The thrill and adventure of sailing

Sailing is one of the most popular activities in Lake Erie.

There is nothing more peaceful than gliding across the water, surrounded by nothing but azure sea. But sailing can be an exhilarating experience too! Discover the thrill and adventure of sailing that makes it one of the most sought-after activities for a beach holiday. 

Adventure for all

One of the best things about sailing is that it offers adventure for all. First-timers can join experienced instructors to get a taste of the open ocean while veteran sailors can use their skills to ride the waves of more challenging waters.

It is also an activity that suits all types of holidaymaker, whether you’re travelling solo, enjoying a romantic escape with your other half, or designing a fun-filled family getaway.

An array of activities

The array of activities on offer while you’re on board is another reason to add sailing to your holiday. From your boat base, you can try thrilling fast-paced sports like water-skiing or venture further afield via kayak. Close to the shore, you can indulge in stand-up paddle-boarding and snorkel or swim amongst coral reefs.

Don’t forget to pack appropriate clothing for these activities. Swimwear will be fine in warm waters, but wetsuits offer more protection both from the cold and harsh sun rays. Ensure that any accessories stand-up to sea exposure: wear a timepiece with water resistance like the sports edition Seiko watch and remove any jewellery unless it is waterproof.

Unveiling hidden gems

The calmer side of sailing can be just as enchanting, unveiling hidden gems that you cannot experience unless you are on the water.

Wind along the coastline away from the urban areas and you will discover concealed coves and bays. Here you can relax in total privacy and feel as though you are the only people in the world. You will also get a unique perspective of the coastline that is only possible from the deck of a boat.

Equally exceptional is what awaits you when you sail further out to sea. Imagine the magic of a whale watching trip where dolphins will flank your boat in and out of the harbour. 

An elevated experience

While you do have the option of operating the boat yourself, sailing can be an elevated experience where you relax in the lap of luxury. Indulge in fine dining and soak up the sun on the deck while a personal crew take care of the running of your vessel. 

A particularly special activity that is sure to entrance is a sunset cruise. Surrounded by nothing but sea and sky, the world seems to be ablaze with rich reds, orange, and gold. Combine this with refreshing sundowners for the perfect end to the day. 

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