Germany is one of the most progressive countries in Europe, but what about the laws of weed in Germany?

 The German health ministry has been undergoing tremendous changes in the recent past and this has made a prominent move in the legalization of cannabis in the country.  While the current laws currently do not allow for the recreational use of marijuana across the country.

There have been policy changes for the first time and political leaders are looking to change the laws to allow for marijuana use for recreational purposes. However, it is important to note that the use of marijuana is for recreational use.

The chancellor has moved to enhance legislation that seeks to decriminalize marijuana which allows possession of marijuana for personal consumption. Germany is among the countries that have undergone changes and it legalized medical marijuana in 2016.

The legal status of the possession of cannabis in Germany is not yet straightforward and while medical marijuana is permitted in the country, possession of a higher amount of marijuana could lead to jail time. 

When it comes to cannabis there are different factors that should be put into consideration such as the amount, the intended purpose, use, and possession.

It is therefore important to note that you should always ensure that you understand the laws and regulations regarding the state of pot in the country before presenting yourself with any.

When traveling, many tourists do not take time to understand the dynamics and the local rules and regulations and you should try to know them to avoid getting into an altercation with the local authorities. Do not buy any marijuana from anyone.

What are the laws about marijuana in Germany?

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Possession of marijuana above 10 grams is illegal in Germany and you are likely to face the course of the law. While many people across the country think of it as a lesser drug when compared to other hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

The most severe part of this product is the sale, growth, and distribution which when done will result in jail time or hefty fines.  It is also critical to understand that different states of Germany will have different laws especially when it comes to the amount of marijuana in possession. 

In some cases, these states usually will find it offensive if you are in possession of marijuana from 6 grams upwards. The most essential part is the intention.

If the intended purpose is to sell then it becomes a case against the state and you will face hefty fines and imprisonment.

Can you sell marijuana in Germany?

A quick is a big no. it is essential to understand that your marijuana is not legal in Germany therefore you should not have it with the intention of selling.  If you are found in the possession of marijuana with the intention of selling then you are going to face imprisonment or hefty fines.

This is in tandem with the German narcotic act which indicates that the possession of cannabis, cultivation, and products to sell is a criminal liability in the country.

There are different cases that are considered illegal as well especially if you are trying to smuggle marijuana from abroad.

Growing weed in Germany

Growing weed

While Germany allows the growth of marijuana for medical use there is room for the growth of marijuana for medicinal purposes only.  However, if you want to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes then you have to follow the rules and regulations of your state.

You will require a license to grow marijuana for medical purposes.

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If you are looking to grow marijuana then you should contact an attorney in the region who understand all the laws and regulations about the growth of medicinal marijuana. 

In the case where marijuana is grown for medicinal purposes, strict rules and regulations have to be followed because this will give you the details on the amount of THC which is one of the most important aspects when growing marijuana.

There is also a way in which to handle any excess cannabis component. If you want to obtain medical marijuana then you should get a prescription from a medical practitioner.

Medical marijuana use

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Since the decriminalization of marijuana in the country in 2016, access to marijuana has become easier if you have a prescription from a certified medical practitioner.

There has been an increase in the uptake of marijuana by different patients suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s, and AIDS among other severe diseases.  The product is essential because it helps to calm nerves as well as alleviate pain in different things such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Cannabis that is utilized in the medical industry is regulated at the federal level and the standards are usually mandatory therefore you should ensure that you should know the rules before purchasing medicinal marijuana.

Driving and marijuana possession

Perhaps one of the most important aspects that you should ensure that you avoid during your trip to Germany is to avoid any possession of marijuana especially if you are driving.

Driving under the influence or in possession of marijuana can result in hefty fines as well as sentencing for years depending on the amount that you have been found with. 

It is important to note that the courts can impose travel and driving bans especially if you are found with marijuana beyond the state limit. The most recommended amount of THC in the weed is about 10%.

Is selling weed legal?

This is one of the most controversial aspects when it comes to marijuana use and sale in Germany.

You can purchase medicinal marijuana. However, selling is only done by certified institutions that sell especially medical marijuana.

It is important to note that processed products are legal especially if it has less than 0.20% THC anything beyond that is illegal and you might face prosecution.

What happens when you have cannabis seeds?

When it comes to the growth of marijuana, it is important to note that marijuana seeds are illegal and if you are found in possession of these seeds could result in hefty fines or jail time. 

It is only possible to have marijuana seeds if you have a license to cultivate them.

How does society view cannabis?

The German population is one of the most progressive populations on the planet and according to research done. Over 65% of the population wants marijuana for recreational use to be legalized. There have been tremendous changes, especially in terms of legislation among others,