Sampling local food is an integral part of any journey as a traveler. If you are traveling to Switzerland as a vegetarian, then it’s time to discover vegetarian-friendly cuisine. Food is an essential link that allows us to understand a place better and also get a chance to bond with the locals.  However, if you are a vegetarian, the process is challenging because most restaurants include meat in their dishes. Switzerland offers some of the most exceptional vegetarian dishes, so finding delicious Switzerland vegetarian food will be a memorable adventure. We are going to expound on some of the everyday dishes that you should try on your next visit. Did you know that Switzerland is traditionally a farming country, and hence many cuisines are based on milk, cheese, and potatoes? Besides, the swiss dishes have French, Italian, and German twist to them, making them some of the most exceptional dishes in the world.

We are going to discuss some of the unique cuisines that will be a delight to any vegetarian as it combines traditions, flavors, and local produce.

1) Fondue 

Swiss fondue

It may sound like a cliché to many people; however, this is not the case. During your trip to Switzerland, you simply can’t go home without sampling some local fondues. Fondue was invented by the swiss centuries ago, and it was a technique of eating cheese and bread during the winter period.

You will get an opportunity to dunk your bread pieces on vegetables and sumptuous molten cheese. You should try a vegetarian version of fondue while in Switzerland.

2) Rosti 

Rosti is one of the most iconic Swiss dishes, and it has been eaten across the country for years now. It is mostly served as breakfast food, and they are many versions of rosti. However, you will never get enough once you have sampled this great dish. It involves thinly grated potatoes, which are thinly sliced then pan-fried until they turn golden brown.

It is English crisps on a different level as it is crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. You can serve it with a variety of gravy or toppings. You can serve it with a sauce of your choice.

3) Steamed Vegetables and Local Cheese Slices

Steamed Vegetables

Switzerland is a famous nation for making cheese and chocolates. The most common cheeses include Gruyere, Emmental, appenzeller, and Vacherin. Unlike the Greek or Italian cheeses, the swiss cheeses are strong, and they have a distinct flavor that you can distinguish easily. 

You should make a point of sampling these cheeses as they are the best in the industry. Many restaurants around the country serve boiled vegetables as a side dish, and you can get your cheese and vegetables and their version of fried potatoes.

4) Raclette


Raclette is one meal that has become common in Switzerland because of its unique production of the cheese. The cheese melted with the raclette machine tastes differently, and you can sample the local hard cheese with pickles, onions, or potatoes.

Besides, you can get sauces of your choice to sample with your raclette.

5) Swiss Pasta

Swiss Pasta

The proximity of Switzerland to pasta production nations such as Italy has resulted in them making some of the unique kinds of pasta. The swiss pasta has some Italian influence, and these flavors, coupled with tradition, make the pasta the best.

Their pasta is a must-try for anyone visiting the country, no matter if you’re vegetarian or not.

6) Brezel


If you grew up in suburban areas, you might have encountered this in most restaurants across Europe or America. In most cases, the standard form of pretzels sold at the mall is soft. However, brezel are hardback snacks that come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

You can spice it up or take them as they are, it is critical to note that they have their classic knot. The brezel is made of butter in most cases, and you can find a brezel shop that sells exclusively vegan brezels.

7) Birchermüesli


If you are a big fan of eating oats, then you should sample this sumptuous meal. The bircher muesli was first created over a hundred years go by a swiss doctor who wanted to promote healthy living. This doctor promoted the eating of vegetables as a healthier option than meat. The menu consists of fruits, nuts, lemon juice, and condensed cream or milk. You can try a local bircher muesli any time of day and enjoy your visit to Switzerland.

If you are in a serious need for a sugar fix, what can be better than trying some of the iconic Swiss chocolate?

8) Cenovis

The Aussies have vegemite, the brits have marmite, and the swiss have exceptional cenovis. You might not have heard about this spread. However, it is one of the best vegans spread available in Switzerland. It is a salty yeast bread spread that is a by-product of the beer brewing process.

The spread is high in vitamin B1, and it is entirely based on plants. Therefore, you can enjoy your bread or any other pastry with a fantastic spread. 

9) Kirsch 


Kirsh is a German word that means cherry, and Switzerland is known for producing some of the best cherries across the world. Kirsch is a fruit brandy that is manufactured from cherries that are fermented as a whole. However, this should not be confused with fruity liqueur because it is not sweet. Typically, this is a vegan drink that should be drunk on its own without any mixer. However, kirsch is also utilized by confectioners, and they make chocolate-covered cherries, and you can sample this as well.

Do not be afraid if you are visiting Switzerland as a vegetarian for the first time. You will always find vegetarian dishes to enjoy. Besides, you are not limited to the foods listed above, the swiss are adventurous people, and you can order any vegetarian food that they can make for you. Always take time to research the area you are visiting before the visit, this way, you will be much more prepared.

What’s your favorite vegetarian food in Switzerland? Share your thoughts below.