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How to get to Oeschinensee

You are not going to regret to visit Oeschinensee.

What is pretty cool about Switzerland, that even we travel in Switzerland every weekend, we still from time to time get blown away by it’s beauty.

We saw many mountain passes and everyone of them is a beauty, many mountain villages, many peaks, many valleys and still Switzerland has something up it’s sleeve 🙂

Our main goal that day was to visit Blausee which is very nice as well (read about it here: Blausee), but as we spent maybe just hour visiting it, we decided to go little further and maybe find some other nice place.

We just looked at Google maps and found this amazing lake name there and decided to give it a go. I am not even trying to say it correctly, the name really looks complicated 🙂

The lake is very close to Kandersteg city which is a very nice cosy Swiss Alps place.

As far as I understood, you can not reach Oeschinensee by car (despite the fact that I saw few cars close to the restaurant which is on a shore of the lake, but it’s maybe just for locals and employees of the restaurant).

If you are feeling lazy, you can reach it by cable car or electric bus: Visit Oeschinensee

But as always in Switzerland, every convenience comes with a price 🙂

Kandersteg to Oeschinensee hike

But if you are feeling like having a good time and enjoying very nice views, let’s hike to the lake of Oeschinensee 🙂

Swiss Alps in the summer
Swiss Alps in the summer

It’s pretty mild, not too steep (maybe in some places, but then just keep it slow), 1 hour hike to Oeschinensee. It is around 4km from parking spot to Oeschinensee.


And, oh man, you are going to enjoy the views when you reach it 🙂 It’s spectacular! I think I made the most postcardy picture of my life there 🙂


Huge mountains all around, huge lake, rocky beach, vast meadows, dozens of Alps cows, snowy peaks – all in one place. This place even have couple of restaurants and a nice kiosk where they sell ice cream 🙂


When we were hiking up there, we met some people, but by the lake there are maybe hundreds of people 🙂 But it’s not crowded, it’s very pleasant, and if you go further on a rocky beach, you come to place where is now people at all 🙂


What was pretty cool, that there are many cows on a rocky beach, which looks pretty outstanding. I think it was the most unexpected place I saw cows 🙂

Swiss Alps hiking
Swiss Alps hiking

Oeschinensee hike


From the lake you can hike further to the mountains if you wish and enjoy the views, but we had no time for a simple reason: in the parking spot it was possible to pay for parking just with 5CHF coin. Just with that. It didn’t accept any other coin, so we were in a hurry as you can leave your car for 1h30min for free 😉


Rasa even took a chance to swim in a lake and surprisingly it was pretty warm as most lakes in the Alps are ice cold even in July 🙂


I really really highly recommend you visiting this place, take your BBQ kit with you or enjoy your afternoon in the restaurants nearby, but this lake is really one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland 🙂

You can even visit it in winter, with snowshoes or skiis, have a look for more information here: Oeschinensee

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I love Switzerland. I went to this lake twice while I was in Switzerland, once in the summer, and once in the winter. Two completely different experiences. Would definitely recommend going back during a different season just to experience it!

    If you are looking for more travel blog posts, check out my travel blog: http://www.bordersandbucketlists.com

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