Bali is one of those tranquil and unique destinations in the far east and the exotic island is full of tropical natural, amazing weather, pristine white sandy beaches, and uninterrupted coastline which you can enjoy during your visit to this destination.

Whether you are visiting this location for the first time or are a returning visitor, Bali promises to give you the best holiday experience.

If you are planning for a vacation and you want to choose a location, then this is the right place because you will have something fun to do as well as the family. The people in this part of the globe are friendly and will be ready to help you to ensure that you have a fun-filled holiday.

Bali has some of the most amazing sunsets and the weather on this island is amazing, if you are into outdoor activities then this is the right location for you because you can enjoy fun activities such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling among others.

Since Bali is a tropical island the vegetation and climate of the island are exquisite and you are bound to see and experience a wide array of fauna and flora.

The ecological diversity of the island is something that you will not find anywhere else on the planet and with all kinds of fauna and flora you are sure that your holiday in Bali is going to be exceptional.

The lush green environment coupled with the turquoise blue waters is something that you have been looking for on a tropical island. When visiting this location, you immerse yourself in the best environment where you can relax, unwind, and learn more about the far east.

There is a lot of Indonesian wildlife that is thriving with the local people in this region and you can enjoy your vacation on the island. There are so many unique animals some of them are very dangerous and you should be aware so that you can avoid them.

Red-necked keelback

This is one of those creatures that would not have made the list because they were usually docile, however, with the changes in climate and human interference they have become very dangerous.

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The venom from the red-necked keelback is very dangerous and it is known to cause kidney failure there is no known antivenom hence you should avoid the areas. Research is underway in coming up with potent antivenom and this will prove critical to modern medicine and watersports as well.

Fire coral

The water surrounding Bali is one of the richest diverse waters that you can find anywhere in the globe. Since this is a volcanic island the sand meeting the coral reefs have created a unique environment where different species are thriving in the region.

The marine ecosystem in this region is very unique and one of the creatures that you will encounter here is the fire coral.

This is not a coral it is a hydrozoa that is related to the sea anemones and more to jellyfish than the coral themselves. These creatures are very dangerous because when you touch them you will a burning sensation and excruciating pain because the sting is rich with venom and neurotoxins.

This fire coral has become a nightmare to many divers and snorkelers because you can never know when you are in contact with the hydrozoa all you will feel is the fire or burning sensation.

The corals are very dangerous when touched and you should avoid them if you touch them by accident then you should seek immediate medical attention.


One of the things that you are likely to find in Bali is monkeys. These creatures are very dangerous because they have very strong jaws and teeth and they can attack you especially if you are carrying food.

Just like the stray dogs of Bali these monkeys might seem friendly and cute at first, however, they can be menacing and can attack you.

They usually carry a wide array of bacteria and other viruses which would in turn cause diseases and other pathogens. You must stay away from the monkeys because they will cause diseases and infections that can be dangerous.

If the monkeys attack you, then it is critical that you seek immediate medical attention. The monkeys usually stay away from where there is a huge tourist population and they are usually in the mountain in their natural habitat.

However, when the food is low and they are hungry they usually visit the area.

You must keep an eye on your food and backpack because they can go rummaging.

Whitetip reef shark

Many people assume that since Bali is a tropical island in Southeast Asia then you are less likely to find sharks. However, this is a very wrong assumption because there are whitetip reef sharks in this region and they can be very dangerous especially if they feel attacked.

These sharks are unique to this destination and you should check out the area if you are planning to go snorkeling, swimming, or scuba diving in the region. It is important that you always take care to prevent any kind of injuries while in Bali.

The sharks in this region do not get past 1.6 meters long, however, they are very dangerous since they have sharp and serrated teeth that can chew flesh and muscles very fast.

These sharks are rarely aggressive to people hence you can avoid the areas where they are thriving and enjoy your time in the region. However, if you attack them then they are likely to bite. If this happens seek medical advice.

King cobra

This is one of the most venomous snakes that you can find in Bali.

It is categorized under the green and blue krait vipers. These snakes can grow up to a meter in length and they have diagonal markings coupled with a hood.

They inhabit the forests and other parts of the island too.

Therefore, it isn’t a surprise if you also encounter this dangerous animal in Cambodia.

Since they are very agile and very responsive to movements these snakes can cause adverse effects to you if you are not careful. It is important to understand that the king cobra is a shy snake and does not bite easily.

