The history of the Faroe Islands is unique because it dates back to the era of Norsemen. During the Christmas period, the Faroe Islands are buzzing with various unique activities.

It is essential to note that Christmas in the Faroe Islands is a time for family and friends. In most cases, you will find that the local citizens who live abroad will come to the country to celebrate the period with their family members. 

Christmas customs and traditions in the Faroe islands

The main time that the local people usually celebrate Christmas is on Christmas Eve. It gives the locals time to interact and enjoy some quality time with their family members. Food and drinks are essential when it comes to Christmas celebrations in the Faroe Islands.

Føroya Bjór is among the oldest and largest breweries in the country, and they usually brew beer for Christmas. There are also soft drinks such as sodas for Christmas. Whether you want to enjoy some Christmases treat such as fermented mutton or roasted duck then the Faroe Islands is an epic place to visit.

Christmas elf in the Faroe Islands

Some Faroese people believe that the elves are usually watching people during the Christmas period, and they will then report any bad behavior to Santa Claus. Unlike other countries across the globe, the most important day in the festive season of the Faroese people is Christmas Eve.

During this period, the people usually come up with all kinds of decorations and they will then cook meals for Christmas, the 25th of December. The local people usually enjoy their Christmas period by sticking to the ancient Faroese folklore and a blend of Western culture.


It is a common tradition to gather around the dinner table during the Christmas period here. Many Faroese people want to preserve their traditions and it is common to see the people who live abroad come around and celebrate Christmas with their extended families. It is also a good time that they use to visit the cemetery on Christmas Eve to visit their departed.

Some Christmas traditions here include:

  • lighting of candles
  • searching for Christmas trees
  • decorating the church and homesteads
  • enjoying local Faroese food

The declaration of Christmas is often common and associated with the birth of Jesus and you will find people in the region taking their religion seriously. The Christian traditions coupled with unique pagan traditions are part of the culture here.

The Christmas carols and poems that people practice during this period are heartwarming. The Faroese have a very patriotic culture and there is a high chance that you might see the local as well as the Danish flags flying during the Christmas period.

The Christmas period is a perfect time for the Faroese to enjoy with their fellow family members.


This is a common Christmas tradition in the Faroe Islands. It is not just getting a Christmas tree, it is a tradition with a lots of vibrant history. Here, the Christmas tree will vary from spruce to fir.

The use of spruce dates back to the 16th century. The male members of the household are often tasked with finding of the best Christmas tree. In some places, looking for a Christmas tree can be challenging. Therefore, it is easier to visit the Christmas markets and get some of the best Christmas trees in the area.

The Christmas tree is decorated with paper chains, safe electric lights, flag ribbons, and gingerbread. There are safer battery-powered lights that are usually used in modern times, and you can find Christmas balls, an angel, or a star hung on top of the Christmas tree.

Christmas calendars in the Faroe Islands

The Christmas calendars are an important thing in the culture and traditions of the Faroese people. The calendars are decorated differently and depending on the one that you pick it will have a present. It is a fun activity for the children to enjoy their time during the Christmas period. 

Some of the items that the kids can win on the Christmas calendars include chocolates and toys. There are Christmas calendars that you will find prominent on television, and you should check these out because they showcase some of the best presents that you can get.

Christmas parties in the Faroe Islands

If you are feeling enthusiastic then you should consider attending some of the unique parties that are held over the Christmas period in the Faroe Islands. The parties play an important role as they help the people to have a good time as they wait for the birth of Jesus.

The parties are often organized by local communities. Celebrating Christmas is an important day in the Faroe Islands, as people join their colleagues or the people in the streets. These parties are often associated with high alcohol consumption as well.

Explore the Christmas markets in the Faroe Islands

Perhaps one of the quickest ways that you can get to know a place is by exploring the different amenities around. There are various Christmas markets that you can explore here. The markets in Torshavn are some of the most unique Christmas markets in the northern Atlantic region.

These events usually begin with a concert, and it will then culminate into various fun activities that you can enjoy during your visit. The magnificent lighting and decorations are some of the unique features that make this location the best to visit. 

When you visit the markets, you can purchase a few souvenirs that you can take back to your home country as well.

Christmas gifts in the Faroe Islands

It is a common tradition that the Faroese will open their gifts on December 26. When people celebrate Christmas here, they will often wrap the gifts to give to others who are less fortunate in society. It is a perfect time for the children to feel involved during the process as well.

Sauna and Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands

These are some of the fun activities people indulge in during the festive period in the Faroe Islands. Since these are volcanic islands, there are a few places where people can enjoy a warm bath or a sauna. It is also a good place to relax and unwind. 

If you are into winter sports, then the Faroe Islands are the perfect place as well. The Northern Lights are more prominent when you visit during the winter period and the Faroe Islands promise to deliver an exceptional view during your visit.

Christmas food and drinks in the Faroe Islands

The Christmas customs and traditions in the Faroe Islands revolve around the food and drinks as well. Get ready to immerse yourself in the food culture of the Faroese!

Rice porridge

It is important to understand that many people across the islands usually follow Christian traditions hence you will find that they fast, and they will break their fast on Christmas Eve. The most important dish during this period is rice porridge.

Traditionally around the Faroe Islands, people usually drank this porridge and added almonds as it was believed that the almonds would bring good luck to the individual. However, in modern times, Christmas porridge is often consumed with sugar, butter, and cinnamon.

During the Christmas season, the evenings are spent enjoying mulled wine or glogg and gingerbread. If you are a baking enthusiast, then you can visit the Christmas markets around and see people bake pastries of all kinds. Gingerbread is the most common bread used here.


In the late afternoon on Christmas or on Christmas Eve people will enjoy in some of the exquisite traditional meals. The timing of the dinner might vary from one household to another.

One of the common activities the people do before they can enjoy their Christmas dishes is to read the Bible and sing Christmas carols. The purpose of the meal is to enjoy it slowly and spend time with loved ones and family members.

The most important dish during this period is ham. It has been made into an art on the islands and you will find that people cook it in different ways. Other traditional dishes that you are likely to find in the region include carrot and swede casserole.

When it comes to fishing, the most prominent is the gravlax – which is often enjoyed from one place to another around the islands.


The most common desserts on the islands are gingerbread cookies and plum jelly. These are some of the most loved desserts in the country. In addition, in some places, you will find people eating chocolates since it has become one of the most loved treats in the region. A hearty meal is often linked to the agricultural year. 

Some of the meals that were often considered luxury are consumed during the Christmas period. The most important aspect when eating the dinner table is to leave the Christmas food on the table and this is a way of allowing the ancestors to enjoy Christmas as well.

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