Antigua is an awesome tourist destination that is located in the Caribbean. The country boasts pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, uninterrupted scenery, and warm and friendly people. When planning to explore the Caribbean, then Antigua should be your next destination. The island does not receive sunshine throughout the year as many people may think since it is a Caribbean nation. The best time according to many people who have been on the island is from December through April. The vacationers who are looking to experience the best of the Caribbean should visit Antigua because there are so many places that you can visit and explore as well as fun activities that you can do from one end of the island to the other. It is always recommended that before visiting any country, you should conduct thorough research to help you identify the right places that you should visit. When you know what to expect from these islands then it is easy to enjoy your vacation. 

Interests of visitors usually vary from person to person as well as what is taking you to the islands. When you know the weather, events, the time that many people visit, and the dates for popular festivities then you will be in a position to make the best decision for your trip. The best time for many people is from mid-December through mid-April. This is the time that many tourists are fleeing from the extreme winter cold in Europe and the Americas. However, if you do not like the crowds that appear during this period you can choose another time that is perfect for your needs. During the wet season from July through November the temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and you can choose this period if you do not mind a little rain.

Why visit Antigua

Volcán de Agua, Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is a perfect tourist destination because it gives you a chance to explore the Caribbean islands with no hurry as you try to understand the amazing natural spirit and diversity in the region. Many people know Antigua by Wadadli which was the ancient name that the native people gave the island before it was colonized. The island is about 108 square miles and it means that you can explore the different parts of the island with ease. The sister island is Barbuda and it is roughly 68 miles in area. It is less inhabited because the ocean waves and tropical storms are rough on this island.

Antigua is one of the warmest locations in the Caribbean islands and since it is just a few degrees from the equator it is a perfect location that you can escape to when looking for a warm place during the winter period. The temperatures are relatively constant and you can enjoy the warm breeze from the Caribbean Sea as well as the unique environment that the island is located in the region. There are so many fun activities that you can do in Antigua and Barbuda and the best way is to visit the island during the peak season. You can check out the devil’s bridge which is an arch that is formed through the natural phenomenon of seawater. While in Antigua you will enjoy high-end duty-free shopping and you can feel free to pop into some of the best spots around the island for your relaxation.

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What is the best time to visit Antigua?

Shirley Heights, Antigua and Barbuda

One of the most commonly asked questions is the best time that you should visit Antigua. It is imperative to understand that the time that you are going to visit Antigua will largely depend on your personal preference. You can do your travels whether it is during the winter or summer period. The time that you are going to visit the island will largely depend on what you are looking for and the best time is when there is less crowd on the island. Whether you are looking to travel during the high periods of the low periods. Taking part in the events that are hosted in the country is an essential aspect because you get to know the environment and see the best of the island than when there is a large crowd.

Antigua is just like the other Caribbean islands and it is located in the tropics. It is critical to note that the country enjoys warm weather throughout the year and you can rarely find temperatures that are less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit are less to find in the island. The major climatic condition on the island is tropical marine and this makes the island have two major seasons the dry and the wet period.

The dry season

The dry season in Antigua usually runs from December to May and during the months of spring. If you are looking for the best time, then you should visit when the weather is warmer and the rains are less likely to occur. The weathers are amazing during the dry season and you can easily explore the different parts of the island. The warm Caribbean waters are warmer during this period and although the crowds can be bigger, you must check the locations that you want to visit during your vacation. Essentially there is not a bad time to visit Antigua, you should look to explore different locations on the island because the weather is warm and cool. During the low season, you should brave a few days of moderate rain and when looking for that awesome vibe then avoid the low season. 

During the peak season, everything comes to life and people are out there exploring different parts of the country. The people are warm and kind and you are likely to make friends easily. For the visitors who are looking forward to getting some tan then the best time is from May through December. It is critical to understand that Antigua has 365 beaches hence you can explore the different parts of the white sandy beaches filled with blue turquoise waters. During December and January, the island is lush green and the environment is awesome. The breeze is cooler and you can explore the different areas with ease.

The wet season

The wet season in the Caribbean usually begins from June through November. This is the time that many people are visiting the island hence you are likely to experience crowding in different parts of the country. However, this should not deter you from visiting the awesome island because there is so much that you can enjoy on your visit. The fall and the summer period is usually characterized by an increase in the amounts of rain falling on the nation.

