Hiking is the known form of meditation for travelers, and with locations like that of Germany, it becomes spiritual and enlightening. But, are you in desperate need of some awe-inspiring mountains and gorgeous landscapes? Well then, Germany is the right destination to pack your bags for this holiday. The cities of Berlin and Munich are certainly spectacular, but there is a lot more in this historically famed nation. Stunning architectures, radiant skylines, and mesmerizing views are all that make Germany the perfect travel destination for hikers. There are more than 15 best hiking trails in Germany you can challenge yourself, which will satisfy your feelings when you reach the viewpoints.

Germany has it all, whether you are looking for a coastal trail or want to dive into the mystic mountains. Life in Germany is quite sublime, and so are the natural surroundings. You could immediately feel teleported to a world beyond beauty. To your amazement, hikers and trekkers worldwide love to explore the hiking trails in Germany, which is 200,000 kilometers. Yes, that’s correct. This blog has got you exclusive information about the best 15 hiking trails in Germany. However, to begin with, you must get yourself prepared with this basic information. 

What To Know Before Heading To Germany

Berlin, Germany

Germany is one of the most stringent nations in the world. Therefore, you don’t want to get stuck at a location with no idea how to reach your destination. This is why here is the correct information about travel in Germany. 

1. What’s Your Transport Zone 

Germany requires all its visitors to get the correct zoned tickets. You can get this ticket based on the route of your travel. So, it’s wise to get your itinerary prepared, including the hiking trails you want to go to. You can use zonal maps to get to the right station. You might cross a zone on crossing a city. Just be sure that the ticket checkers are not at all friendly, so you must have your tickets in place. Begin your hiking journey on a good note with perfect transport tickets. 

2. Travelling Around Germany

It’s not a big secret that Germany is among the best nations in their transportation systems. The exclusive trains have experience of their own. These trains travel to every part of the country. Although, travel in Germany is quite expensive as well. You might end up paying 180 Euros for a trip from Berlin to Munich.

If your trip is restricted with a budget, you should stick to intercity trains that are half the price. You can also opt for overnight bus options. They are pretty affordable. It’s advisable to make the bookings online. This way, you will stay updated with the schedule. 

3. Don’t Forget to Find Some Good Discounts On Travel

If you plan to get trains for your journey to Germany, there are certain discount options available. You can harness the power of friendship as Germans love it. There are fantastic discounts on group tickets, so don’t forget to get some of them. You can also check out specific regional train tickets, which have the scheme of getting lower on the increased number of friends. The more your friends lesser you pay. 

Let’s Start The Hiking Adventure in Germany

Well, that was all about traveling in Germany. Now, let’s start our exciting journey to wander around the quintessential landscapes of Germany. 

1. Painters Way

As the name suggests, the Painter’s Way is the abode for adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. It became a booming tourist spot in the 18th century when people started exploring its vivid rock formations beyond one’s imaginations. As much as the place is adventurous and wild, it’s romantic as well. Originally called Malerweg, Painter’s Way is a mesmerizing hiking trail. The government restored the trial in 2006 through historical guides. The clouds enclosing the beautiful rocks make it one of the majestic routes in Germany. 

Now, coming to the location, then it’s located in the Elbe mountains. The sandstone formations are so picturesque that famous painters like Caspar David Friedrich couldn’t resist using them in their art. Not just that, but the location has been used as a backdrop in several movies like The Chronicles of Narnia. However, the place is not just natural heaven. It has more to offer. The route of Painter’s way is equipped with small inns, and there are restaurants and resting zones at regular intervals. 

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The trail is 112 kilometers long approximately, and it would take around 8 to 9 days to complete the trail. Considering the gear you need, get yourself some waterproof equipment and gear along with proper water and food supply. Don’t worry; you will have enough spots to refuel. The place has hiking poles, which will help you go through significant inclines. This trek is certainly perfect if you are ready to venture into a majestic world. 

