North America is rich in places that you can visit as your vacation destinations, Mexico has some of the spots that are considered the best on the planet. Whether you are looking for a place to unwind you just want to relax then Cancun Mexico is your next travel destination.

Cancun is known for its luxurious hotels, white sandy beaches, and tranquil environment that guarantees you nothing but pleasure and fun activities during your vacation.

Whether you are visiting Mexico for the amazing natural environment or want a beach destination such as Cancun then you are sure that you will enjoy your vacation.

Cancun has gained huge popularity in the recent past because many people are visiting this location and there is an awesome thing about it that is driving many the location. Whether you want to chase tequila shots in the Riviera or want to enjoy the urban life in the clubs and beach restaurants in Cancun.

It is a perfect location for your honeymoon because there are hotels and different private villas where you can enjoy your time in the city. Here are some of the dangerous animals that you should avoid when visiting Cancun.



Cancun promises the best beach experience and even with this in mind you should go to these areas prepared because they can cause severe damage to your system. The stonefish is known for its high camouflaging techniques on the ocean floor.

It usually stays like a stone and if you mistake it for rock and pick it then it will sting you.

It is important to understand that the venom from this fish can kill you. Always take precautions when you are swimming or when you are in the ocean.

The most common causes of the stonefish sting occur when swimmers step on the fish thinking that it is a natural reef.

The dorsal fins have very sharp spines which can serrate as well as pierce through the skin.

When the venom is delivered some of the side effects include necrosis, swelling, severe pain, and in some cases death. You must be aware of your environment to avoid the chances of you being stung by the fish.

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Kissing bug

The kissing bug is commonly known as one of the triatomines that you will find in Cancun.

These creatures are very dangerous because they are known to be carriers of Chagas diseases and when not handled properly it might cause death or even permanent tissue damage.

These creatures got their name kissing bugs because they usually bite on the lips.

They are similar to mosquitoes and they thrive more in warm places hence the need to avoid such areas.

The kissing bugs usually grow up to 2.5 centimeters and they have a cone-shaped head and an oval body. They are characterized by brown color and may have other markings on the body and back as well.

These are nocturnal insects and you should be wary of them when you are in Cancun because they can cause a myriad of diseases.

Their bite is usually dangerous because it is associated with Chagas disease which causes fever, abdominal pains, cough, swelling, and a feeling of great discomfort.

In a situation where these creatures bite you then you should seek immediate medical help. You should always carry your bug spray when going to these places.

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The botflies are another group of dangerous creatures that you are going to encounter in Mexico.

These insects are disease-carrying and they are known by different names such as gadflies or warble flies.

They usually carry eggs and these eggs are the main causative agents of bad infections and diseases.

The flies will inject the larvae into the skin and these larvae will develop into maggots under your skin.

When you are infected with the larvae they will grow inside your skin and this will lead to lumps and swelling in the affected area.

Although these parasites cannot kill humans, the concept of burrowing under your skin and maggots developing is gross.

You should always have bug spray and wear proper gear when traveling to this destination. However, in a situation where these bugs bite you then it is important that you seek immediate medical advice.

Mexican beaded lizard

This is one of the creatures that is known to thrive in the desert environment and it is one of the two venomous lizards that is found in Mexico. They grow up to 23 to 26 inches long and this is a huge lizard that you should avoid.

These Mexican beaded lizards usually have a hard outer scale which gives them a beadlike texture hence the name. they have yellow spots and the major threat or iconic feature is the forked tongue.

These lizards are highly venomous and you should avoid the areas that they are thriving in because they can cause very severe injuries.

When they bite you with their teeth they are usually infused with the venom and they will deliver an amount that is known to cause severe injuries although they rarely attack humans, these creatures are known to cause tissue damage.

When injected the venom has neurotoxic activities and they are known to prevent the movement of information from one neuron to another.

Besides the venom also causes difficulty breathing because it paralyzes the muscles.

Some of the other side effects include excessive sweating and lowered blood pressure. If one of these lizards attacks you then you should seek immediate medical attention.

Box jellyfish

Perhaps this is one of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean because it is on the pacific and west Atlantic Oceans.

These are usually seasonal creatures and you should avoid them because they have tentacles that are used to deliver venom.

The sting from the box jellyfish is very dangerous especially to people who are highly allergic and to children as well.

The jellyfish season in Cancun is from March through June. During this period, you should be careful and watch out for the box jellyfish because they can ruin your vacation experience.

