Christmas In the State of Georgia – Customs and Traditions

A house in Georgia with Christmas decorations.

Georgia offers a delightful Christmas experience with lavish decorations, hearty food, and various activities. The people of Georgia have a penchant for grandeur, and this reflects in their Christmas celebrations. Notably, the streets, hotels, malls, and public squares are adorned with exceptional lighting displays, creating a festive atmosphere.

Here are some of the Christmas traditions commonly observed in the state of Georgia.

Visit to the Christkindlmarkt

A common tradition in Georgia, a visit to the Christkindlmarkt in the town of Helen is an essential part of the holiday season. Helen, a small town in Georgia, offers a unique and unforgettable holiday experience. The Christkindlmarkt is a vibrant hub of entertainment, featuring German traditions, music, food, and a wide range of activities. It provides a glimpse into how the local community celebrates Christmas.

The market is adorned with impeccable decorations, making it a picturesque setting. Your family can partake in numerous activities and enjoy the festive atmosphere. From imported gifts to locally handmade ones, the market offers a variety of choices. As you explore the market, you’ll be immersed in the authentic ambiance of Germany, making it a holiday experience not to be missed in Georgia.

Visit Santa

An important tradition in Georgia is the opportunity to visit Santa Claus and share your Christmas wish list. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway offers an iconic ride that culminates in a meeting with Santa himself. This experience allows you to connect with people from different places around the world. At the end of the train journey, you’ll have a chance to interact with Santa Claus and present your Christmas list.

The trip also includes treats like hot chocolate and cookies, all accompanied by festive Christmas music. In addition to the train ride, there are various activities available in the region, such as hayrides and luminary-lined street tours. These activities include tree lighting, marshmallow roasting, and ornament making, ensuring a memorable holiday season in Georgia.

Making holiday crafts

In the state of Georgia, a common and cherished tradition during the Christmas season is crafting holiday decorations, including wreaths and glass materials. When you visit the region, you can explore your creative side by participating in holiday workshops that offer crafting opportunities.

In various parts of the state, you can find estates that host gingerbread and wreath-making classes for adults. Most notably, many locations offer free classes for children. These events provide youngsters with the chance to craft ornaments, decorate holiday cookies, and even meet Santa Claus.

After creating your holiday decorations at these workshops, you can take them home to adorn both the exterior and interior of your house. It’s a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your festive decor and celebrate the Christmas spirit.

Savannah Harbor Holiday Series

The Savannah Harbor Holiday Series is a cherished tradition among the local residents, offering a range of festive activities along the Savannah River. When you visit this region, you’ll discover an array of delightful experiences to celebrate the holiday season.

One of the highlights of this holiday series is the opportunity to enjoy bonfires by the riverbank while indulging in smores, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere for all. Additionally, the gingerbread displays found in the region add to the charm of Christmas in this area.

For those eager to meet Santa Claus, one of the local shopping malls is a fantastic place to interact with the jolly old man in red. And, don’t miss the spectacular parade of lights, where numerous boats adorned with brilliant lights traverse the waterway, creating a breathtaking spectacle. This event is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional experiences you can enjoy during your visit to the region.

American Christmas movies

The Christmas period is one of the most beloved times of the year in Georgia, and one of the traditions that residents cherish is watching Christmas movies. During your visit, you’ll notice that people throughout the state have a strong fondness for these films. Many spend their holiday season either in local movie theaters or in the comfort of their homes, savoring local delicacies as they watch their favorite Christmas movies.

The selection of films is diverse, ranging from timeless Christmas classics to more contemporary productions. Among the most popular movies that you’ll encounter in the region are titles such as “The Grinch,” “Home Alone,” “Elf,” and the enduring classic “A Christmas Carol,” alongside many others. These movies add to the festive spirit and contribute to the joyous atmosphere that permeates Georgia during the holiday season.

Cutting your own Christmas tree

In the state of Georgia, you’ll discover a rich tapestry of cultures, each contributing to the local traditions. Among the most cherished customs is the tradition of cutting your own Christmas tree. This tradition involves a delightful journey into the picturesque forests of the region, where you’ll have the opportunity to select and cut down your very own Christmas tree.

Throughout Georgia, you’ll encounter numerous tree farms that cater to this delightful practice. These farms offer an array of choices, from evergreen firs to various tree types. Many even provide engaging experiences like hayrides and other festive activities to make your tree-cutting excursion memorable.

While some opt to purchase their Christmas tree from local vendors, the most immersive way to embrace the spirit of the season is by venturing out to cut your own. Depending on the specific region you visit in Georgia, there are a variety of charming tree farms to explore, each offering unique varieties of trees to select from.

