Anguilla is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean. This island is a few kilometers from St. Marten and it is one of the destinations that has gained huge popularity as many people are looking for pristine locations for their vacation. If you are looking for a vacation destination devoid of a large number of tourists, then Anguilla should be your next holiday destination. And of course, you must consider which time of the year you would like to visit this beautiful country which we hope you can find some useful information in this article.

Anguilla is the culinary capital of the Caribbean and you should explore the island for its tranquility and amazing spots where you can enjoy your vacation. The country is known for its pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Anguilla is on the leeward side of the lesser Antilles and it is north of saint marten and east of Puerto Rico. The island is approximately 26 kilometers by 5 kilometers hence it is easy to explore the whole island within a couple of days. The island received its name from Latin meaning an eel. 

The native people included the Arawak Indians and they first stayed on the island from 1300 BC. Anguilla is rich in culture and diversity and when you visit the island you will all the beautiful things that it has to offer. The sparkling Caribbean jewel has earned itself praise and recognition from different publications across the globe for its beauty and diversity. There are different reasons why you should visit Anguilla and one of them is that you will have ultimate fun full of surprises and parties. You will never miss an activity to do while in Anguilla. The blue skies, balmy seas, and amazing breezes are the best combination for your relaxation when visiting the island.

How to reach Anguilla

When planning for a vacation, you need to know the rates and the weather conditions in your preferred destination. The peak season which runs from mid-December to mid-April usually attracts high airfares, hotel prices, and other tariffs. It is critical to note that when you are visiting Anguilla you should explore the available options and choose a time that will be in tandem with your taste, preference as well as activities that you want to do.


Flights to Anguilla

It is important to note that when you are planning to visit Anguilla, there are no direct flights to this destination. You will have to fly via St. marten or Antigua. You can access several flights that go to Anguilla including Virgin Atlantic and British airways. Once you are in Antigua multiple flights will connect you with Anguilla.

You can fly from continental Europe either France or Britain direct to St. Marten and then take a flight to Anguilla. Some top airlines such as Air France or Air Caribes will take you to St. Maarten weekly. Once you are in St. Maarten you can take a boat which will take you to the airport.

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Entry requirements

British citizens traveling to Anguilla do not require a visa as long as they are not staying for more than three months in Anguilla however, a valid passport is required at the point of entry. The language spoken in Anguilla is English and French.

How to get around


Driving in Anguilla

Once you are in Anguilla you can choose different modes of transportation that will help you get around the island. You can hire a car and this will take you from the airport to the hotel. The driving side in Anguilla is left and the speeds are quite slow hence the need to adapt to the changing settings.

Mopeds and bikes

Mopeds and bikes in Anguilla

This is another option to get around because there are not many paved roads in the country they might come in handy and you can choose one that works for you.


Taxi in Anguilla

The taxis in Anguilla tend to be more expensive than renting a car. However, if you do not mind the rates then you can rent a taxi that will allow you to move around easily. You can use your taxi driver as your guide hence saving some money.

The hotels can provide a taxi for you and since the rates are unmetered you might want to negotiate before boarding a taxi. Many people in the country prefer the US dollar as currency. MasterCard and Visa are accepted in most places.

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When to visit Anguilla

Time to visit Anguilla

The peak season in Anguilla usually runs from December through April. During this season the airfares, hotel rates, and other services are usually priced higher because of the high demand. However, you can choose a season depending on your taste and preference as well as the amount of money that you are willing to spend. Unless you want to escape the harsh winter climate then you can avoid crowds in December through April and visit during the other months. The temperature variation is usually not very high as it is a tropical island you expect that it will stay warm throughout the year. However, there are hurricanes and you should do as much as you can to avoid these seasons.

If you are looking for a time when the rates are considerably low then the best time is around September and October as fewer hotels open. However, you can explore the islands from April through July as well when the season is very low and you can get the best rates as well as a pristine environment devoid of crowds that characterize the peak times.

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Weather in Anguilla

Anguilla is a tropical country and the temperatures usually average above 27 degrees Celsius. Throughout the year rainfall is usually minimal apart from the major months of mid-May through November when the rains pound the island. During the rainy season, they are usually torrential rains and they last for fifteen to twenty minutes. The hurricane season is from June through November and you should expect tropical storms in September or October.

