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Let's learn more about the black and yellow snakes in Georgia!

Black and Yellow Snakes In Georgia

The different diversities in the state of Georgia have made this a perfect location for your next visit because it is rich in some of the fauna and flora that you can find in the south. There are different black and yellow snakes that you will find in Georgia. Depending […]

Water snakes in Georgia range from harmless to extremely dangerous.

12 Water Snakes In Georgia to Avoid

Perhaps one of the most unique creatures that you are going to find in Georgia are the different water snakes. These snakes are either venomous or non venomous.  These snakes thrive in different habitats in Georgia and various species are known to thrive in the water bodies around the state. […]

Christmas in Georgia is highly unique compared to the similar celebrations in other parts of Europe.

Christmas in Georgia – Customs and Traditions

Georgia is a transcontinental country found at the intersection of West Asia and Eastern Europe. The country is known to be of diverse cultures that blend both European and Asian cultures.  The country is part of the Caucasus that is bounded by Russia to the north, the Black Sea to […]