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A farm engulfed in fog in Stowe, Vermont.
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Visit Vermont: Tour Historic Sites & Enjoy Local Cuisine

Vermont, located in the northeastern United States, is a charming and picturesque destination that attracts visitors from far and wide. With its iconic red barns, white churches, covered bridges, snowy forests, and renowned maple syrup, Vermont embodies the quintessential Yankee town. The landscape in Vermont is predominantly mountainous, cloaked in […]

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Christmas in Vermont – Customs and Traditions

The state of Vermont is one of the exceptional places in the United States where you can truly enjoy your Christmas holidays. Vermont’s natural beauty, combined with its small-town charm, creates a wonderful atmosphere during the festive season. Here are some of the Christmas traditions that you can experience in […]

A garter snake is just one of the snakes you are going to find in Vermont.
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10 Snakes in Vermont to Look Out For!

When you are looking for a perfect outdoor environment in the US to enjoy your outdoor activities during the summer period then Vermont is the go-to destination. The state is pristine and most of the land is untouched therefore you are going to find a myriad of snakes traversing different […]

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Dangerous Animals In Vermont

Vermont is a state in the Northeast New England region of the United States. It is bordered by Massachusetts to the South, New Hampshire to the east, New York to the West, Canadian province of Quebec to the north, and It became the 14th state in 1791, so what dangerous […]