Cancun or Bahamas – Which One to Choose?

Cancun or Bahamas

One of the most difficult things that you can experience as a traveler is choosing your next vacation destination. When it comes to the Caribbean islands many people are spoilt for choice because there is so much that you can explore in the region. The major great areas such as Bahamas and Cancun are the most outstanding places. Since the Bahamas and Cancun are the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean you should have some insight before you choose the best place for you. These two places are known for their amazing white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, tropical climate, warm and friendly people as well as and enchanting nightlife.

 The choice of a holiday destination between the two places will largely depend on your taste and preference because you are looking for a place that will give you the worth of your money. Whether you are looking for a luxurious lifestyle or a budget-friendly spot during your vacation in the Caribbean then you should have all the information before making the choice. In most cases, for many people, the choice will largely be based on the budget of the individual as well as the taste and preference of the person.

Which better Cancun or the Bahamas?

When you compare the gorgeous collectivity of the Bahamian islands and that of the grand city of Cancun you will realize that these are the cream tourism destinations in the Caribbean and you have to explore more to get the difference. Unlike the Caribbean style, the Bahamas is not just one island where you can explore everything and complete it quickly. It is made up of many islands and you should be ready for the adventure to explore these areas. The natural beauty of the six major islands coupled with pristine white sandy beaches, exceptional weather conditions, and historical charms are some of the perfect mixes of nature and culture that the Bahamas will give you.

On the other hand, Cancun is a Mexican tourist destination that is the prime of all the spots in the country. The reputation and fame that Cancun has received in the recent past are one of the highest and now it is touted as the ideal place where you should go and spend your vacation days. The Mexican destination has different highlights that make it different from the rest. The mix of cosmopolitan delights, ancient history, natural wonders, charming locals, and amazing quality service are some of the most amazing things that will attract you to Cancun. Despite the main draws that make these two destinations worth visiting, you should explore more options and differences so that you can make the right decision.

What identifies Cancun?

When people hear Cancun is a Mexican destination something that comes to mind is the major cities such as Cabo (see Cabo or Tulum), Mexico City, and Cancun as well. Cancun is a tourism paradise that attracts thousands of people annually to Mexico. It is the major tourist spot in Mexico. Currently, this location has surpassed the Yucatan region for its amazing attractions and fun activities to do in the country. Here are some of the highlights of Cancun.


When it comes to partying and having a good time then Cancun (see Cancun or Playa Del Carmen) should be your next spot because the parties are held regularly and you will dance to music from different parts of the world. Some of the top entertainers in the world have performed in Cancun and it continues to attract thousands of people because of its lively nightlife. In Cancun, you can get drinks from Mexico as well as from different parts of the world. The vibrant energy is what attracts many people to Cancun and you can check out the massive clubs in the country and enjoy drinks and dance to the latest music in the region. There are major clubs around Cancun and you can never miss a party to attend.


The Cancun region is home to the Mayans and Chichen Itza hence it is a town with a Yucatan pre-Columbian legacy. There are stories and information about the city and you can get to know more about the Mexican people as well as Cancun and Yucatan as a whole. Since this is an area of ancient civilizations many people visit the area regularly wanting to explore what it has to offer. While the ancient Mayan culture remains one of the mysteries that you can learn when you visit Cancun. The Chichen Itza is listed as one of the UNESCO heritage sites and hence you can explore this area.

Amazing aquatic and inland fauna and flora

One of the most outstanding things about Cancun is that the fauna and the flora are both inland and that the ocean is amazing. The area is naturally beautiful and you can get time to explore the amazing creatures and features that make the island outstanding. Cancun has a 14-mile coastline and this makes the area a perfect spot for beaches. The addition of beaches to the area has made Cancun one of the top spots because you can marvel at the strange sea creatures in the caves as well as check out some that are living on land. The Mesoamerican reef system is a few kilometers off the coast of Cancun and this provides an area where the reef crosses the coast. You can enjoy snorkeling activities here.


Cancun has over a hundred hotels of all kinds of budgets hence you are sure that whatever you choose you are likely to enjoy your time on the island. You can choose anything from the low-cost solo traveler options to grandiose options filled with luxury and opulence. Cancun is the highlight of what you should get in a destination.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas has sixteen major islands that are often referred to when people are talking about the Bahamas (more Bahamas or Hawaii). It is critical to note that the Caribbean Island is perfect for your holiday because it comes with all the amenities that you have been looking for in a favorite destination. The magic of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea all make it a perfect place for relaxation as the beaches feature white sands and you can enjoy your holiday. From the gorgeous blue waters, charming people, and the white sandy beaches Bahamas is a popular tourist spot in the Atlantic.

