Coasteering helmets are essential for anyone diving into the adventurous world of coasteering, a thrilling outdoor activity that has gained significant popularity. It involves a mix of high cliff jumps, abseiling, hiking, climbing, and ocean dives, consolidating various adventure sports into one adrenaline-pumping experience. This sport has found a devoted following, particularly in Western Europe and the United Kingdom, attracting enthusiasts seeking an all-encompassing outdoor adventure.

When engaging in coasteering, you’ll partake in a medley of activities such as jumping, climbing, swimming, diving, and hiking, all of which amplify your adrenaline rush and elevate your outdoor excursion to new heights. Most of these activities unfold along coastal regions, incorporating cliff jumps and deep-water dives.

For those seeking an experience beyond their comfort zone, coasteering offers an opportunity to intimately engage with the natural environment. Exploring caves and coves becomes an integral part of the coasteering adventure, unveiling unseen landscapes and offering chances to leap off imposing cliffs into the waters below. However, amid the enthusiasm, ensuring proper protection is crucial.

Equipping oneself with appropriate coasteering gear, including helmets, alleviates uncertainties and facilitates confident exploration of the waters. Such precautions are vital for a secure and unhindered coasteering experience, enabling enthusiasts to immerse themselves in this thrilling pursuit while maintaining safety.

Who can go coasteering?

A group for coasteering

This question often arises when individuals seek ways to explore diverse water environments, particularly coasteering. With its incorporation of high cliffs, mountains, and deep ocean waters, navigating these areas becomes manageable while ensuring your safety.

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However, before embarking on coasteering adventures, it’s crucial to comprehend and adhere to the rules of the area. Age restrictions vary—some locations require a minimum age of 8 years, while others mandate 16 years, contingent upon the difficulty level of the exploration.

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Personal safety is paramount, especially when contending with the unpredictable waves of the ocean, posing challenges, particularly for novice swimmers and young participants. Understanding the inherent risks becomes vital, prompting the need for caution, especially in ensuring safety protocols for those venturing into coasteering.

What do I need to go coasteering?

A coasteering group with the full gear.

Preparing for coasteering involves understanding the sport’s nuances, which vary by region. Each location comes with specific procedures and regulations that must be followed.

From simpler activities like cliff jumps to more intricate maneuvers involving scrambling across diverse rock surfaces, coasteering offers a range of experiences within and around cliffs, exploring coastal landscapes and vegetation.

Prior to embarking on a coasteering adventure, several considerations come into play. Essential equipment is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience in various coasteering locations. Before setting off, it’s imperative to ensure you have the necessary gear.

This typically includes a wetsuit, coasteering helmet, gloves, and grip shoes. Additionally, if you plan to incorporate hiking into your coasteering exploration, carrying a map of the areas you intend to traverse becomes essential for navigation and planning.

Top coasteering helmets

When engaging in the exhilarating activity of coasteering, being well-prepared is essential, and one of the most crucial gears to have is a reliable helmet. Coasteering encompasses a range of activities, varying by region, making it imperative to ensure you have the appropriate gear tailored to your specific needs.

When selecting a helmet for coasteering, several factors warrant consideration, but above all, prioritizing your safety is paramount.

Petzl Sirocco

Petzl Sirocco Helmet

The Petzl Sirocco stands as a top-tier helmet, boasting cutting-edge technology that positions it among the best choices in the market. Constructed from a polycarbonate shell, its lightweight design facilitates easy breathing, allowing for a comfortable outdoor experience.

The unique construction material not only ensures safety but also provides the desired quality. With a more traditional shape, it exudes an iconic appearance akin to widely recognized outdoor helmets.

Utilizing a combination of expanded polystyrene and expanded propylene, this helmet offers a low-profile yet exceptionally durable structure, elevating safety standards. Its streamlined design caters to various activities like climbing, scrambling, and diving, ensuring a seamless experience.

