St. Lucia or Antigua – Which Holiday Destination to Choose?

St. Lucia or Antigua

Having a hard time deciding whether to visit St. Lucia or Antigua for your upcoming holidays? Well, you are at the right place! In the following guide, we did in-depth research about both countries, and hopefully, this article will help you in picking the most suitable destination.

St. Lucia is one of the best islands that you can visit in the Caribbean. Since tourists visit it less, the island is in its pristine condition, and you will explore more features of the island on your visit. The island is dotted with endless forests and white sandy beaches that will elevate your holidaying experience. Since it has a significant influence from the English, Indian, French, and African cultures, the island is rich in culture and diversity and fun things that you can do on your visit. The people are some of the friendliest individuals in the Caribbean, and it is a fantastic destination that you should consider on your next vacation. The coastline is home to reef diving sites, volcanic beaches, and the best luxury resorts that you can explore on your visit.

Antigua is a Caribbean island that people tend to confuse to be one. However, the official name is Antigua and Barbuda. The nation is made up of two significant islands, and there are so many fun things that you can do in this exceptional location during your vacation. The sandy beaches are pristine, and the people are warm and welcoming. You are sure that you will enjoy your time on the island. Antigua is in the middle of the leeward islands, and it is the largest English-speaking nation in this region. The country has over three hundred beaches. Therefore, you will never run out of fun activities to do.

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St. Lucia


The most common form of transport in St Lucia Island is the bus. These minivans or minibuses usually operate in a loop from one region of the island to the other. You are sure that you can reach your destination by boarding these buses. The fare ranges from $1 to $3, depending on your destination.


There are taxis around St. Lucia, and you can board one from the main airport to any destination of your choice. There is no Uber or Lyft on the island, but you can pay for these taxis if you choose to do so. They are not metered; therefore, you must consult with your driver about the price before you leave your station. The cost from Gros islet to Rodney bay is $10 and so forth.


St. Lucía offers a wide array of mountain bikes that you can choose from and use to move from one location to another. The island is small therefore easily accessible even on bicycles. The bikes will cost you around $48 per day.

St. Lucia driveAntigua


It is one of the best ways to explore the island since you can use your driver as a guide. Antigua is a beautiful island, and you can explore it well with a guide from a local. They will give you insight information about the island and the people. You should get the price from the driver before you leave since the prices are not metered.


Antigua has a bus service running throughout the country. However, these buses are largely unreliable hence the need to look for reliable service. The most common buses are minivans with very colorful colors, and since the roads may be bumpy, it can be a rough ride. The price varies depending on the distance covered.

Rental car

You can choose to rent a car on your trip to Antigua. However, the cars are usually charged based on the number of hours, and you will have to pay $20 for the license. Since Antigua is a British colony, they typically drive on the left; hence you should be careful.

Antigua car

Accommodation in St. Lucia


Somewhere guesthouse

It is one of the best places to relax while on your trip to the Caribbean island. The hotel will cost you anything from $20, depending on the amenities that you will get. However, the rooms are spotlessly clean, and you have Wi-Fi as well as a private bathroom.  

Bay gardens hotel

This is an excellent location that you can spend your nights during your visit to Antigua. The hotel gives you an authentic island experience, and you can unwind with the top-notch hospitality and warmness of the local people. You will pay anything from $30 going up.


You can choose to rent an Airbnb. The most common forms are rooms with a common kitchen area and private bathrooms. You can choose this option if you plan to cook your meals in the house. These are usually charged from $30, depending on the size of the room.

Midrange budget

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort

This is a perfect hotel for your stay while on the islands. It is located on the hillside, and it will give you that Mediterranean vibe as you overlook the beachfront. The rooms are exceptional, and you will find a bar, spa, tennis court, water sports, among other features that will make your stay unforgettable. You will be charged anything from $150 per night.

