Puerto Rico is a tranquil location that should be on your travel list for vacation. This is a commonwealth nation that is mostly associated with the United States and it lies on the eastern part of the Greater Antilles. It is 40 miles off the Virgin Islands and 50 miles east of the Dominican Republic. The island is in the northeastern part of the Caribbean Sea and its shore is facing the Atlantic Ocean. Puerto Rico is a tourist destination that has gained a huge reputation among people across the world in the recent past. Most of the land on the island is largely hilly and mountainous terrain. A quarter of the island is covered by steep slopes. There are also many fantastic waterfalls in Puerto Rico. These are some of the amazing features that make Puerto Rico the perfect tourist destination for your vacation.

The island has approximately 3.2 million residents and with an influx of tourists regularly more people are visiting the islands. The capital San Juan is a metropolis and you will find people from different parts of the world. It is critical to note that the people in Puerto Rico are friendly and charming hence you will have an easy time during your vacation. The Tainos people were the original people who inhabited Puerto Rico before the Spanish and English people colonized the island. When you think of the Caribbean islands one thing that usually comes to mind is stunning beaches, turquoise blue waters, and white sandy beaches. However, Puerto Rico has more to offer than these features because the tropical island is filled with unique features that make it an ideal destination for your next visit. If you are an adventurous individual, then Puerto Rico is your perfect destination because you can explore the wild environment and get to enjoy the views of the mountains and the surroundings. Here are some of the top waterfalls in Puerto Rico.

La Niebla Waterfall

This waterfall is situated in San Cristóbal canyon which is listed as one of the top natural wonders in Puerto Rico. You can access this waterfall as it is only a one-hour drive away from the capital of San Juan. This is the prettiest and tallest waterfall in the country at a staggering height of 300 feet or 92 meters. It is one of the easiest places that you can easily find during your tour.

You must always have information before visiting the waterfall. When this happens, you are in a better position to handle the terrain properly. It is a challenging, slipper, and very steep hiking trail to the bottom of the waterfall. The hike is 4 miles long and it will take you 4 hours. It is a physically demanding journey hence it is not appropriate for children.

La Coca Falls

The La Coca falls is in the deep El Yunque national forests and it is exceptional because it gives the terrain an amazing and picturesque look. It is one of the easiest waterfalls that you can access because it is just off the PR-191 road. You will get into the park along the road and there you will find the la coca falls. The waterfall is 85 feet tall and it is surrounded by majestic rainforest with different kinds of fauna and flora. The water moves down and splashes on the rock surfaces and the boulders down the waterfall.

It is critical to note that the boulders are very slippery hence you should take a lot of care if you are going to the pool below the waterfall. The pool is not ideal for swimming; however, it gives you a perfect location where you can take pictures and take a breather from the challenging environment.

Salto Curet

The Salto Curet waterfall is popular because of the unique ambiance and the synchrony with the local people. The people of Maricao value the waterfall and it is a perfect spot where you can go hiking or for your exploration activities. The natural sounds, ambiance, and the tranquil environment that these falls presents are some of the best for relaxation as the only sound you will be hearing is that of water splashing and birds chirping.

You can decide to hike upstream and this will only take you fifteen minutes. The water of the river is crystal clear and it has built a deep pool hence the need to take care when exploring this waterfall. The Salto Curet cascade divides into two from the top and this makes it about a hundred feet tall from the highest point to the lowest point. It is a magical waterfall that brings a different feeling of relaxation and a deeper connection to nature.

La Mina Falls

The la mina falls is one of the best places that you can ever visit in Puerto Rico. The waterfall has a special pool that you can dip in for a refreshing feeling and a breather after a long hike around the waterfall. The la mina falls is 35 feet drop and this generates a scenic pool amidst the jungle. These falls are more popular with youth groups and families hence you should visit them early in the day when crowds have not explored them yet. You can access the la mina falls through the La Mina or big tree trail.

These hiking trails are well labeled and you can follow the guide to the river. The la mina trail is the shortest because you can access the waterfall in just 0.7 miles and it is the popular route. There are steep and narrow places along with the hiking trial hence you should take care. One of the best things is that you will find picnic areas on the way to the waterfall and you can enjoy your food and drinks in these shelters.

Gozalandia Falls

These waterfalls are in the western region of Puerto Rico in a location called San Sebastian. This is a 50-foot-high and 10-meter-wide waterfall that attracts thousands of people throughout the year. It is important to understand that you should choose the low season if you want to enjoy the best views. During the summer period, there are large crowds hence the need to avoid exploring the area during this time.

