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Saint Ursanne bridge
Jura mountains region, Visit Switzerland

Charming Saint Ursanne

I am always so excited to find the next charming and beautiful place in Switzerland and I think I succeeded when I accidentally found and paid a visit to Saint Ursanne. I found it when I was looking for information about Jura mountains and what to do over there, as […]

Säntis cable car
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A day trip to St. Gallen

St. Gallen is a very nice Swiss town which is pretty close to Austria, Liechtenstein and just 84 kilometers from Zürich, so a St. Gallen day trip is a nice way to spend you weekend. It is famous for it’s Abbey, Cathedral, ancient library and very beautiful oldtown. St. Gallen […]

Uri region, Visit Switzerland

One day in Disentis itinerary

Disentis is a very nice Swiss village/town with a lot of future perspectives, they are building a lot for their winter activities at the moment, but it already has a lot to offer to any traveler and its historic facts are pretty fascinating. I have spent there two days on […]