St. Lucia accommodation

Ti Kaye Resort and Spa

This is an intimate rustic resort that features modern facilities and cottages overlooking the Caribbean Sea. You get amazing views from your room. The resort has some exceptional amenities, and it is a perfect spot where you can unplug, meditate, and reconnect with nature. The cost per night is $120.

Coco Palm Resort

Coco Palm Resort is one of the oldest resorts on the island, and it features 83 rooms with a boutique-oriented design. If you are looking for a place where you can relax, then this is the place. The resort has a huge pool, French décor, and a spa around where you can unwind. The price per night is around $180.


Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

This is a sophisticated yet straightforward hotel for adults only, and you can explore it on your next vacation. The hotel has modern rooms fitted with elegant décor, and there is a bar where you can enjoy some music and grab a drink in the evening. It is an exceptional place, and you will be charged from $600 going up.

Sugar Beach Hotel

 This hotel is in the most historical sites on the island where it was a former plantation. Since it is an old hotel with unique features, it features a white-on-white interior, and the spa where you can unwind sums it all. The price is from $650 going up.

Capella Marigot Bay

An exceptional hotel that is a few kilometers from Castries and it is located on a hilly side which gives you an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea and the environs. It is the most beautiful bay in the region. The dining experience is personalized, and you are sure that you will be getting only top-notch services. The price per night is from $600.

Accommodation in Antigua



When traveling to Antigua, you should not be worried about breaking your bank account because there are so many unique features that you can enjoy while on the island. The guesthouses usually feature free Wi-Fi, and the rooms are pretty elegant. However, you will be charged $30 per night. It may include breakfast in some hotels that do not include breakfast in their price, so be sure to ask.

Green villa apartments

If you are looking to enjoy some time in Antigua, you should be relaxing in one of the top locations, and these apartments are precisely that. The rooms are large and airy, and you will have fantastic views of the golf course nearby. The price per night is from $30 going up.


You can try to source for an Airbnb if you visit Antigua because you can cook your meals and enjoy the serene environment. Airbnb usually comes with microwaves, a fridge, and cable television. It is a fantastic destination that you should visit on your next holiday. However, you will be charged anything from $50, depending on the size of the room.


Jolly condominiums

This is a serene environment where you can relax, unwind, and explore what this Caribbean island has to offer. The rooms in this location are unique because they feature an exceptional view of the ocean and golf club. You will pay from $200 for a room per night.

Antigua accommodation

Tamarind cottage

This is a beautiful cottage that overlooks Shirley Heights. The location is surrounded by fantastic sea and mountain views. It is a perfect getaway location that you can stay in during your vacation. The prices range from $250 per night going up.

Tamarind garden cottage

This is an exceptional apartment that will make your stay on the island to be excellent. The self-contained apartment is in the center of the country, and it gives you a chance to explore different parts of the country with ease because you have a central access point. In addition, it is a beautiful tropical garden that you can use for your vacations.


Admirals’ inn and gunpowder suites

This is located a few kilometers from Shirley heights, and it is a popular spot because it has historical significance. The hotel features infinity pools, well-manicured gardens, and free Wi-Fi throughout the property. You will be served meals from top-quality chefs that you have seen around the island. The rooms are well kept, and they are air-conditioned. The price is from $500 going up.

Yacht Club Drive

This is a perfect location for someone looking for a luxurious location to enjoy your stay while on the island. The club has an outdoor swimming area, and you will access the internet while on the property for free. The balconies overlook the sea, and the amazing sunrise is something that you can never find elsewhere. You will get spacious rooms and a flatscreen television in your room. The price is $500 going up.

Mamora Bay

This is a four-star resort it features two private beaches along Mamora bay and the Caribbean Sea. There are four restaurants, a full-service spa, and six tennis courts, making your stay an awesome one in the area. The rooms are spacious, and you have your private terrace that overlooks the sea and the gardens around the hotel. The price per night is from $500 going up.

