Coasteering in Pembrokeshire – Explore the Best Spots!

The Pembrokeshire coast

Pembrokeshire stands as the ultimate hub for coasteering enthusiasts. This southwestern gem in Wales, UK, is renowned as the birthplace of this exhilarating sport, drawing numerous visitors eager to explore its exceptional offerings. Pembrokeshire boasts unique characteristics that set it apart.

The landscape is a stunning fusion of soaring cliffs, rugged coastlines, mountainous terrains, and pristine white sandy beaches, making it an ideal destination for coasteering enthusiasts. Wales, with its distinctive allure, guarantees not just a thrilling coasteering adventure but a myriad of experiences across the country. A significant portion of the country is enveloped by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, inviting exploration through hikes and adventures within the region. For an incredible array of outdoor activities in the UK, Pembrokeshire stands as the ultimate destination.

While historically a bustling fishing town, Pembroke has evolved significantly, witnessing remarkable progress in industries and tourism. Its beaches have garnered international acclaim, inviting exploration of some of the most unique locations globally. The country’s allure extends from diverse habitats to striking geological features and a rich variety of wildlife. Navigating this region demands an appreciation for its distinctive characteristics that render it an exceptional tourist destination.

Pembrokeshire encapsulates every element sought after in an island getaway, promising a glamorous vacation for any visitor. The island’s cultural richness further solidifies its standing as an unparalleled tourist destination.

Why you should go coasteering in Pembrokeshire?

The coastal landscape of Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire stands out as an exceptional destination, offering a unique blend of structures and landscapes found nowhere else. As the road culminates in Pembroke, a diverse tapestry of art, sea, mountains, history, and myriad coasteering opportunities unfurl before you.

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For those seeking an elevated experience, Pembrokeshire becomes an ideal haven. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced outdoor enthusiast, prioritizing safety is paramount. Here, indulge in a realm of exceptional water sports, delectable seafood, and a plethora of adventures waiting to be explored.

Pembrokeshire Park boasts a 186-mile trail adorned with over 50 beaches, secluded coves, mysterious caves, and bustling harbors. The route winds through vibrant villages and towns pulsating with culture, life, and an abundance of creativity.

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For families seeking an ideal getaway or couples in pursuit of a romantic escapade, Pembrokeshire emerges as the perfect choice. The summer season, with its tranquil weather and crystal-clear waters, presents an optimal time to explore and revel in the region’s diverse offerings.

Top places to go coasteering in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire emerges as a premier destination for a gamut of outdoor adventures, ranging from kayaking and various watersports to exhilarating coasteering. The region’s vast offerings ensure that your visit is teeming with opportunities.

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Below are some of the top locations where coasteering enthusiasts can indulge in Pembrokeshire’s exhilarating coastal experiences.


Nestled in Stackpole Quay, this location offers an incredible array of activities spanning Lydstep, Barafundle, and the quay itself. As you traverse this area, expect to witness some of Pembrokeshire’s most unique features. Numerous coasteering spots await exploration during your trip, each showcasing the region’s distinctive charm.

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Exploring Stackpole introduces you to an assortment of activities, from rock climbing and navigating gullies to experiencing whirlpools amidst an awe-inspiring coastline. The area’s crystal-clear waters teem with diverse aquatic life, providing glimpses of thriving creatures.

For those unfamiliar with the terrain, opting for a tour guide is advisable. A guide not only illuminates the area’s unique features but also ensures your safety, enabling you to make the most of this remarkable coastal landscape.

St. Davids Head

St. Davids Head stands as a pristine, must-visit location for coasteering enthusiasts embarking on a trip to this region. Situated in the southwestern part of Wales, it has garnered immense popularity among visitors. One of its notable attractions is the captivating vista that overlooks the boundary between the Celtic and Irish seas.

This picturesque area boasts numerous cliffs, inviting adventurers to explore them through activities such as canyoning or cliff jumping. Amidst the rugged terrain, lush vegetation thrives, offering a contrasting yet harmonious view. Additionally, scattered human settlements add an intriguing dimension to the landscape, blending nature and human habitation seamlessly.