What identifies the Bahamas?


The Bahamas is a rich destination because it is made up of over seven hundred islands and although few of these islands are inhabited by humans, you are sure that you have multiple places you can explore while on the island. Some tours are specifically made for people to explore as many major islands as possible. The beauty of the Bahamas is exceptional because you can see the natural environment as well as the aquatic environment. There is so much that you can explore on the islands.

Pink sandy beaches

The Bahamas is among the few places on the planet where you will find pink sandy beaches. The pink sands complement the hue of the sand making it very unique and you can explore the areas with colorful pastel cottages. You can indulge in a wide array of activities on the island hence you can enjoy your time in the region. Some of the fun activities that you can do in the Bahamas (also check: Bahamas or Jamaica) include fishing excursions, sunbathing, diving, and snorkeling.

Diving extravaganza

Since the Bahamas is made up of several islands it has made it possible for people to explore the region in areas such as caves. You can get into deep caves that are over 30 meters below the sea and these areas are filled with fauna and flora that you can only find in this part of the world.

Culture and diversity

The Bahamas brings some of the unique culture and diversity to the Caribbean. You will meet people from different parts of the world and it is imperative that you take your time to enjoy your time. You can sample the local cuisine as well and read more about the island in the museum.


Cancun is one of the most accessible tourist destinations in North America because you can get direct flights from mainland Mexico, the United States as well as Europe. One of the most important things when planning for a vacation is the accessibility of the site that you are going to. You can plan with your hotel to have a cab pick you up at the airport.

The Bahamas is made up of several islands, however, the capital Nassau has the biggest international airport and you can get flights from mainland America to Europe. Some lights fly frequently to the Bahamas and you are sure that you will have a plane to take you there. You can arrange with your hotel to have a cab pick you up from the airport to your accommodation spot. You can get easily around in both Cancun and the Bahamas via boats, taxi among other features.


Cancun experiences a tropical climate that is wet and dry. This is effective because if you are visiting Cancun, you can choose the dry seasons where you can explore the area with ease. The area has hot and humid summers, a rainy season from May through October, and sunny winters. The average temperatures are 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 340 days of sunshine throughout the year.

The Bahamas and St.Lucia have a tropical climate as well featuring wet summer from May through October. The winters are sunny and dry hence the best time that you should the Bahamas to soak up some sun. The dry season is the best time to visit the islands. During the hurricane season, you should keep an eye on the weather reports.

Cuisine and drinks

Food and drinks in Cancun

Cancun is in Mexico hence you will expect a cuisine that is heavily influenced by Mexican dishes. However, there are many hotels that prepare international cuisines hence there is something for everyone. Besides the drinks are local and international as well hence you will get your favorite cocktail when visiting Cancun.

The Bahamian cuisine is unique to the island and the Caribbean region. however, there are many hotels on the island that prepares international dishes and you can sample them whenever you can. The drinks in the Bahamas are mostly rum and tequilas as well as other international brands. You will not miss your favorite drink when you visit the Bahamas.


Perhaps one of the most important determinants of your vacation destination is the cost of the travel and spending in the destination. When it comes to the cost you are sure that you will get something from the low budget traveler to the extravagant luxurious traveler as well. For a budget traveler, you will have to spend about $700 per week in Cancun and about $1200 in the Bahamas. If you are traveling on a medium budget then you will spend $1000 in Cancun and $1600 in the Bahamas, while the luxurious traveler can spend anything from $ 1500 per week in Cancun and $2000 per week in the Bahamas and anything up from that figure depending on the choices made from food, drink, accommodation, and transportation.


The cost of accommodation in Cancun will depend on the kind of room that you want to book. You will find hostels and Airbnb’s where you can spend your time if you are a budget traveler and other mid-range hotels as well. There are over a hundred hotels in Cancun to cater to your accommodation needs.

When it comes to accommodation, the Bahamas can be an expensive location. However, you will find hostels and Airbnb as well where you can spend your time during your vacation as a low-budget traveler. You will find medium-range hotels as well. The islands are filled with luxurious all-inclusive hotels where you can get nearly anything that you want during your holiday. All you need to do before the visit you can explore the accommodation option that you have when traveling to the islands.

In conclusion, the Bahamas and Cancun are some of the best tourist destinations in the western hemisphere, and using the guide you can choose a destination that suits your taste and preference.

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