Low season

The low season in Anguilla runs from May through August. During this period, you are likely to get some of the best deals at hotels across the islands. The hotel prices are usually low priced in September and October and many of them close because of renovation, however, you might find some places where you can hang out on the island.

The weather is a little humid during the low season and you should take advantage of the lower prices to explore the island. Some of the hotels drop prices by up to fifty percent. The key events that happened during this period include the Anguilla summer festival in July and August, the Anguilla regatta in May, and the carnival in August.

Peak season

The peak season runs from mid-December through mid-April and this is when the prices of air tickets are high, the hotel prices are also high and you are likely to find that most of the services across the island are unusually high.

The weather is dry and perfect during this time and many tourists from different parts of the world are flocking to the island to get some sun. some of the key events during this period are the festival del mar which occurs in April and March as well as the moon splash festival which usually occurs in March.

Shoulder season

The shoulder season in Anguilla runs from September through November. During this period tourism has not picked up yet it is neither high nor too low. You are likely to find hotels that are available to accommodate you during this period. The average temperature during this period is 80 degrees and you can explore the island during this season.

However, it is important to understand that it is hurricane season hence you should be careful in the areas that you want to visit. Some of the major events during the shoulder season include the tranquility jazz festival in November among others.

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Sunset over Anguilla

The average temperatures in Anguilla usually vary by very few degrees Celsius. during the dry season of the year, temperatures might rise to 32 degrees Celsius and during the cold season they may drop up to 25 degrees Celsius. When compared to other tourist destinations worldwide, Anguilla gives you a better deal for your money because the climatic conditions favor tourism for most parts of the year.

The warmest month of the year is September, August, and July. During this period the temperatures are usually around 31 degrees Celsius. the way you perceive the weather of a destination is usually affected by the temperatures. You are likely to be affected in areas with high temperature and high humidity as well as cold temperatures with high winds.


If you are a person who fears a little precipitation you should visit Anguilla when the months are as dry as they can. The months with the lowest precipitation are June, march, and February. The chances of rain occurring in January are very slim and their months such as may that the island will receive a huge amount of rain.

There is a very minuscule chance that you will get snow in Anguilla because it is a tropical island and with the tropical climate most of the time the sun is up and the temperatures do not reach freezing point.

Wind and humidity

Anguilla has several months that are very humid and these are the months of March and the highest humidity of about 68% in October. The months with high rainfall usually attract high humidity because the temperatures on the island are usually high.

The wind in Anguilla is stronger when compared to other Caribbean islands and the speed can get up to 14.8 knots or 28 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed that has been recorded is 18.1 knots and this is when people consider it a fresh breeze.

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Festivals and events

When visiting Anguilla, it is important to note that every month there is an event or festival where you can join the locals in exploring the best that the country has in terms of culture and diversity. The biggest festival is the Anguilla summer festival and which is held on the first Monday in August this event usually takes 14 days.

It is more like a carnival and it is a perfect way that you can get to mingle with people and get to understand the Anguillan culture and diversity. Boat racing is also part of the activities and if you are an enthusiast then you will enjoy your stay on the island.

Culture and cuisine

The people of Anguilla are not overly religious and most of the English customs prevail in the region. However, nudity and topless bathing is not allowed. When exploring the island, you will get everything from traditional foods to international cuisine that is largely influenced by the French, English, and Spanish cuisines. There is also a taste of Italian and Mexican. When visiting Anguilla, you are sure that your food needs will be catered for later. The local lobsters and crayfish are the most common foods and you can sample them alone or in stews and soups. There is so much that Anguilla has to offer.

The nightlife in Anguilla is amazing and you are going to meet fun-loving people who want to have a time of their life in the region. You can sample the local and international drinks as well during your visit and the best time will depend on what you want on the island. During the summer you are sure to meet thousands of revelers thronging the different beach party spots. You will find most of the people relaxing on the beach bars and you can join the live music as well if you are a fan. The carnival in Anguilla is exceptional and you should not miss such an exciting event because you will meet locals showing their diverse culture.

In conclusion, Anguilla should be your next holiday destination because not only does it offer fun activities to do but also you can explore various amazing aspects of the island. Take your time and choose the best season to visit and you are sure to have fun on your trip.


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