Once you’ve found your perfect tree, you can take it home and embark on the joyful process of decorating it for the holiday season. This tradition not only yields a beautifully adorned tree but also lasting memories of your Christmas in Georgia.

Holiday lights in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, the tradition of adorning homesteads, shopping centers, and public squares with dazzling Christmas lights remains a longstanding and cherished custom. The radiant spectacle of Christmas lights is a quintessential part of the holiday season in Georgia, evoking the true spirit of Christmas.

When you embark on your journey to the region, you’ll be greeted by a mesmerizing display of fantasy lights that illuminate the landscape. These enchanting lights can be witnessed throughout the state, with coastal regions boasting the illumination of over a million lights. The effervescent glow of these lights creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere, making your visit to Georgia an unforgettable experience.

For avid travelers, exploring the state during the holiday season offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local Christmas traditions and culture. Georgia’s elaborate Christmas lighting tradition is a captivating testament to the state’s festive spirit, ensuring that your visit during this season will be brimming with holiday cheer and wonder.

Live performances

In the state of Georgia, the holiday season brings forth a common tradition where people revel in an array of captivating live performances. Throughout this time of year, numerous talented artists take to the stage, offering an array of delightful shows and events. These live performances are not confined to a single location but are hosted throughout the state, ensuring that no matter which region you choose to visit, there’s something extraordinary awaiting your enjoyment.

Among the myriad of performances, you’ll find a wide spectrum of entertainment, including musical acts, comedies, and various Christmas-themed performances. These events add an extra layer of festivity to your visit, ensuring that you have a truly unforgettable experience during your time in Georgia.

Ice skating

Ice skating in Georgia

The people of Georgia have a deep-rooted tradition of embracing the Christmas season, and one cherished aspect of this tradition is ice skating. When you embark on your journey to this region, you’ll have the opportunity to partake in delightful ice-skating activities at various rinks scattered throughout the state.

So, remember to prepare by bringing your warm coat, mittens, and trusty skating shoes, as you’re in for an exceptional experience during your travels in Georgia.

One of the standout ice rinks is the long-standing outdoor rink located in the historic Old Town of Conyers. Furthermore, you’ll discover that several ice rinks are adorned with twinkling Christmas lights, creating a magical ambiance that enhances your overall experience.

As you skate with friends and family, you can also enjoy additional festive attractions nearby, such as weekend train rides, seasonal movies, and live musical performances. Georgia offers a splendid array of ways to celebrate the Christmas season, ensuring you have a memorable and enchanting visit.

American Christmas songs

One of the most outstanding traditions in the state of Georgia is the deep appreciation for caroling and Christmas songs. The people in this region place great value on the rich tradition of Christmas songs. When you visit Georgia during the Christmas season, you’ll have an exceptional experience, immersing yourself in the heartwarming and festive atmosphere of holiday music. Enjoy the unique and cherished tradition of singing Christmas songs as you celebrate this special time of the year in Georgia.


In the state of Georgia, joining the gifting bandwagon is a common and cherished tradition. When you visit this region, you’ll notice that people from all walks of life come together to exchange gifts during the Christmas season. It’s a wonderful part of the holiday experience, and you’ll have the opportunity to participate as well.

During your travels in Georgia, you’ll have the chance to interact with local vendors and explore various markets. These markets offer a wide array of holiday gifts and souvenirs that you can present to your friends and family. In particular, cities like Savannah host traditional markets that bring a touch of Europe to the region.

In these markets, you’ll discover an assortment of traditional presents, including ornaments, wreaths, and other festive gifts that capture the spirit of the season. Beyond the traditional offerings, Georgia also features eco-friendly shops where you can find candles, jewelry, bath products, and more. These eco-conscious items make for thoughtful gifts and souvenirs that you can enjoy during your travels in the region.

Christmas at the Stone Mountains

The magic of the Christmas holiday is never complete without a visit to the Stone Mountains in Georgia. The summits of the mountain are an all-year-round attraction, and during your travel to the region, you are going to have an impeccable time as you mingle with other people in the region.

The whole town in the region is very active during this period, and you will have a chance to interact with the local people in the area. You can walk through the musical forested areas, and here you will find a glowing trail that is sparkling, making your experience exceptional. There are thousands of lights in this region, and you will have the best experience in the region.

During your visit to the region, you are going to find people enjoying some of the shows that are usually carried on here. Some of the shows include caroling and poems among others. You can hop on the train that circles the mountain and enjoy the experience in the region.


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