Many people might be fearful of visiting the island during this period. However, this should not be the case because the chances of you encountering bad weather are very minuscule. There is luxury accommodation across the country and you should not limit yourself to a specific location. Whether you choose to visit Antigua during the wet or dry season, you are sure that you will enjoy your trip to the islands.

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Which are the peak and low seasons in Antigua

Antigua is an island that has a population of about 81000 people and the number of tourists visiting the island annually is about 250000. This means that during the peak seasons you are likely to find crowded beaches hence the need to avoid these places. However, you should choose the best time when looking at other factors such as the prevailing weather conditions and your budget.

Peak Season

Bulevar Villa Deportiva, Guatemala

The peak season on the island of Antigua usually runs from mid-December through April. This is a five-month period in that you will have ultimate fun as you explore the different parts of the island as many places are open during this period and you meet other people exploring these areas as well. There is an international kite festival that usually takes place in March and it is a major part of the Antiguan culture.


Calle de los pasos, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

The mid-season is commonly called the shoulder and it is usually characterized by neither low nor high tourism activities. The shoulder is usually from May to June. These spring months usually attract a large number of tourists visiting the island. There are usually sailing activities from April through may and this is the major attraction for many people visiting during this time.

Low Season

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

If you are visiting Antigua for the first time and you want to experience the amazing features of the island, then you should visit during the low season. Antigua has over three hundred beaches and if you want to check out these amazing spots alone then visiting during the low season is the best option. The low season usually runs from July through November and during this time the major activity that occurs on the island is the carnival.

You can take your time to explore the culture of the local people by engaging them during this carnival period. It is the best time to avoid crowds in different parts of the country. Tourism usually dips as you approach the month of august and if you want a time when there are few people on the island then this is the right period for you. When there are a few people across the island it means that you can find a good spot at a cheaper price and explore the pristine beaches alone.

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Major Events In Antigua

Antigua is one of the favorite destinations for many tourists and the calendar is usually packed with awesome events that you should explore during your visit. Here are some of the top events that you cannot miss when you visit the island.

Valentine’s Regatta

This event is usually held during valentine’s week and the dates may vary from 13th through 20th. If you want to participate in these events, you should check out the local calendar before visiting the island. Usually, you will find people enjoying exciting races and live bands playing amazing music that you should enjoy.

The Rohrman Triathlon

This event is held on March 9th and it is a commemoration of the famous triathlon athlete Jonathan Rohr. The event is open to people from as young as six years old to any age as long as you are fit to participate.

The kite festival

The kite festival occurs on April 22nd and it is usually held at the devil’s bridge. This is the perfect event if you want to explore the dangerous world of waves and kiting and you can enjoy the views of the island from the area.

Antigua Sailing week

The sailing week event in Antigua usually lasts from April 27th through May 3rd. During this period you will meet with some of the world-renowned sailors there are over a hundred yachts from the local and international crews. This event is popular in the Caribbean and it is a perfect time for you to explore the region.

Paradise run

The paradise run event usually occurs on the 26th of May and it is a perfect time for you to try your athletic prowess. The running course follows through with some of the exceptional historical structures in the country. The half marathon attracts local and international athletes as well.

The mango festival

The mango festival is usually held at the botanical gardens in the country and it is an event that is organized by the ministry of agriculture and tourism. It is a perfect time that you can sample some of the delicious mangoes from the islands. The dates vary but they are usually in June.

Summer carnival

 A summer carnival is a major event in Antigua and it attracts thousands of people annually. The event is held from July 26th through August 6th. The ten-day event includes street fairs and concerts. Pageants are all meant to celebrate the freedom of Antiguans. You can find out when the carnival will be held by checking the Antiguan calendar.

Independence food fair

The independence food fair is usually held on November 1st and it is an event that attracts thousands of people across the island. The street vendors are allowed to set shop with local treats and it is also the Independence Day of the country. Hence you will see all the celebrations firsthand.

In conclusion, when choosing the right time to visit Antigua, you should always consider your tastes and preference as well as the budget then you will come up with the right time.