙂

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