The waterfall is a short walk from the paved trail hence you will not get lost when looking for it. There are many natural pools that you will be spoilt for choice when exploring the waterfalls in the region. You should always wear sunblock to prevent ultraviolet rays from affecting your skin during the hike. It is a perfect place that you can visit any time of the year.

Doña Juana Waterfall

This is popularly known as the birthplace and it is nestled in the Toro Negro state forest. When exploring the area, you will see three waterfalls along road 149 in Orocovis. Dona Juana waterfall is the perfect place if you want to take idyllic photos for your vacation. If you want to reach the pool at the bottom of the waterfall you have to hike down and climb the bridge and you must take extra caution during this process. After hiking around the waterfall and taking photos you can go to the lower side of the waterfall and take a dip to cool down. 

It is imperative to note that there are no facilities around the waterfall hence you should check your surrounding area when going to the Dona Juana waterfall.

La Canoa Falls

One of the lesser-known sides of El Yunque is in la Canoa falls. here the locals believe that the Taino’s spirits are thriving in the area. You will take a journey from the El hippie river where you will hear sounds of the water splashing and creating a different environment. There are petroglyphs, caves, and an amazing waterfall. The road leading to this waterfall is accessible to the public and it is part of the subtropical forest in the United States forest system.

There are huge boulders that surround the waterfall and you should be careful when walking around it. There is an exceptional picnic area where you can enjoy some meals in the company of your loved ones. Besides, there is a parking spot where you can park your car as you explore the waterfall and check out the gorge and boulders around the area.

Las Tinajas

East Puerto Rico presents you with a perfect place for exceptional sunrises and amazing beaches. However, these are not all the features that this part of the island has to offer. The Charco Frio and las Tinajas are the two waterfalls that are based on this location. You can enjoy some waterslides while on this location because in the recent past many people have been exploring the amazing features of the river. 

To access the waterfall, you must be a person of the adventurous spirit because you will have to hike around and some parts of the trail feature rocks. The hike to access the waterfall is twenty minutes but it is worth it because the pictures that you are going to take are amazing. The waterfall has a deep pool and you can swim and enjoy your time after taking photos. You can walk upstream and access another pristine pool that does not receive much traffic in the region. Here you can enjoy water sliding and swimming activities as well.

Salto Collazo waterfall

The Salto Collazo waterfall is an amazing location that you can go exploring in Puerto Rico. this location is a big magnificent place where the waters come crashing on the rocks below creating an amazing pool. The waterfall is 30 feet high and there is a bridge that will take you to the lower side of the waterfall where you can take photos and enjoy a swim in the pool after a long day of spending time on the hike. The rock by the falls is a perfect location where you can take pictures as well as enjoy some picnic with friends or family. It is better to visit this fall after the rains or during the dry season because it can be quite a slipper.

Las Delicias

The las Delicias is one of those waterfalls that you see in the movies because it is amazing and it is a site that is enchanted with amazing forest creatures. You can see this waterfall from the road and it is a perfect opportunity for you to get the best of this region by taking a five-minute walk to the waterfall. The las Delicias waterfall is in the Picachos state forest and there is a small pond where you can enjoy the cool river waters after a hike and exploration of the waterfalls.

The water goes through the ferns and moss-covered wall and it splashes down below. Just like the major waterfalls in the region the multi-cascade spot is a perfect location where you can hike and the best part is that the views are majestic. Ensure that you have captured all your memories while in the region.

Juan Diego Falls

The Juan Diego waterfalls are located deep in the forests and it is one of the best places that you can visit during your vacation in Puerto Rico. The waterfalls are hidden in the tropical forests and three cascades make up the Juan Diego Falls. When you choose to take a short hike to the El Yunque national forest, you will see a natural pool of water with an exceptional waterfall that splashes around.

There are numerous waterfalls around the area as well all of which make up the unique tour location. The most popular location is the Juan Diego falls and there is a natural picnic area where you can enjoy your time with your family. The 20-foot waterfall offers an amazing experience that you can enjoy and take photos in the amazing backdrop.

Poza Negra

 This is one of the waterfalls in Puerto Rico that is hard to find because many people tend to visit the largest waterfalls in the country. However, Poza Negra is the perfect waterfall for you to explore because it is one of those hidden gems and it is only 40 minutes from the capital of San Juan. The waterfall is also popularly called Charco Prieto and it is a 130-foot waterfall with exceptional lush green scenery and rocks that have been carved by the water. The hike is a perfect way for you to enjoy some time exploring the natural environment.

In conclusion, Puerto Rico is a destination that is filled with a wide array of waterfalls. you should take time to explore all the major waterfalls in the country.

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