Fiji is one of the pristine island destinations in the pacific that you should visit during your vacation, but what are the laws of weed in Fiji?

There are over 330 islands that make this south pacific archipelago one of the best destinations to visit during your vacation. The thrill of adventure from one part of the island to another coupled with a tranquil environment guarantees you the best environment. 

The country is packed with culture and diversity and during your trip to Fiji, you are going to see some of the most unique cultures that you will only find in these parts of the world. It is imperative to note that the island features some of the most pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise blue water where you are likely to swim with turtles.

Yasawas, Fiji

Fiji is known to bring all the blissful benefits that you will find in the pacific and you will find one of the best plans in the region as you get to explore luxurious private islands, resorts, and spas.

The capital Viti Levu is ten hours away from Los Angeles and San Francisco. When planning to explore different parts of the country then it is important that you understand the fauna and flora around.

Cannabis in Fiji

Whether you are visiting the island for the first time or you are a returning visitor. It is important to note that Fiji is one of the top destinations that guarantee you the ultimate experience. Perhaps the most common question among the visitors who are visiting the island country is they want to know if cannabis is legal in Fiji. 

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The economy of Fiji has continued to grow immensely and it is important to note that the massive cash flow from the exportation of sugar and tourism are some of the most contributors to this economy. 

Tokoriki Island, Fiji

It is illegal to smoke pot in Fiji and even finding pot in Fiji can be a difficult task and you should rather not even consider doing it. It is essential to understand the local rules and regulations because this will help you in making the right decision. 

The punishment for smoking pot in public or when you are in possession of marijuana in Fiji is severe.

Marijuana laws in Fiji

When traveling abroad it is always important that there are rules and regulations in different destinations.

Therefore, if you are traveling to Fiji and you want to smoke pot then you should first read the local laws about marijuana. Weed is illegal in Fiji whether it is smoking or cultivating and it is important that you should beware of people who might try to trick you because you will land in hefty fines and even imprisonment. 

A majority of the forces in Fiji will either charge you $100 especially if you are having marijuana over 10 grams. However, this is illegal because no law guarantees your freedom when you pay the $100 fine. Therefore, you must not smoke pot during your trip to the islands of Fiji because you might face dire consequences.

Can you buy cannabis in Fiji?

The strict policies around the islands of Fiji mean that it has become very complicated and it is almost impossible to get weed in Fiji.

While the locals might smoke especially in the interior parts of the islands, you should not try this especially if you are a tourist because you will be imprisoned.  Marijuana is simply illegal.

Many of these places where it can be sold are not legit therefore you are likely to get a substandard pot and even in some cases you are reported to the police.

Is weed legal in Fiji?

Growing weed in Bahamas

Perhaps the most important thing that you should understand is that weed is illegal in Fiji and you should not try to be seen smoking a joint or even purchasing it. The country has severe punishment for selling, purchasing, distributing, and cultivating cannabis in the country. 

The local government is reluctant to change these laws despite many people asking for change that will allow them to purchase pot for personal use.

With the current population of many young people looking for changes in the laws governing marijuana then there is a high chance that the weed might be legalized in the future.

Medical cannabis in Fiji

Medical marijuana in Fiji is illegal just like recreationally used marijuana. It is essential to note that there have been studies that have been done on the use of marijuana to deal with chronic conditions such as AIDS, multiple sclerosis, severe cases of arthritis as well as cancer.

However, while the ministry of health in the country has accepted some of these studies’ acceptance of the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in Fiji is still unacceptable.

Can you sell weed in Fiji?

Fiji is one of the countries with the most stringent marijuana rules in the south pacific and Asia region.

The country does not accept any form of selling marijuana whether for medical or recreational use.

If you are found selling weed in the country then you are likely to be jailed for 4 years and pay a hefty fine.

There are no licensed marijuana pharmacies in the country so even with a prescription you will not get marijuana in this region.

How do Fijians feel about cannabis?

The culture of smoking in Fiji is not detested because a majority of the young population wants marijuana to be legalized.

In addition to these, there have been positive results especially when it comes to the use of weed to treat various ailments.

The country continues to grow immensely and the constitution and government changes considerably hence a time will come that will result into result in the legalization of marijuana in the country.

Future of marijuana in Fiji

The medical marijuana industry has continued to grow immensely and with the benefits that have been realized by the use of the compound in dealing with chronic infections, then there is a high chance that the country might change its stance on medical marijuana.

Recreational marijuana legalization might take time; however, medical marijuana might be legalized in the near future.

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