The state of Vermont is one of the exceptional places in the United States where you can truly enjoy your Christmas holidays. Vermont’s natural beauty, combined with its small-town charm, creates a wonderful atmosphere during the festive season.

Here are some of the Christmas traditions that you can experience in this charming region. Vermont offers a unique and delightful way to celebrate the holiday season.

Sledding downhill

The state of Vermont experiences heavy snowfall during the winter season, making it an ideal destination for a winter getaway. Whether you’re seeking a cozy retreat or you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Vermont offers a range of activities to suit your preferences.

One of the popular activities in Vermont during the winter is sledding downhill on the snowy hills. While enjoying this winter sport, it’s essential to ensure you have the necessary protective gear for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Vermont is perfect for spending time with friends and family during the festive season. The state provides a wide array of activities that add a unique touch to your holiday experience, allowing Vermonters to engage in special traditions and create lasting memories.

Participate in a local parade

The state of Vermont hosts various parades in different regions, providing an opportunity for you to have an incredible time during your visit. Each local parade is unique to the region you are exploring, ensuring that you’ll have a memorable experience.

While attending these parades, you might come across some quirky traditions, such as the tractor parade held in St. Albans. Vermont’s parades offer a glimpse into the local culture and add a distinctive flavor to your visit in this charming state.

Festival of Trees

The Festival of Trees is a common and delightful Christmas tradition in the state of Vermont. This week-long event offers a wide range of activities that you can enjoy during your visit.

The event includes a variety of activities such as PJ parties, movie nights, tree lighting ceremonies, and opportunities to spot Santa. The Vermont Christmas festivities change annually, ensuring that you’ll find different and exciting activities to participate in each year, making your holiday experience in the region unique.

Local tour

Embarking on a local tour is a common and cherished tradition during your visit to Vermont. Known for its picturesque beauty, the state offers stunning scenery, and when combined with the Christmas spirit, it becomes an exceptional destination for holiday enjoyment.

Vermont’s landscape, whether blanketed in snow or adorned with picturesque mountains, provides numerous opportunities for activities. As you drive through the state, you’ll encounter snowcapped peaks and vast rainforests, creating a captivating environment that you can enjoy with your family. Vermont’s landscapes are typically lush and green during other times of the year. However, in the winter, a blanket of snow transforms the state, and the hillsides may still retain their greenery, offering an idyllic backdrop for your Christmas celebrations.

Tree lighting

In Vermont, you’ll find a variety of fun events to enjoy during your visit to the region. This allows you to engage with the local community and partake in a delightful experience.

The town of Bennington is known for hosting a special tree-lighting event, which typically extends over a week or two leading up to Christmas.

Participating in this townwide event offers a fantastic way to explore the region. Regardless of where you decide to visit in Vermont during the Christmas season, you’re sure to come across a tree lighting event in the area.

Skiing and snowboarding

Participating in skiing and snowboarding is a common event among Vermonters, and when you travel to this region, you should consider taking part in one of these activities. Vermont offers an outstanding experience during the winter period. The state receives a substantial amount of snow during this season, providing excellent conditions for winter sports.

You can easily rent skiing or snowboarding gear from various shops around the state. However, it’s crucial to prioritize safety to ensure you enjoy your trip to the region fully. Vermont boasts pristine outdoor landscapes, making it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Engaging in winter sports activities during Christmas is a common tradition in the region, offering unique and memorable experiences.

Riding the Polar Express

The Polar Express is another cherished Christmas tradition, particularly in Burlington, Vermont. When you visit the region, you will have the opportunity to learn about and experience unique Vermont customs. You won’t want to miss this delightful tradition. The Polar Express typically operates on specific dates throughout December, and it’s highly recommended to take your loved ones along to enjoy the best of Vermont.

If you plan to partake in this enchanting journey, it’s essential to purchase your tickets well in advance. Securing your tickets ahead of time will ensure better planning, as many people eagerly participate in this festive trip during the Christmas season.

