Located in the heart of Switzerland, Zurich is one of the top locations in the world that you should visit during winter. The climate is perfect, but you also have numerous activities that you can enjoy, such as skiing, mountain climbing, and tobogganing. A city is a great place that you should explore.

However, since there are numerous things that you should do during the winter period in Zurich, you must have a schedule that will help you make the right decision and save time.

The weather in Zurich during winter

The weather in Zurich during the winter period will vary depending on the prevailing conditions. However, most of the winter is chilly, and January has some of the lowest temperatures around. Temperatures can go below 2 degrees Celsius.

However, if you are planning for snow activities, then December is the right time to visit the country. You must always take warm clothes and boots to keep yourself warm during this period.

Why you should get a Zurich card

While in Zurich, you should get a Zurich card that will have many benefits such as free second-class travel by train, boat, tram, bus, and the cableway in the city and surrounding the region.

You can also get a free 90-minute boat trip around Lake Zurich as well as discounted entry to more than forty museums. 

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Visit Bahnhofstrasse 

 This is the main street in Zurich, and it is lined with cafés and shops, and you should visit this place. The road is packed with top stores that sell nearly everything from gourmet chocolates to handcrafted watches.

While strolling on the streets, you can enjoy some hot chocolate to chase the cold winter breeze away. Besides, there is mulled wine sold in the area as well.

Visit Rennweg

This is the road that leads to the most critical area in medieval times. It is one of the widest streets in Zurich, and it is a perfect place that you can get around in Zurich. It has an ideal pedestrian zone that allows you to walk around easily.

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Explore Linderhof

Linderhof is located in Zurich’s old town, and you can explore this location as it is home to majestic roman castles. There are a rich tradition and history about this location that you have to check out. You can always learn something new about Switzerland and the region as well.

This is a great place that you can stroll down the streets as you unwind. You can get panoramic views of the city below as you watch the chess players practicing their skills.

Visit St. Peters church

The St. Peters church is one of the leading churches that was built in 1000AD. The church is considered to be one of the oldest churches. It has the giant clock faces in Europe, and you can have some time as you explore the church’s interior and exterior. You can check out the artifacts and what the ancient architects used to construct in the ancient era.

Explore Paradeplatz

The Paradeplatz is located inside the Bahnhofstrasse, and it is the home location of the tram station in the city. The location is widely known to be the city’s financial hub, and you will find many businesses. It is also near lake Zurich, and you can explore the lake and water activities as you explore the city. In addition, there is a local bakery that you can grab some pastry whenever you are feeling hungry.

Visit Fraumünster

This is a historic church constructed in 853 AD, and it is a popular place where the royal females were staying. Besides history, the church is also famous for its stunning architecture. 

Some of the highlights that you should check out while in the region include viewing the massive stained-glass windows that ancient artists created.

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Boat riding at Bürkliplatz

This was built in the 1800s, and it serves as a boat dock in lake Zurich. At the same time, you can take a 90-minute tour around the lake and view the stunning landscape. The boat tour is a relaxing experience, and you can unwind as you take time to relax in the area.  

You can get off at Kilchberg or visit the Lindt chocolate factory. Lindt chocolate shop is open to the public where there is an extensive selection of chocolates in the region. You can either get back to the city center from the factory by taking the bus, which is a ten to fifteen minutes ride or wait for the next boat.

Explore Sechseläutenplatz

This is the largest town square in Zurich, and it is located next to Lake Zurich and is home to one of the best opera houses in town. The Zurich opera house is the best place that you can visit during winter.

There are around 1100 seats in the opera house that you can enjoy some plays in the city. During the winter, many markets are making it a perfect place to venture during Christmas.

Climb Grossmünster for exceptional city views

If you are looking for exquisite views of the city or a perfect place where you can get memorable photos, climbing this location is the best. The church was once a meeting sport for reformation. You can learn more about the history of the country and check out the local’s value in the city.

Visit the art museum

If you want to escape the bitter cold temperatures, then the perfect place that you stop at is the art museum. It is a popular place, and it is considered to have some of the best arts and modern pieces in Switzerland. You can get to know everything from the middle ages, ancient and contemporary ages as well.

The museum is a perfect location that showcases video and photography of some of the most famous artists worldwide, such as Robert Frank and Jeff wall.