Curacao is one of the top travel destinations in the Caribbean. It is the largest island in the Dutch Antilles and it is currently governing itself away from the kingdom of the Netherlands. In most cases, people are familiar with the A, B, and C islands. These islands are usually Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. Curacao has a population of about two hundred thousand people and it is about 268 square miles in area. From a geographical point of view, curacao is considered part of the South American continent. The island is relatively flat and the highest point on the island is about 375 meters above sea level. If you are traveling to the Caribbean islands, then you should be sure to check out the places and the best time when you can visit Curacao in order to be well-prepared before your trip.

Whether you are coming from the United States or Europe you can land at the Hato international airport. Major airlines are operating in this region and you are sure not to miss a travel partner to the islands. The international airport is just six miles from the capital. Willemstad the capital of curacao has a Dutch style of architecture and is regarded as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The climatic patterns of curacao are affected by the northeast trade winds and the island is relatively dry with a few sporadic rain months. The changes in climate, as well as global climate change, have resulted in very weird patterns wherein a calendar year it may rain very little then the next year more rain falls on the island. However, generally, Curacao is warm throughout the year with temperatures about 75 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

Adverse weather

Playa Porto Marie, Curaçao

When planning to visit Curacao you must understand the climate and the weather patterns of the country. When you have this information, you can make wise decisions on what to pack for your trip. Curacao is not located in the hurricane zone in the Caribbean and when visiting the region, you should know that tropical cyclones will not be a threat.

The temperature of the island varies from 26 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. You are sure that you will enjoy your trip to the islands because it is tranquil, unique, and truly mesmerizing. Curacao is a hidden gem and you can enjoy the best views of the islands, live in the best resorts, and also take time to soak in the sun available throughout the year.

When is the best time to visit Curacao?

Director's Bay, Direkteursbaai, Curaçao

Ideally, the best time that you can visit curacao is when the temperatures are perfect, there is no rainfall, and can enjoy a cyclone-free environment. The main peak season on the island is from December through April. During this period tourists flock, to the island from cold countries across the globe. You will enjoy the best views of the islands as well as join the local people in carnivals and street parades that are more common on the island.

Many people who are visiting the islands are looking at the best time to visit the islands and this is during the winter period in their countries. The travelers want to experience something different and curacao offers this unique experience as well as warm weather. When planning to visit the islands, you should take your time to review different places as well as the resorts that are going to offer you accommodation.

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Arriving at Curacao

Willemstad, Curaçao

The best time that you can arrive at curacao is from December through April. According to recent reports, the months with the highest number of arrivals in February and March. Planning to visit an island during your vacation should involve all the aspects that you are expecting during your visit.

When you have an idea of what to expect during your visit then you will have the best time during the visit. You can choose to travel to the island during the low season depending on your taste and preference. Here is critical information that you must have for you to make the best decision.

What is the peak season in curacao?

Willemstad streets, Curaçao

The peak season in curacao is from December through April. This is the period when the country experiences the highest number of arrivals to the country. During this people, many people across Europe and America choose to take their vacation during the winter period and enjoy some sun and warmth in the Caribbean islands. The weather in Curacao during this period is perfect and you should visit the region when you have proper arrangements.

Since many people flock to the country, you must make your plans ahead. The beach spots might be filled early hence the need to make an early booking. Traveling during peak time can be fun because you will find many people visiting the region as well hence flights and movement around the island can be easy.

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How to stay away from the crowds

Playa Grandi, Willemstad, Curacao

If you choose to visit during the peak season, it is important to note that you might encounter a large number of people visiting the region as well. Depending on the time that you are visiting the region you should always ensure that you have a time of your life and this can be achieved by avoiding crowds. Some crowds are fun to hang out with especially if you want to party on the island and you need motivation from others. Just like any other destination, some months are expensive and other months are cheaper.  

Depending on your schedule and the type of travel that you want to make, Curacao is the best location to visit. While you are guaranteed to see the sun throughout the year, it is important to note that the weather can be unpredictable at times and you need to know how it works before visiting. However, in as much as the unpredictability of the weather in curacao goes, the island is not located in the tropical cyclone zone hence you will enjoy your trip to the island. However, when you take a closer look at the climatic patterns there are different aspects that you should know and this includes traveling during the dry season and when there is little rain.

