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Camino de Santiago Preparation tips
Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago Preparation Tips

A lot of people think that Camino de Santiago preparations should be very tough and intensive, and I was no exception. At that time when, back in 2009, before my first Camino I was running quite a lot, and 20-30km distance was no problem for me, so I thought that […]

which camino to choose
Camino de Santiago

Which Camino to Choose?

Camino de Santiago became a very popular pilgrimage, especially after the premiere of The Way. After a bit of researching, I’ve decided to pick a Camino and do my walk. If you’re asking yourself which Camino to choose, then you’re in the right place. I did Camino de Santiago first […]

Hiking Apparel
Camino de Santiago

Additional stuff for Camino de Santiago

What else to take for Camino de Santiago? There quite many options of things which could help you during Camino de Santiago. I definitely do not suggest you to take a laptop or heavy books, but some of the stuff can be pretty useful. The things I consider useful are (and […]