St. Non’s

St. Non’s may not be as widely known, but it stands as an iconic and essential stop on your visit to this region. The stunning scenery it offers coupled with its unique tourism opportunities make it an indispensable destination.

This area holds both St. Davids and St. Non’s in Pembrokeshire, enriching your itinerary with their historical significance. St. Non’s features a chapel steeped in history, offering a chance to delve into the captivating narratives of this location.

Beyond its historical allure, St. Non’s presents an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a pristine environment for swimming alongside diverse aquatic creatures. Its scenic beauty and the chance to engage with local wildlife make it an unmissable destination during your trip to the region.

St. Ann’s Head Lighthouse

St. Ann’s Head Lighthouse offers unparalleled views of the region’s distinctive features, characterized by its deep waters and captivating landscapes. Whether you’re inclined toward swimming, diving, scuba diving, or snorkeling, this location caters to a diverse range of aquatic activities.

The deep waters create an ideal environment for various activities and support thriving marine life. Notably, the coastline’s formation, shaped by limestone, calcium, and other geological structures, adds to the area’s unique allure.

However, due to the presence of structures and deep waters, it’s advisable for less experienced swimmers to enlist the guidance of a knowledgeable local. A guide not only ensures safety but also introduces visitors to different areas, allowing for a comprehensive and enjoyable exploration of this captivating coastal region.

Green Bridge

The Green Bridge stands as an advanced coasteering spot, ideal for seasoned enthusiasts seeking new vistas in the region. Its uniqueness lies in its demand for advanced swimming skills and coasteering experience.

Situated within Pembrokeshire National Park, this location offers a chance not only for thrilling coasteering but also to explore the park’s limestone arches. Renowned as one of the top tourist destinations, it draws thousands of visitors annually, owing to its rich history and diverse wildlife, including limestone caves.

Adventurers here can experience adrenaline-pumping jumps from heights of up to 20 meters, showcasing the region’s daring allure. While the exploration promises excitement, ensuring personal safety remains paramount throughout your journey in this area.


Huntsman’s boasts an expansive landscape awaiting exploration during your trip to the region. Here, coasteering demands impeccable skills, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Located proximate to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Huntsman’s offers easy access to various areas within the region for great coasteering. Its coastal allure promises an exceptional experience, allowing adventurers to ascend cliffs and plunge into the awaiting waters.

This location has soared in popularity, becoming a sought-after destination for visitors. One of its striking features is the presence of carboniferous limestone rock formations, adding an intriguing dimension to your exploration in this area. Embrace the thrill and beauty of Huntsman’s as you navigate its captivating coasteering opportunities.


Barafundle emerges as a premier destination for surfers, scuba divers, and outdoor watersports enthusiasts visiting the region. It’s a haven offering a plethora of activities catering to varied interests.

Here, the possibilities are boundless; you can engage in jumping, coasteering, swimming, climbing, and a myriad of other unique activities exclusive to this area. The coastline’s sheer beauty ensures an unforgettable experience during your visit.

However, it’s important to note that the waters in Barafundle are notably deep, demanding a certain level of swimming expertise from visitors. Only experienced swimmers should venture into these deeper waters to ensure a safe and enjoyable exploration of this coastal paradise.

Abereiddy Beach

Abereiddy Beach emerges as an ideal location for a diverse range of activities, offering a delightful fusion of safety and scenic beauty. The surrounding structures complement the landscape, adding to its allure and making it a captivating destination.

This beach is perfect for enthusiasts seeking rock climbing adventures, serene sandy beach exploration, or even diving into the crystalline waters of the lagoon. While Abereiddy Beach showcases its charm, Pembrokeshire boasts numerous other beautiful sites beyond those listed, ensuring a plethora of exploration opportunities within the region.

Explorers should always prioritize safety and exercise caution while indulging in various activities across the area. This ensures a fulfilling and secure experience while uncovering the treasures of this picturesque coastal region.

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