Switzerland doesn’t have any access to the sea, but they are very lucky to have one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. There are some big lakes by Lucerne, Zurich, Geneve, but for me, the most beautiful ones are small Alps lakes. One of these small lakes is Blausee which is not very far from Interlaken. The lake features a crystal clear blue waters, plenty of hiking trails in the forest, cozy restaurants, and stunning surrounding nature.

Here’s everything you need to know about the majestic Blausee lake.

The Legend of Blausee

the Legend of Blausee Lake, Switzerland

The legend of Blausee is a narration of how the lake was formed according to the local people. Once upon a time, there was a shepherd and a young maiden who lived in Kander valley. During the night this couple used to sneak into the lake and they would spend their time drifting over the small lake on a boat while the moon shone above.

One day, the shepherd passed away in an accident and the maiden was overwhelmed with grief. She would sneak into the lake alone at night and mourn her lost lover. She was taken over by her thoughts and one day they were found at the bottom of the lake. From this time, the color of the lake turned blue because of the tears from her blue eyes.

How to Get to Blausee

From the parking lot at the entrance, it is a short walking distance to the lake. The path is lined with a beautiful forest that will give you an explicit joy and excitement as you walk along the curving paths through the high alpine trees and moss filled boulders.

If you want to go to Blausee you will have to get to Interlaken first before reaching Kandersteg and lastly Blausee. Firstly you can get to this location only if you land in Bern. Bern is the closest airport to Interlaken.

In case you’re staying in Bern for a while, here is our list of must-do things in Bern.

Once you are in Bern you can take a car or train to Interlaken. You can also link up from Zurich airport via train to Interlaken.

From Interlaken, you get a train that will take you to Kandersteg. From Kandersteg, you can take a bus that will take you to Blausee. The bus will stop at the entrance of the lake and you will have adequate time to enjoy the amazing views of the lake.

If you choose to use a train, you can board a train from any top European destination to take you to Zurich or Bern and from there you can get a train to Interlaken.

From Interlaken to Blausee you will need a bus. The same applies for buses, you can board a bus from international cities across Europe to take you to Bern, then board a local bus to Interlaken and lastly another one to Blausee. The ticket price of the train will vary depending on where you board your train. However, the bus ticket is free if you show your train ticket. It is important to note that it is crowded over the weekends and you should find a time when it less crowded.

Best Time to Visit Blausee Lake

Blausee lake in summer

The best time to visit the lake is during the off-peak season because this time you will find few people in the area. You will get to enjoy the peacefulness of the area as you get to watch the birds and the amazing views of the lake.

You can also choose to visit after 5 pm because then there will be few people and you can get around easily and quickly.

Where to Stay in Blausee

Blausee is a perfect location that you can visit it from anywhere in the Bernese Oberland. However, if you want to enjoy your time in this location then you should book a hotel Blausee which has 17 rooms each one with special decoration.

They are hot, sauna, steam grotto, and bathtub garden. The beautiful turquoise lake is surrounded by high mountains and exquisite nature and staying in the hotel gives you a chance to have time of your life.

If you are visiting this location with your family, you will be sure that you will enjoy your stay because there are double rooms, single rooms, junior suite, and chalet suites all decorated to suit the needs of tourists who visit this location. It is imperative to note that all rooms are well equipped with a shower, toilet, and bathroom.

Besides, when you are a guest you will get a four-course dinner meal made of high-quality products and fresh ingredients. You should pre-order to ensure that you get only the best. Children up to three years will not be charged to stay. However, for kids above 4 to 15 years in a parent’s room, an extra bed of CHF 45 will be availed. The check-in time is 3 pm and you should strive to make early arrangements to ensure that you get the best services.

The cost of the room for 2 nights and 3-course gourmet dinner and breakfast is available at CHF 310 per person.

What to Eat

There are two restaurants in this location Grill convention and Pizzeria at the entrance of the beautiful lake Blausee. They have a large outdoor dining area facing the lake and this gives you a chance to enjoy your meal as you enjoy the exquisite view as well. There is a variety of meat as well as vegetarian dishes. A hatchery is close to restaurants and you can visit it to learn how fish grow.

Sit on a well-laid table and enjoy a fine meal with wine as you appreciate the unique view of the lake and the environment at large. The team is focused on giving you top quality service. You can get gourmet made meat or sophisticated vegetarian dishes in the restaurants.

Fun Things to Do in Blausee Lake

1- Take a tour around the lake

Blausee tour

You can have an amazing time by taking a tour in a glass-bottomed rowboat as you enjoy the scenic view of the lake and its surroundings. The boatman will answer any question that you might have about the lake and the environment at large.

The lake is so clear that you can see rocks and tree trunks at the bottom. Simply beautiful and inspiring.

2- Allow the kids to enjoy some time in the playground

Blausee lake hike

Lake Blausee is a charming location that you can relax and unwind as your kids enjoy some sports on the playground in the area. The playground has everything that you need from slides, swings, fire pits, and tables.

It is also a perfect location for your picnic. The creeks will keep your beverages cool throughout and your kids can enjoy their time in the area. In addition, this area is kids friendly and your kids will have a time of their life.

3- Hiking around the lake

Blausee clear water lake

There is an excellent hiking trail that is accessible in the summer and winter too. You can never miss a well-marked hiking trail in the region. At the entrance, you will be charged CHF 4.50 if you are a student and CHF 7 for an adult.

Blausee has some of the excellent nature parks and you are guaranteed of time of your life. The park is extremely photogenic and you can take as many pictures as you can.

4- Visit the trout farm

Blausee trout farm

Blausee is an excellent location for aquatic life and it is a source for some of the exceptional salmon trout. The mineral-rich water in this location is critical in boosting fish development and growth.

The sustainability of the project in this region is critical in maintaining a balance that not only allows fish to grow faster but also feeds the population in the area.

5- Unmissable annual events

During the summer period, there are numerous activities that you cannot afford to miss. There are open-air movies and concerts by the lake and this is a good period that you can enjoy a movie as you hang out with your loved ones. The summer offers an exciting time to enjoy some fun activities in the area.

Have you ever been to a beautiful Blausee lake? Share your experiences below. 🙂

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