2. Heidschnuckenweg Trail

Heidschnuckenweg trail. Luneburg, Germany

If you are looking for something different than those mystical mountains and grand heights, here is the Heidschnuckenweg trail. The incredibly stunning fauna is what makes this trail highly recommendable. The trek is perfect for beginners and offers some exciting visuals. It is undoubtedly the best trail to go with your partners and spend some quality time. The trek is located in the Luneburg Heath and is surrounded by fanciful villages, expansive visuals, pine forests, and green meadows. So plan your visit in the post-summer period and get ready to spectate a scene worth the grandeur. 

The purple lilacs surrounded all over the place make it magical and romantic at the same time. Start your hike with simple gear and let the cool breeze cascade your face. The trail is 220 kilometers long, and the beautiful heather and lilac are all you need to enjoy a fragrance filled with natural beauty. You can start the trail from Hamburg. You can reach the city through a well-connected system of rail and road. The landscape is flat, and you won’t face any difficulties. There are 13 stages of this trail, so take time to behold the beauty of hills and valleys on your way.   

3. Weinkulturpfad- Trier

Are you interested in exploring Germany’s wine culture? If yes, then here is the right hiking spot for you. The great scenes of the Petrisberg hill surrounded by vine culture and Roman amphitheater are the best of Trier served together. On halfway, the trail would take you to the Olewig crossing the grapes. This is 1.6 kilometers.

The trail is perfect for you if you are willing to explore the magnificent human history in a multilingual panel consisting of the local history of human civilization, starting from the first-ever known human habitat to the ice age and then the Romans. It’s the combination of nature, history, and gorgeousness. The best part about this trail is that even a beginner can get to it without any special gear or something. Enjoy the stunning view of Trier, Germany, with this exclusive trail. 

4. The Black Forest

The Black Forest, Germany

If a serene spot is all you want on your next hiking journey, then The Black Forest packed with blazing gorges, mystic waterfalls, lush green meadows, and brilliant lakes is just for you. Located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, the forest offers sublimation with the essence of nature. The Black forest hiking trails are widely spread among thousands of kilometers. You would be surprised to know, but the network of hiking trails in the Black Forest is 140 years old. Well, that is simply impressive and shows the love of hiking among Germans. 

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Other than that, the St. Blaise Catherdral works as a cherry on the top for this classic hiking spot. A hiking adventure in the Black Forest is no less than a mysterious or fantasy island visit. The forest has inspired various german fairytales like the Brothers Grimm and is also featured in German legends and myths. As a tourist, you are going to live the experience of your lifetime at the Black Forest. Therefore, it’s advised to keep your special gear ready before going on a hiking venture in this forest. The terrain is hilly and has various little villages across its routes. The Black Forest has various routes, yet the most popular ones are The Mittleweg trail, Westwego, and Oswego. These three are located in the central, west, and east parts of the forest. 

5. Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The next spot on the list is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a hiking abode situated near Germany’s tallest peaks. It’s a city offering everything a traveler would ever want: Exotic cuisine, heritage sites, and a great environment of the Alpine. The location has a lot to offer for different types of hikers, considering its hilly region. There are long, flat, and zigzag terrains in the Zugspitze area. 

This place is no less than a paradise in the early spring. Thanks to the fully-equipped routes and charming surroundings, that makes it classic. The city or the town is located in the Bavarian Alps, and depending upon the weather, it’s perfect for skiing, hiking, and ice-skating. If you are a trained mountaineer or an expert, it would be interesting for you to target the summit of Zugspitze. There is a lot more at this spectacular location in Germany.  

6. The Allgäu Alps

The Allgau Alps located beside the lake Constance region, has been a treat to watch for nature lovers. The space across the lake has a well-connected network of gorges, mountains, and waterways. The trek would take a week across the lake, crossing Germany and other countries like Austria and Switzerland. The landscape seems to have nature at its most in terms of beauty. 

