Barbados or Jamaica – Which One to Visit For a Vacation?

Barbados or Jamaica

Having a tough time deciding whether to visit Barbados or Jamaica for your next honeymoon vacation? Well, you are at the right place! In the following guide, we did in-depth research about both countries, and hopefully, this article will help you in picking the most suitable destination. 

If you are looking for a perfect Caribbean holiday destination, then you have several options on your hand. One of the most famous destinations in Jamaica, and it is known for its rich history, diversity, and culture. Barbados is less well-known, but you are sure it will deliver something that you will be amazed at. These two island nations are located far apart from each other in the Caribbean Sea.

The two countries form one of the best tourist destinations in the Caribbean. They are tranquil and have some of the whitest sandy beaches in the world. The locals are friendly and very charming, and you will be amazed at how you will be welcomed. The cuisine in these islands is one of the best, and the atmosphere is fun and explosive. Make the countries part of your vacation list.

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It is important to note that the island is small and can only get around by land, and planes are usually for transfer or some evacuation.

Rental cars

This is available in Barbados, and you can try a car that you can get around. You must be above 21 years old to drive in the country and have a valid international driving license to drive in the country. However, renting a car is very expensive. You can utilize the public bus.


If you are looking for an effective way of traveling in the Bahamas, then buses are something that you should think about when traveling. The cost of a bus ticket is $1 no matter the destination that you are going to.

Barbados boat



This is one of the most common methods of transportation around Jamaica. These are the most cost-friendly options that you can find in the Caribbean country. The cost is $1 per 30 miles. These minibuses do not have a fixed schedule. Therefore, you should plan for some waiting time.


There are buses that you can use for transportation in Jamaica. These buses are coaches that ply the long route. A route such as Kingston to Ocho Rios will cost you $16. the cost depends on the distance covered.


The hotels and resorts in Jamaica usually have a bicycle that they usually rent out, and you will be required to pay something from $10 to $30 per day. However, it is good to note that Jamaican roads are not ideal for cycling.

Jamaica plane

Accommodation in Barbados


This is one of the best options if you look for a cheaper way to spend your time in the country. There are numerous Airbnb’s across the country, and you can easily explore the island by booking those that suit your schedule. The cost of Airbnb is around $20 per night.


This is another alternative if you are looking for a budget-friendly option for your trip. There are numerous guesthouses in the country, and you can book one for anything from $24 per night.


This is one of the best options if you are looking for a better way of spending your time in Barbados without damaging your pocket. The hostels are usually in dorm form, and you can pick a private room or shared room, depending on your budget. This will cost you from $15 upwards.


Barbados West Coast Hotels

This is a perfect destination that you stay in on your visit to Barbados. The hotel has access to the beach, and you will get amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, among other things. The beautiful white sandy beaches are some of the sites the treasure.

All Seasons Resort

The season’s resort is not on the beach like others. However, it is rated three stars, and you should explore the fantastic amenities that this place offers. The hotel has the best rum punches on the island. The rooms are excellent, and you can choose anything from $100 upwards.

Traveler’s Palm

The traveler’s inn is closer to the all-season resort; however, it is unique because it features superior rooms that come with a kitchenette so you can cook your breakfast. The prices are pretty affordable, from $68 per night. You will be given complimentary breakfast, and Wi-Fi is free.

Beach View Hotel

The beach view hotel is a destination in Holetown, and it is about five minutes drive from the major grocery stores around the city. It is a great spot where you can go, swim, and check out the sea turtles in the region. The rooms feature a kitchenette and prepare your meals. The cost is $200 going up.

Barbados hotel


Mango Bay

Mango bay is a luxury resort on the beach, and it is equipped with some of the finest modern facilities from a gym, pool, and spa. The all-inclusive feature allows you to eat all the meals from breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the hotel. The price is $490 going up.