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Monthly Weather and Activities In Curacao


During the new year, curacao experiences a boom in the number of tourists visiting the island. During this period the weather is fine and there are larger crows in the region. You will experience a low temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit and it is perfect for your vacation. The month is the peak season, especially for tourists who are fleeing the harsh winter weather. You will also find an increase in the number of cruise ships visiting the area.


As you approach the month of February the weather becomes fairer each week and you will find that it gets drier and sunnier. The average daily temperature is maintained at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The crow begins to get smaller as you approach the end of February and some European countries visit the nation, especially whether kids are out for carnival or winter.


March marks the end of peak season and it is a perfect time for you to visit Curacao. During this month’s cruise, ships begin to leave and the coastline spots begin to experience less and less traffic. It is a perfect time for you because the temperatures remain high and you can enjoy the ocean breeze perfectly. While march does not bring a lot of rain, there is a high chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. It is a perfect time for you to visit the island and explore all of its features.


April marks the end of the American peak season and during this period the temperatures rise a little bit to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. April is one of the driest months in the island climate and with precipitation of 19 mm it is a perfect time for the cruise ships to visit the Mediterranean because fewer ships and people are visiting the island during this period. There is a considerable crow during the Easter period. If you are traveling alone or you do not like crowds, then late April is the best time because more people will be leaving the island.


May is a good month if you are from Europe and plan to go on vacation in the Caribbean islands. The temperatures at this point are 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit and you should understand the dynamics before visiting. There is very little rain during this period and you can visit if you want your privacy as well as very few people on the beaches and waters.


June is the slowest month of the year. It is good to note that the weather is still good and later in June crowds are beginning to appear. These are common students from the Netherlands. The weather is similar to that of May and there is little or no rain.


July begins another season in the tourism sector of curacao. The country begins to see crowds of children from the kingdom of the Netherlands. The European vacation season begins this month and many kids want to explore the island. If you want to visit during this period, then you must be prepared because the airfares are quite high and the hotel’s rooms seem expensive. The weather remains pleasant during this period and there is a little more rain about 43 millimeters and the temperature sticks to 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit.


August is another busy month on the island because for many Europeans this is the right time to visit the island. There is a sudden surge of travelers visiting the island during this month and the prices of airfare, rooms, meals, and other things begin to rise in the island. August has been noted to be the hottest month of the year with temperatures rising to 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit and a little rain of about 37 millimeters. The weather may be great for people from cold places in Europe and the Americas.


The month of September is the best time to travel to curacao. During this period the island is not affected by Caribbean hurricanes or storms. The weather is very pleasant with rains of 50 millimeters and a temperature of 91 degrees Fahrenheit. The people are charming and friendly and you should visit the island during this period.


October is the beginning of the wettest months in curacao. It is often the low season and it is the second wettest month of the year. As much as the temperature remains at 91 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a period when you will experience heavy showers of about 110 millimeters. However, it is good to understand that most of the rains on the island occur during the night hence your vacation remains uninterrupted.


The month of November sees more rain and this will rise to 135 millimeters. The temperature maintains like the previous month and it is that time when the prices are low because the resorts want many people to visit the region. The crowds are lowest during this period and towards the end of the month, activities begin to pick up.


The last month of the year marks the beginning of the peak season in curacao. In most cases, tourists come from North America where they are fleeing from the harsh cold weather. You will see cruise ships docking at the port of the capital. the temperature begins to fall to 88 degrees Fahrenheit and the rains cease to 100 millimeters as well. It is a perfect time that you should visit the country.

Best time for diving

The best time that you can go scuba diving is from mid-December to April, here the water temperatures are amazing and you can check out the amazing fauna and flora on the island. Besides, during this period you get the best visibility and you can enjoy a variety of watersports in the area. The major events are the carnival from January to march, the vegan fest among other fun activities that you can do.

 In conclusion, when visiting curacao, you should identify the best spots and the time of the year that you want to visit for you to get the best from the island.