11 Top Locations For Snorkeling in Saint Maarten

Snorkeling in St. Maarten

Saint Maarten is an amazing island that is located in the northern part of the Caribbean and it is composed of the northern and southern part which is under the French and the Dutch respectively. The island is a picturesque location that many people are looking forward to traveling to this awesome destination. This island has over 67 kilometers of coastline and 35 beaches which adds to its uniqueness and amazing features. St. Maarten has recently gained a huge reputation across the globe for the fun activities that people can do and see on the island. There are so many activities that you can do while on the island as well as on the waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for a place where you can go snorkeling, then this is the right place for you.  

The beaches, the coves, and islets situated off the main island are all amazing places that you should take the time to go and explore. It is an ideal location where you can relax and unwind during your holiday. The waters are clear, especially during the dry season and since there are coral reefs that thrive in the warm water, you can see many fish species as well as other invertebrates in the Caribbean Sea. It is an ideal destination for scuba divers, snorkelers, and people who want to go and take a dip in the Caribbean waters. The island is characterized by various mountains, picture-perfect beaches, and lush forests all of which attract different fauna and flora making it an ideal tourist destination. No matter the location that you choose to stay on the island, it is critical that you choose a location that will give you all the amenities that you are looking for and the best Caribbean experience.

What is the ideal condition for snorkeling in St. Maarten?

Maho Beach, St. Maarten

St. Maarten experiences a tropical climate hence this makes the island a perfect destination to explore throughout the year. The temperatures in this destination range from 82 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit with lows of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The sea is at a perfect temperature throughout the year hence you can get some time to go and explore the best locations on the island with ease.

The trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean blow across the island and this brings more rain to the eastern part of the island. Essentially, this makes the eastern part wet with the western part experiencing dry conditions and some parts being desert. The ideal time that you can go snorkeling in St. Maarten is from April through June and from the end of October through mid-December. During this time, you are guaranteed perfect weather and stable sea conditions hence you can explore the waters with ease. Besides, these are shoulder and low season hence you will find prices that are competitive as well.

Top places to go snorkeling in St. Maarten

Le Galion

If you are looking for one of those top destinations for snorkeling, then this is the right location. it is a protected reserve and fishing boats among other excursion items are not allowed in this area. The strict rules ensure that the corals and reefs in this area thrive hence attracting a wide array of fauna and flora. 

The marine life in this place is exceptional and the beach can be a little busy during weekends as many people come to relax and unwind after a long week. It is the right place for you to relax and forget about the stress of the week. For you to access this beach you will have to drive through the dirt road and then walk for a mile or so. However, the chance of stepping on soft white sand and the beautiful blue waters are worth the time and the travel. It is a good location to get to explore the fishes and invertebrates in the area.

Friar’s Bay Beach

This is an amazing beach that is located in the area close to Grand Case and it features soft sand and shallow waters which creates a spectacular view of the nearby Caribbean Island of Anguilla. It is a perfect location for snorkeling because the reefs create a perfect environment for different fishes to thrive and you can opt to go and relax in different parts of the beach which includes bars and restaurants as well as cafes that offer amazing foods and drinks. Snorkeling in this destination is also a fun activity because you are guaranteed of seeing some of the best animals on the planet.

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Indigo Bay

The indigo bay is one of the most critical locations on the island where you can go snorkel. It is located between Philipsburg and Simpson Bay. The calm waters present a good opportunity for the corals and reefs to thrive hence a wide array of fauna and flora. This area is managed by a developer who believes in sustainable ecology hence the marine life is left unaltered and they are ready to show you some of the best spots where you can go snorkel. Calm waters and soft sand are some of the features of this location and it is a perfect location for those people who want to go enjoy some sunbathing. There are many coral reefs around and it is a perfect location for you to go snorkeling.

Cupecoy Beach

The Cupecoy Beach is one of the best locations in Saint Maarten where you can go snorkeling. This beach is on the western side of the island and it is one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches on the island. The white sandy beaches stretch over the shoreline and there are limestone cliffs that are overhanging the area. Depending on the time of the year you are likely to see different features of the beach.

During the low tide, you will find long stretches of white sand and during the high tide, you will find a narrow stretch of white sand. It is one of the most unique locations and you can enjoy your holiday in this destination soaking in the sun as well as enjoying the breeze from the ocean. Different fish species can be seen in this area and it is good for beginners, intermediate as well as experienced snorkelers.