Crystal Cove

The crystal cove is one of the best luxury hotels on the island. It is located on the beach, and it is an all-inclusive resort. You will access all beach activities, and with plenty of so much to do in the hotel itself, you are sure to enjoy your stay. The price is $670 going up based on what you choose.

Coral Reef Club

The coral reef club is one of the best destinations that you can visit in the Caribbean. The resort features a country house hotel in a 12-acre piece of land that has been well-manicured. The hotel delivers both an old-school feel and luxury mixed. It is the best place that you can spend your vacation. The price is $400.

Accommodation in Jamaica


Ital Rest hotel

This is a budget hotel that you can use while in Jamaica. It features wooden two-story cottages, which are furnished, and you can watch the sunset from your balcony.

River Lodge, St Mary

This is a perfect place if you are looking for budget accommodation. The stone fort was constructed by the Spaniards in the 17th century. The hotel has a river curling out of the vines, creating a natural pool where you can take a dip and cool off. You will be required to pay $25.


The guesthouses are some of the available options for people traveling on a budget to Jamaica. You will pay $20 for a room in the guesthouses. Some of them come with complimentary breakfast, while others do not.


If you are looking for budget accommodation, then hostels are ordinary in Jamaica. You can sample the best hostels in the country, which feature private and shared dorms. The price for this ranges from $25 to going up.


The Rock house hotel

This is one of the best destinations that you can check out. The amenities at the hotel are exceptional, from the free Wi-Fi, neat bedrooms, and mouthwatering food. These are some of the features that make the hotel a place to stay.

The High Cove

The high cove is a hotel in Negril cliffs, and it is somewhere you will enjoy your stay while in the country. They have private rooms that you can access the sites where you can swim and enjoy your time. The rooms are neat, and you will be given a complimentary breakfast. The rates are from $150 going up.

jamaica luxury stay

Treasure Beach Accommodation

The treasure beach accommodation resorts are some of the best places where you will get the laid-back vibe as you explore the country. The hotel is away from the hustle of the cities, and you can relax in the rustic bar as you enjoy some music and beer. The amenities are pretty good and worth the money. However, you will pay $200 going up.


The Trident Hotel

This hotel is in port Antonio, and it features only stylish villas that ooze tranquility and elegance at their best. The thirteen private villas have private terraces of their own, and it also has an infinity pool on the outside. There is an open-air restaurant facing the sea, and you can access a spa and movie theater. The cost is $400 going up.

The Caves

The caves are one of the best hotels, and it is an all-inclusive resort that features only twelve cabins. It is located on the cliffs of Negril, and if you want to enjoy the luxurious views as you sample the best dishes, then this is the hotel for you. The price is from $400 going up per night.

The Cliff Hotel

The cliff hotel overlooks the Caribbean Sea in one of the top destinations that you can ever visit. The turquoise blue waters and tranquil environment makes the hotel the right destination to visit. The attentive staff coupled with the amenities you get in the hotel is something you want in a hotel. The prices are from $250 per night going up.

Daily budget


The budget for a day in Barbados should be around $90, which is for travel on a tight budget. The accommodation on this island is cheap as you can find hostels for $20. The meals are not expensive, and at $12, you can eat a good meal. The traveling cost is around $10 if you use the buses and this way you can enjoy your stay easily. If you are on a midrange budget, the price will move to $250 per day. You can change to buffet meals or any foreign option that you like. The luxurious travelers will pay something from $500 going up based on their preferences.



The hostel prices in Jamaica are relatively low at $22 per night, and you can sample the local meals starting from $5. Transport is provided by the minibuses that charge $1 for every 30 miles, and you can save more using these minibuses. The average cost of a meal in Jamaica is around $16. However, you can choose fancy restaurants where you will pay over $60 for seafood. For a traveler on a tight budget, the cost will be $85 per day, $250 for a mid-range traveler, and $500 and going up for luxurious travelers.



Walk on the boardwalk

The Barbados boardwalk is one of the most unique features of the country. This boardwalk is in the capital Bridgetown. The boardwalk acts as a connection between the Camelot and Accra beaches. You can relax and enjoy the breeze as you walk.