Some of the side effects of the sting include severe pains, long-lasting rashes, cardiac dysfunction, and in some cases death. When the box jellyfish stings you in large numbers then they are likely to cause severe allergic effects. 

If you are stung, then you should seek immediate medical attention for antivenom otherwise the rash will grow worse. These creatures are hard to see because they are translucent and they have 4-meter tentacles.

Coral snake

The coral snakes of Mexico are known to thrive in different environments.

Some of the places that they like staying in include under piles of leaves, burrows, and the deserts of this country.

It is important to note that this is the second most poisonous snake after the black mamba hence the need to avoid it at all costs.

They usually grow up to 50 centimeters long and they have fangs.

These fangs are very sharp and they will deliver the poison immediately to the victim before causing adverse side effects.

It is important to understand that these snakes are unique and you should avoid them when you encounter them.

The bites usually result in severe swelling, tissue necrosis, and cardiac arrests.

It is imperative that when this snake bites you then you must seek immediate medical help, otherwise, you are going to die.

They are usually brightly colored and you will come with bright colors such as yellow, black, red among others.

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Black widow

black widow

Perhaps one of the most dangerous spiders that you should avoid when traveling to Mexico is the black widow spider.

The black widow spider is known to thrive in different parts of the country.

While its venom is not lethal to cause death, it often results in tissue and cell damage. They usually bite and this bite is extremely painful that you will feel it for a very long time.

Just as the name suggests this spider is dark in color and has a unique shape. Some of the side effects of the venom in your body include lowered heart pressure, muscle spasms, hallucinations, vomiting, muscle pains among other side effects.

The black widow spider is not aggressive; however, it is important to note that they are territorial creatures and will often attack you if you are invading their habitat. They are known to hide in dark places and you should look for accommodation places in areas where they are few.

They usually lie waiting and you will find them being shiny with white or red marking at the center. If the spider bites you, then it is important that you seek immediate medical attention.

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Mexican green rattler

This is an endemic creature and it is only found in Mexico. It grows up to six feet long and it has some of the best camouflages because you are less likely to see it. They usually hide in plain view sight and you will be amazed at how they operate.

These snakes usually act as rattlesnakes and they are very dangerous creatures because they can hide in plain sight. They usually consume small rodents and in most cases, they will give you a warning before the attack.

Luckily they usually do not hunt humans hence the need to avoid them.

These snakes are usually very dangerous because they can bite and go missing you will only feel the pain after the venom has been injected into you.

Some of the side effects of the venom from these snakes include difficulty breathing, loss of muscle function, lowered blood pressure and since the snakes are olive green in color it is difficult to differentiate them from the rest.

You will also experience blistering of the affected area.

Gila monster lizard

The Gila monster lizard is one of the most unique lizards and it is found in the arid areas of Mexico including interior parts of Cancun.

This is a small lizard and it can grow up to 2 feet in length. They have very heavy claws and wide bodies which means that they are very dangerous when they attack. These creatures are very dangerous and you should avoid them.

They have been hunted by the ancient tribes and this has created a new dimension on how they are handled. However, when exploring different parts of Mexico then you should avoid places where they inhabit.

The monster lizard has a venom delivery system that is similar to that of the coral snakes and in as much as they are slow-moving creatures they usually cause havoc because the venom causes tissue damage.

When the venom is delivered into your system it will cause difficulty breathing, slowed heartbeat and in some cases, it can lead to paralysis. You must avoid these lizards. In the event they bite you then you should seek medical attention.

Fer-de-lance snake

The Fer de Lance snake is one of the most dangerous snakes that you can find in Mexico this creature is known for its iconic bites and the venom from it is very dangerous.

They usually thrive in lowlands and they also like residential and urban areas.

It is the snake that contributes to most of the snake bites in Mexico.

They are very defensive and aggressive hence when they are in their territory, you should avoid interfering with them because they will bite you.

 The toxin from the snake is hemotoxin and this means that it will cause the tissues and cells to incur rapid deterioration. Some of the side effects include necrosis, numbness, severe blistering, and local pain.

If you are not attended to immediately then you are likely to die from the complications of the venom on your body.

These snakes usually grow up to 6 feet long and can weigh up to 15 pounds. If you are planning a trip to these regions, then you should be careful about the outdoor environment where you are stepping.

In conclusion, Cancun is the best Mexican tourist destination and you should make a point of visiting this location in your lifetime. You will experience the best holiday and see the best beaches.