Daily budget

St. Lucia

When traveling to St. Lucia, you should not be worried about the heavy prices that usually come with these Caribbean islands because you can minimize your costs and still enjoy what the islands have to offer. A person on a tight budget will spend around $100 per day. 

This is for food, entertainment, and travel. On the other hand, a person who is on a midrange budget will spend $200 per day. With such a budget, you can get a few drinks and travel around the island. As for the luxurious travelers, you will spend anything from $600 going up depending on choices made.



Antigua has some of the most affordable meals if you choose to explore the region. You will need a budget of $100 per day for a traveler on a lean budget. For midrange budget travelers, you will spend anything from $200, while luxury seekers will spend from $500 going up.


St. Lucia


St. Lucía has some of the best hiking trails that you can explore on your visit. These trails are marked, and the scenes from the mountains are exceptional.

Swimming in the sulfur springs

This is one of the fun things that you can do while on the island. The hot springs are a significant attraction to tourists. You can walk through the hot springs, and you will be charged $10 for a visit to the baths.


This is a fun activity that you must try while on your vacation. There is a zipline in the rainforest, and you can see the natural environment where you can check out from the top. This experience is impressive, and you should ask how much they will charge you.


Swim with Stingrays

You can swim with the stingrays and have fun in the coral reefs. The rays are known to love attention; therefore, your visit to the region can be a fantastic experience.


It is a fun activity that you can do in Antigua. The ziplines are in the rainforest, and it is an exceptional experience that you will see once you are in this area. You can choose a full or half tour depending on what you want and check out the amazing forest.

Explore the devil’s bridge

The waves of the Atlantic Ocean have created a humongous natural arch limestone that is called the devil’s bridge. Since this bridge has been formed over the years, it is a perfect place to learn more about nature and its activity. In addition, it is an excellent place where you can see limestone and coral reefs.

Food Options

St. Lucia


This is an awesome dish that you should try on your next visit to St. Lucía. Accra is often sold in the streets, and it features a salted codfish made into a deep ball before heavy seasoning and deep frying. Then, you can enjoy it in the afternoon with a drink.

Saltfish and green fish

The salt fish is often served in green banana leaves; therefore, you should not be worried why the islanders are serving their dish like this. The salt fish is fully spiced before curing for preservation, or it is deep-fried for sale immediately.


It is something that you should never miss on your next visit to the island. The breadfruit is served with just mayonnaise or a combination of hot sauce and mayo. Depending on your taste and preference, you are sure to find something to enjoy.



A trip to Antigua is not complete without trying conch. This is shellfish that has been seasoned and served while hot. It features many pirate movies, among other Caribbean movies.

Pepper pot

Pepper pot is a common Caribbean meal. However, the Antiguans make their pepper port differently than their neighbors. Therefore, it is a perfect meal that you can try on your visit to the island. This dish features a mix of yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes that are mixed and served with a sauce of your liking. Besides, in some areas, they are deep-fried.


This is a light meal that is usually served as a soup, and it is made from pork that has been pickled, and it depends on the location that you are visiting, you can get different versions from chicken to meat. The base features peppers, so you should be ready for some heat.

Culture & People

St. Lucia

The people of St. Lucía are warm people with welcoming and outgoing characters. Africans, French and British influence their culture.


The people of Antigua are the best because of their hospitality. If you are visiting the island, you are sure that you will experience the best holiday ever. They are warm, outgoing, and vibrant.

Best time to visit

St Lucía

The best time that you can visit St. Lucía is from May through October. During this period, the temperature ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius hence a perfect time to unwind in the tropical wind and sun.

best time to visit antigua


The perfect time that you can visit Antigua is from mid-April through November. This is an ideal time because there will be a few tourists hence you can see different places with ease. Besides, it is an off-peak season; therefore the rates are friendlier.


St Lucia

St. Lucía is a safe island, and you can visit it any time of the year.


Antigua is a safe country for tourists, and you should be afraid if you are visiting the island. However, you should take care of your belongings and avoid flashing expensive jewelry to attract or tempt thieves.

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