Weed in Japan

Japan is one of the most visited countries in the Asian continent, so what are the laws of weed in Japan. Well – quite strict.

This country is the iconic core of the features that it has to offer and the diversity of the destination means that you are likely to have a time of your life when you visit the region.

The Japanese culture is one of the most admired cultures in the world and you are not going to find it anywhere else in the world. 

Japan is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it has a diverse history and beautiful locations.  The culture of Japan coupled with westernization are some of the features that make the country unique and many people want to check out this amazing destination. The picturesque scenery of the exquisite mountains, and unique waters are where many Japanese appreciate some of the unique features of the country.

If you are traveling to Japan for the first time, then you are likely to see some of the most exquisite features of this amazing destination. Even though you might think that Japan is an excessively modern country with advanced technology and flashy neon signs everywhere.

However, this is not the case because some places in Japan remain pristine and are perfect for understanding the culture of the local people.

Cannabis in Japan

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Perhaps in as much as the Japanese are advanced in technology the use of marijuana across the country is more common and it has been cultivated since about 6000 years ago. This means that Japan has advanced greatly when it comes to the production of marijuana in the region.

One of the most cultivated crops in Japan is industrial hemp. This was used in the production of textiles, fabrics, and even in the food industry. After the end of the second world war, Japan prohibited the possession of marijuana, and its production was regulated by the government.

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As of yesterday, cannabis remains illegal for both medicinal and recreational use in Japan. While other east Asian countries have undergone tremendous changes in the laws and regulations about marijuana, Japan continues to maintain its strict laws.

To give you the best tip I can: Do not ever buy or try to get any weed in Japan. It is strictly forbidden.

History of cannabis in Japan

There are drawings and cave paintings in Kyushu which tends to depict that marijuana has been present in different parts of the country from 5000 to 10000 BCE.  This is in the archipelago that is currently Korea and China as well as Japan. 

Cannabis was introduced about 18000 years ago to Japan and its cultivation began about 7000 years ago.  This makes cannabis one of the earliest crops that was cultivated in Japan.

Perhaps it is important to note that there have been changes in the species of the crops that have been planted in the region. This was cultivated solely for fiber and food. Since the plant was associated with purity and this meant that cannabis and hemp is a popular tool in ritual cleansing among other activities.

Cannabis laws in Japan

Japan’s high safety standard is one of the strongest in the world and it has zero tolerance for drugs and this is important to understand that weed is illegal in Japan as per the cannabis control act which was enacted in 1948.

The Japanese law on marijuana is one of the toughest in the world and it has not changed for over seven decades now. It is imperative to understand that you should not carry cannabis if you are going to travel to Japan.

Possession of cannabis

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It is imperative to understand that cannabis is illegal in Japan and you cannot use it either for medicinal or recreational purposes. This means that if you are going to be found with marijuana then there is a high chance that you will face stringent laws in the region.

The duration of the sentence as well as the penalties that are involved will vary depending on the region that you are going to give the region. If you have a THC product with the intention to sell this is usually penalized with 7 years in prison coupled with a high monetary fine as well.

In addition to this if you are proven to be importing marijuana to the country will face huge fines as well as jail time. It is therefore prudent that you avoid carrying marijuana to Japan or importing it while in the region.

Cultivation of marijuana in Japan

It is important to understand that Japan has the most stringent laws when it comes to drugs.

Ever since the government banned the cultivation of marijuana seven decades ago, this rule has never changed over the years.

It is essential to note that even medical marijuana is not acceptable and anyone who is found cultivating any number of plants will result in 7 years of jail time as well as hefty fines. 

Those suspected to be selling buds for profit will face 10 years behind bars coupled with a hefty fine.

Cannabidiol and medical marijuana in Japan

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Cannabis laws in Japan allow the sale of CBD oils, edibles, and tinctures. However, it is important to note that the companies producing this must ensure that the THC level of the compound is less than 0.3% and this cannabidiol should be produced from stems and hemp seeds.

In addition to this Japan has no cannabis medical program therefore you should expect any decriminalization or legalization of marijuana in the country any time soon.

What is the Japanese view on marijuana?

The young people of Japan are the ones who are pushing for the legalization of marijuana. A tourist might experience a culture when they visit Japan because of its modernity yet backwardness when it comes to marijuana and the legalization of the compounds. 

You must avoid behaviors and altercations with the law. Over the years as many countries continue to legalize marijuana then there is a high chance that Japan will join the bandwagon.

Cannabidiol is gaining huge popularity in Japan, therefore, there is a high chance that it could be legalized soon.

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