Coasteering São Miguel – Uncover the Best Spots!

São Miguel, part of the Azores archipelago in Portugal, stands out as a pristine destination for coasteering. Hosting around 140,000 people, this island promises an unforgettable experience. Renowned for its lush greenery, rolling landscapes, and stunning water bodies, São Miguel invites exploration.

Among the Azores, it ranks as a highly visited island, offering a plethora of activities, from swimming and snorkeling to scuba diving. In particular, Ponta Delgada, considered the capital of the Azores, boasts economic vitality, a thriving tourism scene, and captivating architecture.

Within São Miguel, you’ll encounter distinctive elements, from charming sidewalk cafes and cobblestone streets to a culinary scene that epitomizes Portuguese cuisine. The island showcases unique natural wonders such as crater lakes, dramatic cliffs, deep waters, and iconic forests. Its geothermal attributes create a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, with warm waters inviting year-round swims across different regions.

The presence of hot springs and natural spas further elevates São Miguel’s status as a premier global destination. Along its volcanic rocky coast, diverse features emerge, nurturing coral reefs and a thriving ecosystem of sea creatures. This vibrant ecosystem adds to the island’s allure and distinctiveness, making it a must-visit location globally.

Why go coasteering in São Miguel?

Coasteering on Sao Miguel is immense fun!

It’s among the top destinations for this thrilling activity, set amidst a pristine environment shaped by volcanic activity. The cliffs and mountains formed by these geological forces create an ideal setting for diving, scuba diving, and abseiling.

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Exploring the islands of São Miguel offers a journey through breathtaking landmarks, hidden gems, captivating attractions, and a plethora of enjoyable activities, making it a perfect environment for adventure during your travels to the region.

Top places where you can go coasteering in São Miguel

Ensuring your safety while having the time of your life is paramount when visiting São Miguel. This region boasts top-notch destinations for coasteering, offering thrilling experiences while maintaining safety standards. Here are the standout spots where you can indulge in coasteering adventures in São Miguel.

Lagoa das Furnas

Lagoa das Furnas stands out as an ideal coasteering location within the Azores islands. This area offers unique opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring activities like snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and diving.

São Miguel’s dynamic geological history has shaped distinctive structures crucial for enhancing aquatic life in this region. The geological formations have given rise to Lagoa das Furnas, a geothermal spa perfect for a warm swim amid this remarkable setting.

The Sete Cidades Massif

The Sete Cidades Massif ranks among the prime locations for exploring the natural habitat and marveling at the region’s astounding structures. Positioned on the island’s western end, this massif showcases volcanic craters and a water-filled caldera, forming some of the most remarkable features to discover during your visit. The presence of lava domes contributes to the creation of warm waters, perfect for year-round swimming.

It’s crucial to assess the environmental conditions before embarking on your exploration. Understanding the prevailing weather ensures making informed decisions about the best spots to visit. Summer stands out as an ideal time, offering high water visibility, providing opportunities to swim alongside turtles, dolphins, and other captivating species.

The Ribeiro dos Caldeirões Canyon

The Ribeiro dos Caldeirões Canyon stands as an ultimate destination to elevate your adrenaline rush. Its crystal-clear waters complement the lush green surroundings and vibrant coral reefs, fostering a thriving marine ecosystem. The cliffs here offer opportunities for exhilarating jumps, reaching staggering heights that demand prioritizing safety above all else. Hiking between different areas before engaging in abseiling or canyoning is a fantastic way to explore this region.

Numerous cliffs, ranging from 4 to 8 meters, invite thrilling jumps into the canyons and waters below, catering to climbing, scrambling, hiking, and the sheer joy of leaping. This spot requires an intermediate to advanced swimming level, necessitating adequate preparation before venturing into these challenging yet exhilarating terrains.

Salto do Cabrito Canyon

Salto do Cabrito Canyon emerges as another premier destination within the Azores islands, offering an immersive experience in the lap of Mother Nature. Here, you’ll find the quintessential outdoorsy ambiance, characterized by lush greenery, turquoise waters, and ample opportunities for hiking and canyoning, promising an enjoyable blend of trekking and swimming.

For thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, this location is a haven as the deep waters invite exploration of aquatic life.

Canyoning here is a highlight of any visit to this region, ensuring top-tier experiences. With various spots equipped for coasteering activities, consulting an instructor becomes pivotal before expanding your coasteering adventures into unexplored natural waters. The area boasts a 10-meter-high waterfall, among two others, amplifying the adrenaline rush to unprecedented levels. While many places offer significant depths, prioritizing safety remains crucial.

The age criteria typically start from 8 years and above for engaging in these activities. It’s advisable to carry your swimsuit and necessary protective gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience exploring this remarkable location.

Picos Region

The Picos Region stands as another top destination awaiting exploration during your visit to the area. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter unique fish species exclusive to this locale, thriving within its diverse and rich ecosystem. The convergence of Atlantic Ocean currents within the central plain offers an ideal setting to explore the variety of fish species and delve into the depths of the waters, a distinct characteristic of this region.

Lagoa do Fogo

Lagoa do Fogo presents itself as a must-visit region within this area. Embarking on a journey to this locale offers various hiking opportunities across numerous well-marked trails. These paths wind through forests, showcasing diverse wildlife native to the Azores. Exploring the crater in this area is an experience not to be missed.

The warmth of the waters here invites swimming, yet caution is advised regarding water depth and strong waves. It’s essential to equip oneself with the best swimming gear and possess strong swimming skills to navigate these waters safely.


Ribeirinha emerges as another stunning destination offering an exquisite experience with its array of caves, coves, and cliffs. This region invites diverse activities during your visit, including kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, climbing, and cliff diving. It’s essential to exercise caution, especially in areas with controlled climbing, ensuring safety while exploring this locale.

Exploring São Miguel islands can be further enriched by discovering more places within this area. Prioritizing safety is paramount, allowing you to fully relish your time in this breathtaking region.


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