The Simplon Dorf village sits on the southern side of the Simplon pass, and it is a tiny place that is inhabited by around 310 inhabitants. The town is amazingly unique because of its ancient architectural design that is characterized by typical stone slab roofs that are influenced by the Italian styles. The village is of great national importance because and its falls under protected sites in Switzerland. The narrow Gondo gorge was a fortress until the 17th century when the Brig merchant Kaspar Jodok von Stockalper used the Simplon pass for the transport of salt from the Mediterranean region. Here are adventurous things to do in Simplon Dorf, Switzerland.

Hiking in Simplon Dorf

Simplon Hiking

The Simplon village is a rich and diverse region that its history dates back to over 7 decades ago as it was an influential road across Switzerland. The tiny mountain village has retained most of the original features that made it unique and a perfect destination for visitors. There are numerous activities that you can enjoy, such as biking, hiking, and skiing in the region. In the area, you will interact with cobbled streets, intact three-story buildings that are the original features that date back from the 14th to 17th centuries.

You can enjoy hiking in the best trails in Switzerland in Simplon Dorf. The pass was initially used as a north to south link during the Roman times, and the village has a significant influence on this period. You can hike through the spittle pass on the summit and explore the main features of this location as you visit the best destinations in the country. 

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The mule track that covers the Simplon was developed over three decades ago by Stockalper, and this has had significant economic importance in the development of new roads. However, this region now serves as a cultural hiking trail. If you are into hiking and history, this is the perfect destination that you should visit. There are a lot of features that you can explore while in the region. You can explore the area from Brig over the Simplon pass before going to Gondo. This region offers you a chance to see deep gorges, moorland, extensive larch forests, and natural experience.

If you’re staying in Brig, be sure to explore all the beautiful places Brig offers.

The passing traffic increased from the 13th to the 17th century, and during this period, the medieval mule track offers a perfect location that was safe for moving goods from one place to another. However, after Stockalper’s political era, the area fell into disrepair, and the traffic collapsed.  Nevertheless, Napoleon Bonaparte and this reignited some of the exceptional characteristics of this location. In the 60s, it was reinvented, and many people have since been using it as a hiking and biking trail.

Visit Fletschhorn


This historic house was constructed in the year 1600, and during this period, it was one of the largest restaurants in the region. It was a perfect location for travelers as well as the locals since it served a diverse population and offered everyone a chance to enjoy the local cuisine.

It was renovated in 2012, and ever since, the place has never been the same. You can visit it to enjoy some of the best gourmet meals and exceptional Italian influenced meals.

Experience the Simplon Pass

The Simplon pass is a major route through the alps that links Italy and Switzerland between Domodossola and Brig. With a rapid ascent to the summit in Spitzhorli with a view of the Weissmies, Lagginhorn, and Bietschhorn. You can explore the best trails and unique mountain ranges across the swiss-Italian region. There are waterfalls and a well-preserved mule track that dates back to the 17th century in the area. 

The trail heads uphill via the Beschmoos to Usseri Nanzlicke. There is a little rocky area as your descent to a few stone houses before arriving at the starting place.

Visit the Ganter Bridge

Ganter Bridge

Ganter bridge is a quintessential symbol that connects people to ancient times, and the reason the bridge exists is because of its rich and diverse history that you should visit. The bridge acts as a connection between the Valais and the south Simplon route.

People from across the globe have talked about the bridge in books, magazines, and journals as it is one of the most spectacular bridges in Europe. This bridge dates back to the 80s, and it has moving pillars, and this is a fundamental feature in bridge building.

Visit the Gold Mines

Over a hundred years ago, the village of Gondo had over 500 workers who were involved in mining gold in the region. You can explore the area and learn more about the history of the people in this region as you gather the essential information about Switzerland. You will learn about the history of gold and how it became a major precious commodity in the area.

The chisel and mallet await people to come and try mining in the coveted region of Switzerland. On your return, you can visit the gold museum and learn more about the history and diversity of the nation.

Explore the Heido Region

Heido Region

According to history, the name Heido originates from the German word Heidenleitung which translates to pagans’ channel. The region originates from the ancient Roman period, and it carries its water into the vineyards and meadows of the Savagnin grape variety.

It is popular for producing famous Heida wine. The path along this irrigation channel forms a marked trail that is rich in history, and you can explore what the area has to offer. You can follow the path and go to the winery as you taste original swiss wine.

Visit Simplon Eco-Museum and Stockalper Tower

The museum is located between Gondo and Brig, and it majorly focuses on Simplon pass as a major route that connects Switzerland to central European locations. As much as this place is called a museum, it is more of hallowed halls, and the glorious nature tells the history of this beautiful destination. The trail will take you from the Stockalper place in the Brig to the museum where you will get all the essential information you want to learn about the area. 

The museum depicts all the history that you want to learn about the region. The hike will end in Gondo, and you will get to understand the reason this fortress was constructed.


Snowkiting in Simpon

The high plateau of the Simplon pass offers a perfect location that you can enjoy snowkiting activities in the region. The area is surrounded by magnificent mountainous sceneries that create a fantastic site to look at. On skis or snowboard, you have a perfect location that you can mix both kiting and snowboarding. 

You can either join the beginner course, or if you are an experienced individual, you can follow the most severe strain and take your snowkiting activities to a whole new level.

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