Dawn Beach

Dawn beach is one of the most exquisite locations that you can visit in saint Maarten because it has some of the most amazing views. It is a location where you can enjoy those breezy afternoons while you sip on your cold drink. The beach is perfect for snorkeling because the waters are deep and there are many corals and reefs in the area. Besides, for people who are looking for a fun place to go swimming then this is the right place for you.

It is critical to note that this place is not for beginner snorkelers but intermediate and experienced individuals because the island faces the Atlantic in this region and the waves can be very strong. Ensure you carry proper gear when going to snorkel in this location. The reefs underneath are home to creatures such as rays, lionfish, and turtles among others.

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Mullet Bay Beach

Mullet bay beach is near Maho beach and it is one of the most popular beaches in the region. It is critical to understand that this region is often frequented by several visitors and many people might assume that this area is abandoned because it is not frequented by many people. There are a couple of bars in this area and you can enjoy your drink in the region while snorkeling.

There is good visibility in the waters of this beach and you can take your gear and go snorkeling at this destination. The trade winds usually move from one side to another depending on the season and it is perfect when you choose to snorkel in this area because you will get to see different fish species.

Kim Sha Beach

This is one of the most protected beaches in the area and it is the best beach if you want to explore different locations and enjoy a myriad of watersports. Some of the activities that you can explore when you are in this place include sailing, kayaking, and swimming. It is a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Moreover, you can enjoy some of the best cocktails at the bars in the area. There is food as well and you can take a break from your watersports and other activities and explore the region. It is a perfect beach for snorkeling both for beginners and advanced snorkelers. The small reef protects this area from heavy waves from the ocean.

Happy Bay Beach

The happy beach is one of those hidden locations that you will only discover when you go explore different areas of the island. It is a few meters from friar island and you will find that even some locals do not know if this beach exists. The pristine surrounding and deep clear waters mean that you get to exploit the area with ease. It is an ideal location for your snorkeling activities. You can easily access this beach and when you follow the well-marked path you are likely to arrive at the happy beach after five minutes.

The remoteness of this beach ensures that it is the most relaxed location with the best fauna and flora. Snorkeling here will give you a different dimension of the Caribbean Island and the species that thrive in this environment. There are fewer or no facilities in this area and you must be well familiar with this destination before visiting and bring some snacks and water.

Little Bay Beach

The little bay beach is located between Philipsburg and Simpson Bay and it is closer to the indigo bay. This is the most idyllic location if you are going to explore the best locations on the island to go snorkeling. The place is family-friendly as well and it is one of those places that you should not miss visiting during your vacation. In most cases, the majority of the people who visit this beach are usually divers and snorkelers.

The calm waters, soft sand, and low currents mean that you will be able to see all the creatures below the sea properly. It is a perfect destination for your next snorkeling activity. The left side of this bay is the perfect location if you are visiting this region to go snorkeling. There is an underwater park and it is an ideal location for your exploration activities. When you are in this location you should ensure that you take your time to reach fort Amsterdam which is a historic location.

Sandy beach

The sandy beach in St. Maarten is an ideal location where you can go snorkeling there are places that you can explore in this area and see some of the best fauna and flora in the region. The best time that you can visit the island is from December till the Easter holidays. During this period the waters are calm and perfect. Although the prices can be a little high it is the best time because you will experience the best feeling during your visit. Saint Maarten has been one of the top destinations to go snorkeling.

However, in 2017 hurricane Inna hit the island and destroyed some of the coral reefs on the island. Nevertheless, it has taken quite some time to grow back and now the reefs are at their peak. Besides, the fauna and flora on the island have also increased. There are different creatures that you will see when you visit the island and these include rays, turtles, tropical fish, and other creatures. The beaches are amazing and it is an ideal place for you to enjoy snorkeling.

Creole Rock

Just by looking at the name, it may not strike you as a snorkeling destination. However, this place is one of the best spots where you will spot different fish species and invertebrates. It is an ideal location for your snorkeling escapades. This location is closer to Grand case and you should ensure that you visit it when you are in the Caribbean. The deep crystal-clear water is booming with the life of different fish species such as rays, angelfish, and trumpet fish among other fish species that make this location the best place for creatures to thrive.

In conclusion, Saint Maarten is one of the best snorkeling destinations in the Caribbean and if you are a snorkeling enthusiast then you should add it to your list of locations to go snorkeling.


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