The lake is also locally known as Bodensee. Coming to the bewitching hiking trail in Germany, the Allgäu Alps are spread across the E5 European long-distance path. Overall, the track is spread over 3,200 kilometers. The countries crossing this trail include France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, apart from Italy. There are 12 trails spread across this region, so pick your one and start the adventure.  

7. Lohmen, Sachsen 

Bastei, Lohmen, Deutschland

Lohmen is a beautiful location for hiking enthusiasts. Space has some exquisite scenes and landscapes. The trail is spread over 1200 km, and the route enclosing Saxon Switzerland National Park is undoubtedly elating. It has a unique appeal and elegance that makes it different from the rest of Germany. The classic addition to the stunning gorges, tablelands, and volcanic cones is the magical column made of sandstones. 

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These majestic wonders are placed at a height in the lush green forests of Lohmen. On your trip, you certainly want to spectate the bizarre rock formation called Bastei. It’s a 194-meter tall monolith gifted itself in the Elbe River. You can pick the golden triangle hiking route that begins from Wehlen, goes through Bastei, and reaches Kurort Rathen to make your adventure complete. You can take a halt at nearby inns and get some refreshments on your tour as well. 

8. Blankenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt

The Blankenburg region in the Sachsen, Anhalt is another gorgeous hiking spot you might want to explore. The destination has overall 164 hikes spread across 8000 km. That’s simply amazing. These trails would pass the Harzar Wandernadel along with the Harz National park, making it perfect for tourists from different parts of the world. The hiking system is amazingly developed to bestow a tour filled with entertainment and fun. 

The spot has some exciting challenges for professionals. However, you should get a bit of a surprise on your trip. Other than that, the hiking trail at Blankenburg, Sachsen- Anhalt, is packed with beguiling monasteries, grand mountains, and exclusive wildlife. The fun is on your way to this charming trail in Germany. 

9. Masserberg, Thüringen

Next up on the list is Europe’s most historic hiking trail dating back to 700 years. The Masserberg hiking trail is situated on the Rennsteig trail with 169 km of ridgeway. Its surrounded by the Thuringian Forest and has gorgeous scenery to behold. There are 1300 boundary stones on this trail which goes back to the 16th century. That’s simply marvelous. 

The natural springs and the virgin forest combined with the stunning valleys make the entire route of this magical hiking trail. Although, when you are off on the trip, don’t forget to greet your friends and team members with “Gut Runst.” It’s the local tradition of this historically bewildering hiking trail. You certainly need some expert gear on this hiking trail, owing to the varied terrain. So, don’t forget to bring some quality stuff.  

10. Partnachklamm

The Partnachklamm hike in the Rental valley is another spectacular hiking spot in the Bavarian Alps. This hike is 700 meters long, and the gorge is 86 meters deep. The phenomenal edges of this stunning gorge make it scenic and certainly breath-taking. On your way to this charming hiking location, you would also witness the majestic caves, which are certainly worth a look. In addition, some mountain huts work perfectly well to offer a space for refreshment and break.

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If you are a big fan of sports, specifically skiing, then you’ll have the chance to visit the Winter Olympics Ski Station of 1936. Garmisch is the tallest mountain in Germany and has some bewildering gorge hikes, including Partnachklamm. The gorge carves the hill and offers a trail among the limestone walls. There are impressive waterfalls that turn into spectacular stalactites of frozen water reflecting a castle made of snow. This walk or hike is explored by numerous tourists every year. You can plan this hike with your friends and get a delightful experience. There are options to book guided hikes, such as those of lovely torch walks and more. You don’t have to be an expert hiker. This trek is apt for beginners as well. Get your waterproof gear ready for this fantastic hiking experience. 

11. Berchtesgaden

Berchtesgaden, Germany

The Berchtesgaden is a gorgeous hiking location beside the Austrian border, and you would like to know that it has a plethora of fauna and flora. Being the abode of Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest and a beautiful national park, the location is ideal for a trekking zone. The hikers can enjoy miles of the jaw-dropping trek and if you are a professional, try out your luck at this professional trek at Berchtesgaden to Mt Watzmann. That is the 3rd largest peak in the country.  