However, this does not mean that you should go playing around with these creatures because they can be very vicious and attack you immediately. They have very dangerous venom that is usually transferred to the victim immediately after the bite.

The venom is usually neurotoxic and it is known to cause paralysis and difficulty breathing as well as heart pumping blood to the system.


Mosquitos in Turkey

One of the most dangerous creatures in as much as they may seem very tiny. These creatures are known to carry different kinds of bacteria and protozoa hence they are likely to cause infection if you are not careful.

This insect is very popular in tropical countries such as Vietnam, Laos(see: Dangerous animals in Laos), Thailand…Therefore, if you come to these countries, always be careful with this tiny but also very dangerous.

If you are visiting Bali, then you must always carry an insect repellant because this will be critical in preventing the activities of these mosquitoes.

The mosquitoes carry viruses and bacteria that can cause malaria, zika virus, dengue, and chikungunya just to name a few. Some of these illnesses are very serious and they can lead to death hence the need to take precautions.

According to data from WHO over seven hundred thousand people die of mosquito-related infections each year, therefore you should not take it lightly. Lymphatic filariasis is one of the most dangerous infections that you should avoid if you are traveling to Bali.

On the other hand, yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis are some of the dangerous infections that mosquitoes can cause and you must avoid areas infested with mosquitoes like a plague. If mosquitoes bites you and you get any rash or swelling, then you must seek immediate medical attention so that the doctor can handle the situation immediately.

Yellow-lipped Sea krait

The banded sea krait is one of the most common snakes on the island and it is found along the seas in Bali. These snakes usually have a paddle-shaped tail and it is flatter than the regular land snakes.

They can swim very fast and they are very agile. They have grey and black markings along the entire body and it is easy to spot.

These snakes can swim very well and they can move on land as well.

They are usually found in caves and ponds in different parts of the island. It is critical that you avoid these areas because they are very venomous.

However, there are very few cases where the snake has bit people, this is because the snake does not like people and it is shy hence it will hide for most parts of its life.

Nevertheless, when they are threatened they are ready to attack and you will experience the most excruciating pain from the venom from this snake.

Sea urchin

These are by far the most dangerous creatures that you can find in Bali because they are bizarre and unique in their way.

The urchins usually thrive under the sea and they are hidden in cracks and crevices they blend in well to their environment so you might confuse them for a stone.

Therefore, you are sure to see this dangerous animal in Croatia, too! However, the sea urchins usually have sharp fins that pierce the skin and deliver venom. The sing is very powerful and they can cause difficulty breathing, muscle spasms, abdominal pains among others.

If you encounter the sea urchin by bad luck, then it is important that you seek immediate medical attention because you will feel burning sensations and if you do not remove these spines the pain will continue.

The sea urchins are found all over Bali and you should explore the area well knowing that they are present all the time.

Stray dogs

Perhaps something that you did not expect to be ranked among the most dangerous creatures is the stray dogs that are found in Bali.

The southeast Asian population of stray dogs is rising and it is alarming because most of these dogs have not been vaccinated hence there is a high chance that they might transfer diseases and infections to you.

The streets of Bali have pups and you are likely to encounter a dog during your trip to the island. Since these dogs are so many sometimes they lack food and this is when they can become vacuous. The dogs can attack you especially if they feel that you are threatening them,

 Some of the dogs that you are likely to encounter in Bali are stray dogs while others belong to local business owners.

Dogs are territorial and in as much as they may seem cute and wiggling the tail, they can be very vicious and attack you.

The dogs are less likely to be vaccinated hence they are agents of all kinds of bacteria and mostly rabies. If a stray dog attacks you, then you must seek immediate medical attention and get rabies and tetanus vaccination.

Blue-ringed octopus

Just as the name suggests this is an iconic octopus that you will not find anywhere else other than Bali. The blob of yellow-brownish fish is covered with blue rings and they are known to inhabit the Pacific Ocean as well as the Indian ocean.

Bali is in the middle of these oceans and it has created a unique environment where these octopuses can thrive well with ease.

They are very rare to spot. However, if you are into snorkeling and scuba diving then you are likely to encounter them.

This type of octopus has venom that is over a thousand times that of cyanide which means that the potency of the venom is very high. It will kill hundreds of humans with one sting. It is imperative that you avoid areas where these octopuses thrive because it can be a disastrous affair.

Besides, avoid skin contact in areas that you are not familiar with.

In conclusion, Bali is a pristine island that you should visit if you are looking for an ideal travel destination in Southeast Asia. Always take care when exploring different places and follow your guide.

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