Having a hard time deciding whether to visit Jamaica or Aruba for your upcoming holidays? Well, you are at the right place! In the following guide, we did in-depth research about both countries, and hopefully, this article will help you in picking the most suitable destination. 

The beautiful island of Jamaica is much more than the swaying palm trees and white sandy beaches. Jamaica is an exceptional Caribbean country that you should visit sometime in your life. The soulful rhythms coupled with fantastic culture and diversity are the major attractions to the island. Jamaica has a tranquil and exhilarating environment at the sample place, and you can take your time to enjoy all the features that this country has to offer.

Aruba is a less popular though pristine and unique destination that you should visit on your next vacation. There are so many fun activities that you can do while in this Caribbean country, and these include snorkeling, diving, swimming, among others. Depending on the activities you choose, Aruba is sure to deliver the best feeling you have ever had on any vacation.

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Jamaican coaches move from one major city to another, and they usually charge fares based on the distance traveled. For example, a four-hour trip from Montego Bay to Kingston will cost you $25.

Jamaica boat


Many hotels in Jamaica have bicycles that they rent out to clients to use across the country. You will be charged $30 per day to use the bicycle.


These are minibusses that shuttle people across the country. These are often used by tourists, and they have a schedule on their rides. You can choose these buses because they have a specific time of departure and arrival. A two-hour trip will cost you $5.



There are public buses in Aruba called Arubus, and they will get you to any location you want to go to. You can check out their schedules and travel dates on the websites. You can purchase an unlimited day pass if you’re going to save money for $10 or buy a ticket of your choice on the website.

Aruba bus


This is an open-air trolley, and it will take you around the country on a specific schedule. The operation time is usually from 10 am to 5 pm.


There are taxis in Aruba, and they are very efficient. They are not metered, but the government sets the rates, and you will pay a minimum fare of $6 and the rest of the amount depending on the distance covered. You should inquire from your driver about the total cost before boarding the taxi.

Accommodation in Jamaica



Jamaica presents you with a myriad of accommodation options. You can choose the hostel or the guesthouses where you will pay anything from $20 per night. Some of these guesthouses offer complimentary breakfast hence the need to check with them.


The hostels are run mainly by individuals that want to keep them affordable for different people to explore the country. The hostels usually have free Wi-Fi, cable television, onsite bar, restaurant, and other facilities. It is an appropriate choice for backpackers and people on a tight budget. The cost is about $30 per night.


There are only a few places that you can camp in Jamaica, and if you choose this option, it should be a prominent location because you need an area where your safety is guaranteed. The price ranges from $15 going up depending on the location.

Jamaica luxury hotel



Jamaica is the first place where the all-inclusive hotels became popular, and the price set caters to food and accommodation while you are in the country. In addition, you can enjoy several water sports activities during your trip.

Negril tree house resort

The Negril tree resort is a perfect place to stay in Jamaica because it features comfy and spacious rooms. The central location of this resort makes it ideal for anyone who wants to tour the entire country. The rooms have an ocean view, and you have free breakfast, among other things. However, you will part with $250 going up depending on what you choose.

Holiday Inn in Montego Bay

This resort is a solid option when it comes to its price range. It features only adult areas, multiple restaurants as well as a private sandy beach. In addition, there are numerous places that you can enjoy your watersports.

Hibiscus lodge hotel

The lodge is in one of the most stunning sea views, and it features clean and comfortable rooms that you will get private pools. Besides, there is a fun and fantastic bar next to it. The cost is about $250 going up.


Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

This resort is all-inclusive, and it is for adults only. You should check out numerous amenities, such as elegant rooms, an oceanfront spa, two large pools, and private terraces. You will part with $300 and more for a room in this location.

The caves

This is a romantic destination in Negril, and it is a cliffside property that presents you with unique views and private cottages. You will pay $250 going up for a room in this place.

Goldeneye hotel

The golden eye hotel is a historic location that you should stay in on your next trip. The property features 21 villages and cottages that overlook the lagoons and private beach. There are pools and restaurants in the area. You will part with $250 per night.

Accommodation in Aruba



If you are going to Aruba on your vacation, you can choose an Airbnb for your stay, and you will save a lot of money. These usually come with air conditioning, cable television, and a kitchenette where you can prepare your meals. You will part with $30 going up for these Airbnb’s.


This is the best thing that you can ever get when visiting the islands. The guesthouses will cost you about $45, and it is a perfect option because some of them will give you complimentary breakfast. In addition, the rooms as spacious and you will have free WIFI and cable television.

Traditional hotels

There are several traditional hotels in Aruba, and you can take your time to explore them on your next visit. The hotels usually offer free breakfast, and it is a perfect option if you are looking for everything in one location. You will part with anything from $30 going up for a room in the hotels.

Aruba hotel

Midrange hotels

Caribbean Palm Village Resort

These are some of the best places that you can stay while on your vacation in Aruba. The vacation rentals offer an exciting opportunity for you to explore the wide array of resources you can use during this period. You can get a home based on your budget, depending on the size of the rooms. The cost is usually from $250 going up.

Perle d’Or

This is a perfect location if you are looking for a budget-friendly place and offers exceptional services. There is an outdoor pool, spacious rooms, and you are fifteen minutes away from the major streets downtown. The cost of these rooms is from $100 going up.