Though there is much more for beginners, you can try your way to the Watzmann-Ostwand from the St Bartholomew’s Church, including King’s Lake, which is Konigsee. This is a 2-kilometer trek and has some scenic visuals around the way. Other than that, the trek to the Eagle’s Nest offers a sweeping view of the Alps. Except for the Mt Watzmann summit, other treks are perfectly challenging and adventurous for beginners. 

Other than its gorgeous trekking locations, the Berchtesgaden town is also ideal for a visit. The National park in the region also offers bewitching trekking trails enclosing the Watzmann mountain. You can easily reach Berchtesgaden as the place is easily accessible by road and rail transports. Get your waterproof gear ready on your way to this nature’s heaven. If you are heading straight for the summit, then get your expert equipment onboard.  

12. Rheinsteig

Here you go with a long journey trekking trail offering the exclusive beauty of Germany. It’s a 320 km trek flowing through the Rhine river. The trek begins in Bonn and covers some elegant locations by the end in Wiesbaden. There are sections if you are not willing to go on a complete 320 km trekking trail. Your way to the middle Rhine valley would allow you to spectate some exotic wineries and stay some time in the villages inspired by Medieval architecture and looks.  

If you are interested in taking a look at some creatures from your fantasy, then visit Lorelei. You would witness some weird but amusing creatures like faeries, gnomes, and many more found in German folklore. Winding your way from the Rhine River, you could see some picturesque locations enclosed with lush green forests, vineyards, ancient castles, and towns embraced with romance. Overall there are 23 stages of this trek, and you could see some of the UNESCO world heritage sites on your way. These are located above the Upper Middle Rhine valley. On your way to wineries, if you don’t try the famed Rhine wine, then you would certainly miss one of the best aspects of the trek.       

13. Martinskapelle Loop- Martinskapelle

This is a 10 km trekking trail with gorgeous scenes of the deep forests. The trek begins with the hilltop chapel known as Martinskapelle. Its located 11km away from the Triberg in its southwest direction. Apart from exclusive forest sites, the hilly Brendturm at the height of 1149m offers classic visuals from the Feldberg, Vosges, and the Alps. However, it’s just that the day must be cloud-free to experience this brilliant view. Take a route from the Brendhäusle and the Rosseck to mesmerize yourself into the charisma of winding mountains and forests.   

14. Baltic Coast 

This is another beauty in the land of Germans with an extensive coast hike of 400 km. The sea view and the stunning landscape begin their way from Lübeck and end in Ahlbeck. Apart from the sea breeze, hikers can enjoy pine forests and glowing rapeseed fields. It’s ideal for hackers who want to try the taste of swimming. Just replace your gear with the swimsuit, and you are all set to go. The sandy beaches and the food along your way gives a refined character to this trek. 

15. Eifelsteig Trail 

Last but not least, the Eifelsteig trail is among one of the best long-distance trails in Germany. This trail offers you a complete experience of having everything you want. Succeeding through historic cities like Aachen and Trier, it has a perfect glimpse of nature and the jaw-dropping landscape and terrain.

It’s a 313 km trail with varied topography and landscapes making your visual stunning and memorable. The lake site at the Rur, the Urft dam, and many more things make this hike a walk into paradise. The list of attractions on your way to this hike is undoubtedly vast; however, what you should not miss are the volcanic lakes, sky-high summits, and a fantasy world picked from your favorite book. So get your expert gear ready for this fascinating trek. 


All in all, Germany has a lot to offer for hikers. The country is home to different terrains, which is why no matter what you expect on your trekking tour, you can find it in Germany. These were the top 15; however, there are more and various trekking trips you must explore on your way to this natural paradise. Don’t forget, Germany is a strict nation, so keep your passports and all the documents safe. Beauty and adventure are waiting for your way in Germany.