Exploring Hildene

Hildene is a family home with a unique charm due to the rich traditions prevalent in the region. When you visit this area, you’ll witness the town coming to life, providing a testament to Vermont’s rich history. The home has been beautifully decorated for Christmas over the years, and this tradition has been a cherished part of the region for the past century.

During your visit to this location, you’ll encounter a variety of unique Christmas features. The setting is adorned with candles, wreaths, fresh garlands, and many other distinctive elements, making it one of the most captivating places to explore in the state. Don’t miss this enchanting Vermont tradition when you’re in the region.

Family day at the Bennington Museum

The Bennington Museum, located in southern Vermont, is a popular destination during the Christmas season. It hosts an annual event that draws hundreds of people from different areas around the state. If you’re traveling to the region, participating in these events is highly recommended, as they promise a remarkable experience.

During this festive time, local residents typically gather their unsold belongings to be resold in the area. The museum-goers often purchase these items at minimum prices, which are then used for various purposes, including decoration and other unique activities. This event serves as an excellent means for the museum to raise funds and provides children with an opportunity to engage in enjoyable holiday activities.

The museum also extends invitations to volunteers to participate in this event. When you visit the area, consider joining the locals in contributing to the success of these events and being part of this cherished Vermont Christmas tradition.

Middlebury events

During the Christmas period, the town of Middlebury hosts a myriad of events that have gained popularity. These events offer an opportunity for families and children to come together and enjoy the festive atmosphere in the region. When visiting, it’s essential to take your time to explore the area and appreciate the diversity it offers, ensuring you have the best possible experience.

The town’s festivities include engaging scavenger activities that promise an exceptional time during your visit. Moreover, you’ll find other enjoyable activities such as visits from Santa, sipping on hot chocolate, watching fireworks displays, and indulging in ice skating, among other delightful options. Middlebury’s events create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere that’s perfect for celebrating the holiday season.

A River of Light

Waterbury, Vermont, hosts an annual event during the Christmas period that draws people from all around the state. This event, known as the Lantern Festival, allows you to explore the unique characteristics of this charming town. It’s a time when the entire town comes together with their lanterns, creating a captivating river of light as they parade through the town.

What makes this event particularly exceptional is that it attracts hundreds of people from various parts of Vermont, coming together to celebrate tradition and enjoy the local artistry. The Lantern Festival is the perfect occasion to immerse yourself in the festive spirit and explore all the unique features that make Vermont a pristine holiday destination.

Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights is another highly regarded event in the state of Vermont. When you travel to the region, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in local traditions that elevate your holiday experience.

This one-day event is packed with a diverse range of activities. You can enjoy free movies, parades, sightings of Santa, spectacular fireworks displays, and unique Vermont experiences such as magical sleigh rides. The Festival of Lights promises a festive celebration you won’t want to miss during your visit to Vermont.

Festival of the Green 

The Festival of the Green is a cherished tradition in the state of Vermont with a rich history dating back to the early 1800s. It originated as a time when families from various small towns would gather to celebrate the holiday season. In 1856, a group of people organized an event to commemorate this tradition, and it has since become a local annual event that continues to thrive.

This festive event includes a variety of wintertime activities such as sledding, caroling, and parades. These activities come together to create an exceptional Christmas experience. When you travel to this region, make it a point to participate in the Festival of the Green. Engaging with the local community during this event will offer you a unique perspective on Vermont’s holiday traditions.

Vermont is a place that elevates your Christmas experience, offering a special atmosphere and a wealth of enjoyable activities. When you visit, you are guaranteed some of the best holiday experiences the region has to offer.

Ice skating

Planning a Christmas holiday in Vermont? Be sure to come prepared with the right gear to fully enjoy the outdoor activities available in the region. One of the most beloved festive activities in Vermont is ice skating. The state offers a variety of ice-skating rinks that come to life during the winter season.

Vermont boasts numerous outdoor ice-skating rinks, and it’s during the winter period that you can truly appreciate the unique traditions upheld in the region. Whether you’re a novice skater or an experienced one, there are plenty of places throughout the state to indulge in this favorite pastime. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss during your visit.


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