Additionally, its lightweight nature makes it versatile enough for use across different terrains worldwide, enhancing its practicality and appeal.

Black Diamond Vision

Black Diamond Vision coasteering helmet

The Black Diamond Vision stands out as one of the finest coasteering helmets available, boasting a lightweight build, durable materials, and a range of color options. For those seeking an exceptional coasteering experience worldwide, this helmet proves to be an ideal companion, effortlessly transitioning between various activities, from climbing to cliff jumping.

Recognized for its sleek design, these coasteering helmets prioritize both durability and lightweight construction, ensuring safety without compromising comfort. The exceptional ABS shell and EPS material absorb shocks effectively, enhancing the overall experience.

Over time, this helmet has evolved significantly, now featuring a vapor design that accommodates headlamp clips, facilitating additional attachments and strap-ons for a secure and personalized fit.

Petzl Meteor

Petzl Meteor coasteering helmet

Consider the Petzl Meteor when seeking a coasteering helmet. Certified for activities like scrambling, mountain climbing, and skiing, it’s designed with a modern shape that enhances vision, accommodating swimming goggles for water jumps. Crafted from high-quality materials, this helmet ensures safety without compromising on essential helmet features.

The helmet cover guarantees both safety and improved vision, while its ventilation makes it suitable for summertime use. Its high-quality construction promises an optimal experience, and its versatility and coverage have made it a sought-after choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

Black Diamond Captain

Black Diamond Captain coasteering helmet

The Black Diamond Captain helmet incorporates EPP and EPS materials, essential for ensuring both high-quality construction and lightweight portability. As a premium offering, it stands out amidst other helmets in the market. This helmet boasts a spongy material that ensures a soft yet remarkably durable fit on both sides of the head. Its attractive shell construction adds to its premium appeal.

Petzl Boreo

Petzl Boreo helmet

The Petzl Boreo is crafted with cutting-edge materials, prioritizing both safety and lightweight functionality. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this helmet ensures top-tier protection. Its construction material plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing security, featuring a combination of EPP and EPS for enhanced safety measures.

Offering competitive pricing, this helmet’s EPS foam ensures an optimal fit, securing the helmet firmly on your head while providing maximum protection for all sides. Known for its robust and durable construction, it’s recognized among the best helmets available. Additionally, the durable foam construction facilitates efficient ventilation, making it an ideal choice for hot days when proper airflow is essential.

Edelrid Salathe

Edelrid Salathe coasteering helmet

While not the lightest available, the Edelrid Salathe coasteering helmet offers unique features worth considering. Crafted from high-quality materials, it prioritizes safety, albeit being slightly heavier compared to other helmets in the market. This helmet stands out as an iconic choice in the region, owing to its robust construction and distinctive design.

Featuring ABS, EPP, and EPS elements, it ensures both safety and mobility between locations. Its sturdy structure not only provides an exceptional experience but also offers reliable head protection, capable of withstanding impacts. The helmet’s exceptional vision capabilities further enhance safety, making it a reliable choice for users.

Black Diamond Vapor

Black Diamond Vapor helmet

The Black Diamond Vapor stands as an iconic, comfortable, and lightweight helmet, boasting an EPS core and a polycarbonate shell. As a premium offering, it ensures an exceptional user experience with its impeccable aesthetics, superior adjustment, and outstanding ventilation system.

Its low weight, extensive coverage, diverse color options, and remarkable straps collectively contribute to an unparalleled experience, ideal for exploring various terrains worldwide.

Mammut Wall Rider

Mammut Wall Rider helmet

The Mammut wall rider is an iconic helmet that features a sleek design, and lightweight and durable material that fits perfectly on your head giving you the best experience possible. It is a very intuitive helmet. It is one of the most premium helmets that you will find on the market because it combines different features such as great coverage, lightweight, durable construction as well as comfortable material that will suit your face perfectly. This helmet has been on top of the list for years now and it continues to deliver the best experience possible.

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