Austria is a beautiful country, and it is blessed with unique natural fauna and flora. The breathtaking landscape and picturesque beauty are what you need to experience the best in life. If you are visiting Austria and want to experience life at a different level, then the hiking trails near Vienna are where you should go. You will be amazed by the opportunities that the country offers and the experiences you will feel throughout your trip to the city. While the upper side of Austria has Prealps, alpine villages, lakes, there is much that lower Austria has to offer as well.

Vienna might not be located in the Austrian alps; however, it is one of the most visited cities in Europe because it is an exceptional tourist destination. There are exciting aspects of the city and the features that make it unique and a place that you should visit in Europe.

During the late spring, the Viennese head to Wiener Alpen, and this is where people can take a breather from the city life and enjoy the fantastic experience that nature has to offer. Numerous hiking trails are near Vienna, and most of these hiking destinations are an hour away from the city. The hiking trails near Vienna traverse over 240 kilometers through the woods on the recreational areas and the woods on the city’s edge. These areas are well marked, and they can be easily accessed via public transport.  

Why Choose Hikes Near Vienna?

Vienna is a city in Austria that is rich in culture, diversity as well as modern architecture. However, the city is not limited to these only. You can have the best hiking experiences near the city. The hiking trails near Vienna are accessible via public transport, and you should make a point of visiting the town and hiking in these trails.

The restaurants and service areas along these trails make them a moment of excursion and where people can spend their leisure time. There are benches on the most attractive views of the forest and meadows, and you have the opportunity to snap up some pictures in this beautiful scenery.

Hiking trails near Vienna

There are numerous hiking trails, and here are some of the best trails that you should trek while in the city.

City hiking trail

The classic eleven-kilometer city hiking trail is familiar in Austria, and it begins at the terminus of the tram in line D near the Heuriger town called Nussdorf. This trail then ascends steeply. As you gain the elevation, you will have amazing views of the city.

It is imperative to note that you will have an exquisite view of the Danube, Vienna woods, and Vienna city at the summit. After a detour of the Josefinenhütte, you will come to a starting point where the terrain changes considerably. After three or four hours, you can get back to your original destination. It is important to note that you can combine your hiking experience with the culinary delights of the restaurants that are found along the trail. 

The trail is a romantic one. You can take your loved one to enjoy the views of the city and the environs as well the distinctive mountains made of limestone. They will shine their white color against the backdrop of an evening sun, how amazing can this be? The city hiking trail is the best trail that you can go to in Vienna. Walking in the Vienna alps is pretty easy because the trails are well developed, and you can move from one point to another with ease. 

Explore the Amazing Rax West Plateau Trail

The Raxalpe West plateau trail is an exceptional location for hiking near Vienna. The trail is easy to follow as it is well marked, and you can hike this trail whether you are a new or an experienced hiker. The best time is when the trail has dried well during the summer, and you can get your grip perfectly.

You can begin it from the parking lot at Preiner Gscheid before ascending to the meadows up before reaching the Waxriegelhaus hut, and this can take you about half an hour. The trail begins to gain elevation before opening up a meadow located at the base of the Rax mountain. This hut is a perfect place to grab a meal and relax after walking for these kilometers long. 

You can continue past this hut to an intersection where the trail ascends through the forest before you get to a bush line. The sweeping has views of the valley and the lovely balcony trail. The mountain hut has an outdoor and indoor setting, too. It is pretty tempting that you might find yourself grabbing a beer and relaxing there for a few minutes. After the hut, you can trek a few meters and turn left where there is a sign that shows an ascend of two hundred meters, an intersection. The trail then levels out, and you can continue to the Rax plateau.

Hike the Karl-Ludwig Haus trail 

This hiking trail is located in Styria, and it is 9 kilometers long, and it is classified as a moderate hiking trail. It takes about five hours to finish the hiking trail. The best period that you should visit this hiking trail is from mid-May through September. You can access this trail via public transport, or you can drive to the trailhead. There is a huge parking lot at the mountain pass. You can hike this trail any time of the day, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

Explore the Siebenbrunnenkessel Loop Trail

This hiking trail will take you a few hours, and, in most cases, it is usually a half a day hike. The trail is highly satisfying as you get to explore what the new environment has to offer to you. You can hop from one hut to the other. The trail begins at the Preiner Gscheid parking lot, and after this, it begins to ascend, and you can follow the signs as you hike high up the trail.

You can hike along the trail through the forest, which will lead you to Reißtalerhütte. Before you arrive at this hut, you will see signs indicating the beginning of the Gretchensteig trail. Once you see this sign, hike in this trail, moving up to the Karl Ludwig Haus.

You will not need any special equipment to traverse these mountains because the steep section is wells secured. However, it is critical to note that you will need climbing gloves as you will need both hands to hike the high trail. The Karl Ludwig Haus is a perfect location where you can take a drink or eat something before continuing your journey.

Hike the Fadensteig Loop Trail

This is a day hike that you can experience near Vienna. The Vienna mountains offer thrilling scenery, and it is a place that you should take time and hike. The loop starts at the Losenheim valley station, and you can ascend via the salamander chair lift. However, this is entirely optional. You can choose to hike the trail without using the chair lift. 

The path is well marked, and you are sure that you can hike the trail without any help. The sign indicates that the time taken is about an hour. You can ascend steadily as you weave in and out of the forest. After three-quarters of an hour, you will be at the expansive hilltop meadow. You can turn left and continue on the gravel road or take a break to rejuvenate. A part of the trail has rocky terrain, and it can be pretty challenging for people who do not have the proper hiking boots. 

The trail will continue rising along the balcony trail, and you will eventually come across a mountain ridge. This trail continues to the left, and it will take you about half an hour to reach the Fischerhütte. This hut is a perfect place where you can relax, warm up and eat lunch. It is also important to rejuvenate to have the energy to embark on the next hiking trail. If you want to continue with this circuit, you can follow the path toward the Fadensteig trail about 150 meters away. You will see the poles on the route are marked, and the occasional white or green is the waymark. The views from the top are fantastic, and you can take time taking pictures as well, just enjoying the views.

Let’s pack your things and hike

In summary, Vienna presents an opportunity for you to experience the best of Austrian culture and hiking trails. It does not need any experience, and anyone can come and hike in this destination. You do not have to follow the trails indicated. You can check out the best trails and become more adventurous.