Portugal is a top European tourist destination and according to recent reports indicate that it was voted as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, so what are the laws of weed in Portugal?

The country is rich in art, history, laid-back areas, bustling cities, amazing views, islands diverse cultures, and cuisines. It makes the best environment that you are going to visit the destination. 

There are different places that you can visit in Portugal and the Madeira islands are some of the pristine coastline locations that you can enjoy during your visit to the region. The old center in Algarve will take you back to several decades ago when they constructed the structures in the region.

These 18th-century townhouses coupled with the baroque churches are some of the iconic places that you are going to visit in Portugal. 

The different medieval castles and alleys are some of the touristy locations in the region. Spring and fall are the best times that you should Portugal because it presents you with the best environment in the region as the weather is perfect and you get to see some of the lively parts of Portugal.

Cannabis in Portugal

Cannabis in Costa Rica

Portugal is a country with over ten million people and it is among the most progressive countries in the world. When it comes to cannabis the country, the sector has grown over the years and the people in the country are happy with the tremendous changes in the world. 

Cannabis is not legal for recreational use in Portugal.  The Portuguese government took measures about two decades ago to ensure that that the decriminalization of different drugs in 2001.

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This was meant to focus on using marijuana to treat various chronic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, severe arthritis, aids among others.

The adoption of a more progressive approach by the country is one of the most fundamental things which means that the population continues to grow in terms of their understanding of cannabis and dealing with drug addiction in different parts of the country.

Is weed legal in Portugal?

Cannabis crops

Portugal has made great strides when it comes to the decriminalization of the products in the past two decades and the people are understanding the benefits of this concept as well as reducing the chances of drug addiction in the country.

Medical marijuana is legal in the country, however, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is prohibited in country. Anyone that is found with marijuana above 25 grams will face criminal charges and potentially jail time.

It is therefore important that you are familiar with the local laws to ensure that you do not have an altercation with the law.

In Portugal, cannabis is decriminalized but remains strictly regulated; it can only be legally accessed through a prescription from a medical professional and dispensed at an approved pharmacy.

How much marijuana can you possess in Portugal?

Using cannabis

 Ever since the government of Portugal decriminalized the drugs such as cannabis there are different places with different laws about the amount of cannabis that you can have while in the region. The most common law is any possession of more than 15 grams is punishable by jail term as well as hefty fines.

It is always important that you should not interfere with the law while visiting Portugal because it might lead to the confiscation of your travel documents and even a ban from visiting the country again.

However, it is important to understand that if you are found with an amount of marijuana that is enough to sell or with the intention to sell then this could result in charges forged against you.

Can you sell weed in Portugal?

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If you are visiting Portugal for the first time it is important to understand that even if the drug has been decriminalized you should not assume that it is legal in the country. 

Selling marijuana from one part body to the other is illegal in Portugal and you should always be careful because it can result in a penalty as well as jail time.

Anyone that is found trafficking marijuana or supplying it will face up to 12 years in prison time or an equally amount of hefty fine.

Portuguese law usually considered the nature of the crime as well as the funding of the project therefore you cannot sell marijuana in the country unless you are a licensed pharmacist.

Cultivation of marijuana

Growing and sale of marijuana across Portugal for personal use are illegal and you should never try this at home.  While the Portuguese government has continued to grow the cannabis industry by allowing the use of medical marijuana in the country. 

The cultivation of marijuana in the country is only legal for people who are doing it for medicinal purposes. 

The government regulates the number of farms that are growing marijuana in the country as well as the quality of the product. For medicinal purposes, cultivation of marijuana will require you to have a license from the local government and with this, the government can control the quality, quantity, mode of transportation, and storage of the product.

This ensures that the quality of medical cannabis produced is top-notch. This is usually supplied to the weed dispensaries in the region.

Is cannabidiol legal in Portugal?

Portugal is an advanced country and it has permitted the use of CBD oil in different parts of the world. You can purchase CBD products from licensed pharmacies across the country. 

The legalization of cannabis for medical purposes means that CBD is allowed in different parts of the state as long as you have a prescription from a certified medical practitioner. 

This is vital because it prevents people from selling low-quality marijuana as well as reducing drug addiction across the country.

Medical marijuana in the country

Medical marijuana in Portugal is legal therefore if you are traveling to the region and you want to see the production of medical marijuana then there is a high chance that you will find several farms across the state.

Portuguese laws do not permit the sale, purchase, or cultivation of marijuana for personal use. However, for the medical field, you are required to acquire a license from the regular government body and this will allow you to get the best quality product.

Marijuana is being studied for use in PTSD, cancer therapy, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis among others.

Industrial hemp

Portugal has a rich history in the cultivation of hemp and this was used for different purposes such as sails, and ropes, among others the local people utilized hemp in different ways and it became an integral plant in their lives.

How do the Portuguese view cannabis

Perhaps as one of the most advanced countries in the world, the Portuguese people are aware of modern times as well as the use of marijuana in different fields. Over 60% of the population wants marijuana to be legalized.

However, this is more about political changes than policy changes.  However, as it stands there is a high chance that marijuana will be legalized in Portugal.

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