Lawrence Gap nightlife

If you want to know a place, the best way is to check out how their nightlife is, the St. Lawrence nightlife is lit, and you are sure to enjoy the music and the dances all night long.

Explore the historic city of Bridgetown

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados, and it houses the parliament, commercial centers, and world heritage sites. The city is dynamic, and you should explore it while on your travel to Barbados.


The best way that you can explore this incredible island is by hiking. When you hike from one location to another, you will be in direct encounter with nature, and this will help you understand more about the country.


Go rafting

One of the fun activities that you can do while in Jamaica is to go rafting. The Rio Grande River offers you a perfect chance to go river rafting. You will see waterfalls and caves while on this amazing trip.


Snorkeling is one of the fun activities that you can do while in Jamaica. While you are on your snorkeling expedition, you will see lionfish, stingrays, corals, and barracuda. It is a unique opportunity to see nature at its best.

Visit the Sun Valley plantation

The Sun Valley plantation is a place where you can learn the origin of slavery in the Caribbean, and up to date, there are still tropical fruits and coffee. You can sample the fruits while on your trip.

Explore Kingston

Kingston is Jamaica’s capital, and you can take your time to explore the city. The city is bursting with life, and there are numerous locations you should visit and know how it is to live in this part of Jamaica.

Food Options


Flying Fish

This is one of the best dishes that you should try while in Barbados. The flying fish is often served with cou cou, and it is a national dish. The fish can be cooked by either pickling, steaming, or frying. Seasonings may vary depending on the taste that you like.

Fish Cakes

If you want to explore Barbadian food, then the fish cakes are something that you should try. Like in the other islands, the dish involves a salted cod, which is then added to several ingredients before dipping in pastry and deep-fried. You can eat the fish cakes with hot pepper or mayonnaise.

Chicken Curry

One of the most outstanding foods from Barbados is chicken curry. The Bayan seasoning is what makes their curry unique. The blend of various spices increases the uniqueness of the chicken and gives it a better taste. You should try it with rice.

Pepper pot

The pepper pot is a special meal because it includes hot peppers that bring the stew together, and it is served with bread or rice. It is commonly cooked during the holidays.


Run Down

Rundown is a fish stew that has been made using unique ingredients and seasonings to give it a unique taste. In most cases, you will find a mackerel cooked in garlic, onions, tomatoes, and coconut milk until it attains a thick texture. Then, you can serve it with rice.

Escovitch Fish

This is a popular culinary addition to the Jamaican culture, and it includes fish, which is primarily red snapper that is deep-fried before it is served with vegetables.


This is a traditional Jamaican bread made up of cassava that has been developed and is often sold in the streets and shops in Jamaica.

Culture & People


The Barbadian culture is primarily influenced by British and West African ancestry, and these are the most prevalent culture. Although the locals speak English, they have their dialect. The Barbadians are welcoming, outgoing, and warm people, and you are sure that you will enjoy your vacation in the country.


Jamaican culture is influenced by Spanish, British, and African cultures, and it is a dynamic group of people with unique traits. Generally, Jamaicans are happy, warm, and outgoing. Your visit to Jamaica will be excellent when you meet the people.

Best time to visit


The best time to visit Barbados is from mid-December to mid-April. During this period, the weather is dry, and the temperatures are favorable. Rarely you will find temperatures falling below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

best time to visit barbados


Jamaica can be visited all year round; however, you should avoid the hurricane months because this can be pretty challenging. You can visit between December and April because the weather is favorable and there is no hurricane.



Generally, Barbados is a safe country, and it is well protected by the police, who move around from time to time. Nevertheless, you should watch your belongings and do not display your cash or jewelry as it may attract thieves.


Jamaica is a relatively safe place for tourists. You should visit different places in the country and explore. Always take precautions when visiting a new place. Avoid dark alleys and secluded areas.

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