Camping in Switzerland – Explore Best Campsites in 2021

Camping in Switzerland

Switzerland is a popular European destination as it offers a nice mixture of stunning nature, diversity of activities, delicious cuisine, rich history, and excellent camping spots. You can escape the busy city life, unwind in the countryside, build a tent, or drive your camp van to these locations. Camping in Switzerland is an extraordinary experience as there are literally thousands of different spots for pitching your tent and enjoy the vibe.

However, it is essential that if you plan to go camping, you should prepare adequately to have everything you need during your visit. You do not have to carry your tent as you can rent a tent from the region’s shops. It is easy to keep your meals simple, healthy, and extraordinary as there are different slices of bread and cheeses available from the shops nearby.  

Here are some of the top camping spots in Switzerland.

Camping in Lac de Taney 

If you are adventurous and looking to reconnect with nature in the middle of nowhere, then the Valais region is where you should be, Lac de Taney. It is a perfect location for hiking and camping, and it is located just outside of Le Flon village. You will have the best experience as you are disconnected from the world, and you can meditate, embrace nature, and explore what it has to offer for you.  

All the required camping facilities that you may need, such as auberges and toilets. You can hike during the day and explore the region as you check out what the region offers.

Visit Europe’s Highest Camping Site

Arolla camping

Arolla is one of the highest camping sites in Europe, and you cannot experience this until you have visited the destination and seen what it has to offer. It is located at 2,000 meters above sea level, and you can enjoy camping at the foothills of the alpine peaks.  

It is a breathtaking location that you can explore with your friends or family. There are numerous onsite activities that you can enjoy, such as a reading box, communal barbecue, and sets for hire. You can keep your traditional tent or rent one from the shops nearby.

Explore the Swiss Alps

If you want to experience the best feeling that you have ever had, then camping at white pod is the best place that you can be. The incredible beauty of the mountains and the surrounding environment is everything that you need to unwind and relax over your holiday.  

You have the chance to camp or glamp in the domes that are based on wooden platforms, and this will give you the best surrounding view and protection from snow and cold. Here you will have luxurious bedding and a wood-burning stove with a full-service bathroom; hence you have all that it takes to enjoy your vacation. There are a bar and restaurant in the area as well.

Campsite in the Ticino Region

Ticino Region Camping

Camping delta is situated in the Ticino region, and it is an award-winning family business that has been in existence for over fifty years. The location is family-oriented, and you do not have to worry if you have children and would like to fully enjoy your vacation. You can enjoy different activities, such as biking, kayaking, table tennis, soccer, volleyball, among others.  

Since the camping site sits on the Maggiore River banks, there are bathing beaches in the vicinity, and you can enjoy your stay in the region. You can get a baby sitter in the area, so you do not have to worry about it.

Camp in Geneva TCS 

Geneva is one of the most amazing cities in Europe, and if you are visiting Switzerland, you can explore the city before moving to the camp in the nearby area. TCS camping location is the best as it is tucked in Lake Geneva banks and surrounded by trees, and it is equipped with all modern facilities that you may need. 

Besides, you are not limited to the camping location only. You can enjoy other activities, such as table tennis, water sports, among others. There are caravan tents in the nearby shops, and you do not have to worry about carrying your own tent.

Planning to visit Geneva anytime soon? Be sure to pack yourself with proper information and plan your trip ahead:

Camp at Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz camping

Lake Brienz is one of the best tourist destinations across Europe, and you can camp on the lakeside. The turquoise water and surrounding breathtaking mountains are exceptional locations that you can go camping in Switzerland.  

The park is not too far from Bern, and you have the best locations that you must visit this location as you go camping. You can stay in one of the wooden pods, bungalows, or camp in the outside environment. You can enjoy all the comforts that you can have in Europe because there is a barbecue area, Wi-Fi, supermarket, among others.

Apart from camping, Brienz offers exciting activities for outdoor lovers, so be sure to check our Brienz guide before heading there.

Explore Camping at Gravatscha

Gravatscha is one of those locations that you must visit in Switzerland as you can have tents, you have the choice you can enjoy numerous activities in this location. There is a communal barbecue where you can cook up and feast in a serene and tranquil environment. You can do numerous activities in this location, such as biking and hiking, among others.

In conclusion, you are not limited to the places that you can go camping in Switzerland. The most crucial aspect is always to ensure that you remain adventurous and explore all the areas you can while in the country.

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