Noord and Eagle Beach

These are some of the adults-only midrange boutiques, and they have awesome facilities that you can enjoy during your travel. 97 rooms are well decorated, and you have access to a bar and a restaurant. The price for this hotel is from $150 going up.


Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort

If you are looking for an exceptional luxurious romantic getaway, then the beautiful Bucuti and Tara resort will give you the best that you want. This is an eco-friendly resort, and it features 104 rooms that are well equipped with modern facilities, and there is a private cabana on the beach. You are given a complimentary buffet breakfast, and there is Wi-Fi as well. The cost of this resort is $300 going up.

Renaissance Aruba resort

This is in the capital, and it is a luxury resort that caters to couples and families. There are two distinct hotels, and you can enjoy the friendly ocean suites in the area. You are sure to get the exceptional upscale modern décor, unique amenities as well as excellent rooms and suites. There are eight restaurants, a rooftop pool, and a gym. You will pay $400 going up for a room in this hotel.

The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba

This is a five-star holiday destination, and it has 320 rooms and suites that are for couples and singles. All the rooms in this hotel are spacious and have all the glamor and glitz you are looking for in Aruba. The beds are comfy and luxurious; besides, you will get butler services and top-notch friendly waiters. There are oceanic view swimming pools, a relaxing spa, and a gym. However, you will part with $600 going up for a room in the hotel.

Daily budget


The budget for a day in Jamaica is around $85 if you are traveling to the country on a low budget. You can get a hostel or guesthouse room for $20. However, if you are on a medium budget, you should spend $250, while someone on a luxurious budget will pay anything from $600 going up. Food is not expensive in Jamaica, and you can get a decent meal at $15. Traveling costs are pretty affordable as well, from $1 to $3. So depending on what you want, you can have something to do at any budget.



The daily running cost for your vacation in Aruba will depend on the budget that you want to follow. If you are on a strict budget, you will need to have around $90 per day. Food is not very expensive, and you can get an Airbnb for $30 per night. However, if you are on a medium budget, you will have to part with $250 to $350 per day. This will include costs for meals, accommodation, traveling, and entertainment. On the other hand, you will be required to spend anything from $600 going up for a luxury budget.



Climb river falls

These river falls are in Ocho Rios, and they are about 600 feet off the ground. There is a hiking trail that leads you to this destination.

Explore the capital Kingston

Kingston is an excellent destination that you can take your time to explore what it has to offer. You will learn more about the country and the people by visiting the parliament, museums, and national libraries.

Blue hole swimming

This is an important activity that you must involve yourself in, the blue hole is one of the less touristy locations, but you must explore the country and get to know how it goes. There is a rope that you can use to move from one location to another.

Day trip to Portland

Portland is one of the most beautiful locations in Jamaica, and you can take your time to visit during the day. The beaches in this location are peaceful, and the natural beauty is breathtaking. You can check out the falls in the area as well.



If you are looking for the most tranquil environment where you can relax and unwind, then going to Aruba for kayaking is a spot. The island has numerous places that you should explore.


There are expensive golf holiday resorts that offer golfing opportunities to their visitors. You can do around at the 18 holes golf for $30.

Visit the archeological museum

The archeological museums are one of the most scenic locations, and you can learn more about the history of the country and the people of Aruba.

Food Options


Jerk Chicken

This is a legendary dish in Jamaica that is loved by many people. This food is characterized by jerk spice chicken that incorporates nutmeg, pepper, thyme, garlic, ginger, and cinnamon. You can sample the dish at the restaurant or in the streets.

Curry Goat

This is another popular food that is often consumed by Jamaicans. It is an Indian original dish, and they brought it to the Caribbean when they came. Jamaicans have carried the tradition, and it is a typical meal that you should try.


Callaloo is like spinach, and it is often served as a side dish in Jamaica during breakfast. You should try it on your next trip.


Keshi Yena

This is a Dutch-influenced meal that is often centered on cheese. The cheeseballs are stuffed with meat, and in some cases, you can have some with cashews, raisins, or prunes.

Fried plantain

This is a popular dish on the island, and it is served on the side of many dishes. The richness of the plantain coupled with the saltiness of the fish from the ocean makes the dish a delicacy in Aruba.


This is more of a snack than a meal, and you should sample one of these products or purchase it as a souvenir before leaving the island. It is made from black-eyed peas fried in the batter, making them golden, crispy, and perfectly crunchy.

Culture & People


The Jamaican culture consists of values, norms, religion, and lifestyle that define the island’s residents. Jamaica is a diverse society with a mix of different cultures from Africa, Britain, and Hispanic influences. Generally, Jamaicans are warm, friendly, and welcoming.


Aruba people are heavily influenced by the Dutch, African and Hispanic descents. You will find people that have diverse cultures on the island, and they are hot.

Best time to visit


If you are traveling to Jamaica for vacation, you should choose the months of mid-December through April. This is because the temperatures are quite fair during this time, and you do not expect any hurricanes.

aruba summer


The best time to visit Aruba is from January through March. However, during this period the prices for rooms may be higher. You can try to visit the island from April through August. However, you must watch out for storms and hurricanes.



Jamaica is a safe country for tourists who are visiting the country. However, petty crimes are reported occasionally. Therefore, you should be aware of your location and take care of your belongings.


Aruba is considered the safest of all Caribbean islands. However, you must be aware of your situation and avoid carrying too much jewelry. Always remain vigilant for natural disasters such as storms or hurricanes if you are visiting during summertime.